Headlines: Chayce Beckham New Anthem Gig, Lauren Jauregui Debut Project

Chayce Beckham to sing national Anthem before Sheriff’s Rodeo

The American Idol winner Chayce Beckham will sing the National Anthem on Saturday September 18 at the Sheriff’s Rodeo in San Bernardino, California.

Carson Daly catches up with ‘The Voice’ coaches ahead of season 21 premiere – But what will series newbie Ariana Grande bring to the mix? That’s just one of the topics “The Voice” host and TODAY’s own Carson Daly asked about when he sat down with Grande and returning coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. It seems the answer is big emotions! – Today

Catie Turner’s new Docuseries Mixtape in Partnership with Uproxx and IMT

“@indiemixtape mixtape my new docuseries in partnership with uproxx and imt is rolling out today with a new episode each week.” Go HERE for more.


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Lauren Jauregui Announces Debut Solo Project ‘Prelude’ & Global Livestream – Lauren Jauregui is ready to show the world her debut solo project Prelude, and in a new interview with Billboard on Wednesday (Sept. 15), she lets us know how she’s rolling it out. The 25-year-old singer sat down with Billboard News host Chelsea Briggs to talk about Prelude, which she will be presenting for the very first time during a special global livestream performance via Moment House in October. “I want the story to tell itself through the music,” the “Expectations” singer says. “It’s very introspective. I go through a lot of different emotions and revealings throughout it. And it’s also just the beginning, you know? So it’s just the first round of people seeing me for the songwriter that I am and for the artist that I am across the board, even beyond just the music. Like just the whole vision of everything coming to life.” – Read more at Billboard

David Archuleta: Permission to Make Mistakes – Interview with Mayim Bialik – David Archuleta ( American Idol , OK, All Right Tour, author of My Little Prayer ) opens up about discovering his sexual identity and the aspects of his religion he continues to hang onto as he navigates it. David discusses how taking time to step back from his musical career to go on his mission amidst fears he was sabotaging his career and an urge to keep American Idol fans proud of him led to deep introspection and transformation. After Mayim breaks down the process of dissociation as a coping mechanism, David details what it felt like to fight his attractions, the isolation that comes with carrying a huge secret, and the process of finally confronting his feelings. He recalls the unexpected reaction his church elder had after he opened up about his sexuality, what he thinks God wants for his life, and the responses he’s received since coming out. Mayim considers the value of getting to know oneself and David reveals the song that came to him in a dream.

Hit Country Artist Lauren Alaina Talks About Her New Album, Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World, And Her Songwriting – “It Was Me” is my favorite song that I’ve ever written. I wrote it with Hillary Lindsey; it was the two of us on that song. And I would say that’s the song that you can tell I’ve been to therapy (laughs). It takes a lot of self-awareness and healing after a breakup like that, to take ownership of your part of it. I wanted to write a song for my first love, to tell him that it wasn’t that I didn’t love him…I just didn’t love me yet. And I had to go find the person that I’m supposed to be, and that I wish him well. So that was an important message for me to get out there, and that’s why it’s my favorite. I think it shows a lot of growth as a person and as an artist. And it’s traditionally country, and I was raised on traditional country. I think the reason that song came out that way is because I’ve been at home with my family. In this pandemic, I reconnected with my Southern self. So I really like that one, and thank you for liking it, too. – Read more at American Songwriter

Laci Kaye Booth Name-Checks Iconic Country Women in New Single, ‘Shuffle’ – When budding country artist Laci Kaye Booth traded her small town of Livingstone, Texas, for the bright lights of the American Idol stage in 2019, it pushed the normally introverted aspiring star out of her comfort zone. Her shy personality was in complete opposition to what the singing show is about — a hurdle she had to overcome. “It made me think, ‘Dang, to be in this industry, you can’t always be shy and introverted,’ Booth shares in a recent interview. “I was used to playing shows in the corner of a restaurant or in a dark bar.” Idol, with its TV production crew, live audience and at-home viewership, was drastically different from Booth’s usual gigs. “Being on Idol, I didn’t know how many eyes you felt on you at all times,” the up-and-comer says. “It really helped because being in the music industry now, everything kinda makes more sense after going through that. It was me proving to myself that I could do it, and that’s what I needed.” – Read more at Taste of Country

‘American Idol’ Alum Laci Kaye Booth Makes Her Mark in Country Music – Laci Kaye Booth earned millions of fans by appearing on Season 17 of American Idol in 2019, landing in the Top 5. After appearing on the reality TV talent show, Booth left her home in Texas and moved to Nashville, honing her craft as a singer, songwriter and performer. The result is her triumphant eight-track eponymous debut album, out now. Far from the typical debut of rising stars, Booth teamed up with hit songwriters like Sam Ellis, Jessie Jo Dillon, Nathan Chapman, James Slater, Jimmy Robbins and more to write all of the songs on her freshman project. “I didn’t expect it to happen with me when I first moved to town,” Booth tells Everything Nash of collaborating with such an impressive roster of co-writers. “I had only ever written by myself; I had never co-written with anybody. And so moving to town was a big game changer when I started getting in writing rooms. Red Light, my management team, was so good to me when I first moved to town. My second write I think was with Nathan Chapman and Emily Landis. I just walked in and his Grammys were sitting on the piano, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ It was like a pinch me thing.” – Read more at Everything Nash

The Salvation Of Chris Daughtry: How He Conquered Music-Biz Machinations & Fear Of Irrelevance For Triumphant New Album ‘Dearly Beloved’ – Chris Daughtry disliked a Dr. Luke and Max Martin song so much he screamed in the studio while recording it. It was late in the recording process for Daughtry, his namesake band’s debut album. Despite being an adept songwriter, the people upstairs asked him to record the pop overlords’ co-write “Feels Like Tonight” at the eleventh hour. He couldn’t connect with slightly generic lyrics like “I was waiting for the day you’d come around / I was chasing, but nothing was all I found.” It didn’t feel like him. “There are recordings of me in the vocal booth going ‘F*** this song! I hate this f***ing song!” Daughtry tells GRAMMY.com. Despite coming in a respectable fourth place on “American Idol” in 2006, “It was written for me as if I won the show. If I won, this would have been that song that you sing at the end, where the f***ing confetti’s falling on you and you’re singing [Clenched voice] ‘And it feeeeels like…’ You know what I mean? That was going to be my celebratory win.” – Read more at Grammy.com

AGT winner Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. talks triumphing over adversity – Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.’s story is one of triumph over adversity, and it’s now been 10 years since his big Season 6 win on “America’s Got Talent.” He joined us to talk about the last 10 years and his special live album recorded in Las Vegas. – Watch the video at News3lv

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