Headlines: Blake Lewis New Album, Scotty McCreery Set for CMA Special

American Idol 6 Runner-Up Blake Lewis Announces New Album

Our Fragile Heart: Remixes and Rarities will feature new songs, and remixes of tunes from his last album. 


American Idol 10 Winner Scotty McCreery Set for Sunday Robin Roberts Special

Dole Packaged Foods, LLC Teams Up with Musician Phillip Phillips and the Kroger Family of Stores for the Campaign “Let Sunshine In, Drive Hunger Out” by Providing Canned Fruit to Community Food Banks -Dole Packaged Foods, LLC has teamed up with musician Phillip Phillips and grocery retail company The Kroger Co. to provide a ray of sunshine this holiday season. On Thursday, November 15, shoppers at participating Kroger Family of Stores can help those in their community by purchasing DOLE Canned Pineapple. For every 20 oz. can of DOLE Pineapple purchased, Dole Packaged Foods, LLC will contribute one can to a local food bank. – Read more at MultiVu.com

The Voice Snapchat Series is Still a Thing!

Noah Cyrus is a guest coach for the upcoming Battles. The series can be watched on the Snapchat social media platform.

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley will appear together on ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday (November 9th). The two are co-hosting the CMA Awards next Wednesday (November 14th) broadcast live from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena at 8pm ET on ABC.

Carrie Underwood Is Not Fazed She’s weathered country music’s changing landscape and come out the other side more ambitious than ever. – Carrie Underwood doesn’t seem the least bit fazed by the fact that she was primarily asked pregnancy-related questions on the red carpet when she arrived at the CMT Artists of the Year honors last month. Underwood walks into most interviews prepared to field questions about things like her workout routine, beauty regimen, and family life, topics that simply come with the territory of being the celebrity face of a fitness clothing line and a makeup brand. As she points out patiently, perched on a meeting-room couch in the Music Row offices of her management company, that’s “part of the empire you wanna build for yourself as an artist.” – Read more at Vulture

Carrie Underwood Speaks Out on Behalf of Music Education

Kelly Clarkson: Pink is the relatable celeb ‘I would actually hang with’ – “I can’t express to you enough how much I don’t give a sh– about being famous,” Clarkson stressed during an interview for the new Spotify podcast “The Rewind With Guy Raz.” “I’ve been able to make an amazing life for my family, but my husband (talent manager Brandon Blackstock) and I are very low-key people.” “I think the couple that we ran into, funny enough, that my husband and I were like, ‘I would actually hang with them,’ was Pink and her husband (Carey Hart), ’cause it was, like, they seem super normal.” – Read more at Today

Blake Shelton Admits Why He Continues To Judge ‘The Voice’ – Blake Shelton has been a staple cast member for all 15 seasons of NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ and really enjoys the view from his coaching chair. “I Lived It” singer credits the show with revitalizing his love for the music industry. “I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I still love to make records and perform, but I’ve got to say that I get such a rush out of working with these artists that audition for ‘The Voice’ and make it onto the show. Being a coach on ‘The Voice’ has really kind of revitalized my excitement for this business again,” shared Blake on NBC. – Read more at KJ97.iHeart.com

Exclusive: Watch Annaleigh Ashford ...
Exclusive: Watch Annaleigh Ashford Sing from THANKFUL: An Album for Jerad Bortz

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  1. Just beautiful … and a well-deserved standing ovation. Of course, Adam always acknowledges the band.

  2. 1. “Empty Space” Music Video – James Arthur
    2. “Look Up Child” Jimmy Fallon Performance – Lauren Daigle
    3. “The Prayer” Audio – Danny Gokey
    4. “Let It Rain” Lyric Video – Mandisa
    5. “Airline Wine” Audio – Zealyn

  3. Such a captivating performance. So beautiful and emotional.

    Another great opportunity for Adam to be seen and heard. Love that he’s invited to these events. And, of course, he looks gorgeous!

  4. This is the weekend David C plays Rockport MA, tonight, dashes down to Florida for the Chris Evert Charity event, on the 10th, and back to Norfolk, CT at Infinity Hall on the 11th…and NYC on the 12th…on the heels of CT and Philly the last two nights. Busy week…
    Can’t wait! RT @FoolsApril64: *TONIGHT* David Cook @thedavidcook – The Acoustic Tour makes a stop at the Shalin Liu Performance Center @RockportMusic (Rockport, MA) w/spcl guest @matthires https://rockportmusic.org/david-cook/

    David Rancken, out of Dallas TX
    KLUV… Middays on KRLD.
    David Rancken
    3 hours ago
    This is the weekend In FL for the @cecharities Pro-Celebrity. See you there @thedavidcook. Going to find out why you didn’t name your CD after me like you said you would last year.

  5. Stunning and very emotional vocal performance by Adam!

    Also a major fundraiser that benefits the Foundation’s vital assistance and performers programs for SAG-AFTRA artists, as well as its award-winning children’s literacy program. performances by award-winning recording artists.

    Adam is in very nice comany.
    Celebrating the 3rd Annual Patron of the Artists Awards honoring #SpikeLee, #JeffreyKatzenberg #HarrisonFord #LadyGaga, performances by #KristinChenoweth #DavidKos, #AdamLambert, #Ledisi and presenters #GuillermodelToro #RyanGosling, BlacKkKlansman #JohnDavidWashington #AdamDriver #TopherGrace.

  6. James Durbin performed a FaceBook live concert tonight. He played songs from all 4 of his solo albums.
    He announced he’ll be releasing a music video for a song (not chosen yet) from his latest album Homeland. He also announced he’ll be releasing an original Christmas song on Black Friday. The song was written with his wife Heidi called “Christmas Without You”.
    His store on his official website will re-open again on Black Friday as well (you’ll be able to buy CDs of Homeland there also).

  7. Good response from fans tuning-in for James fb show which seems to be working out better than the previous type–sound is better, instant notification he’s performing & it’s free of chge (no confusing purchasing equivalent entry $$’s/tip $$’s in advance, sharing of the charges for the artists’ time & effort, etc.) Find this a much more enjoyable offering (especially tipping being completely optional/discreet, going directly to the artist), etc. He offers so many (random & at no charge) filming extras for fans that it’s a way to thank him/& Heidi for what they do over-&-above-a-norm I’d say. The features you mention he announced: (video for a song from Homeland, new Christmas song he & Heidi wrote—AND THAT ever-awaited-for-by-me lol, availability coming-up to purchase Homeland cds & Stuff from him (Black Friday)–have had my eye on that announcement since he first mentioned it!!!
    He also seems (rightly so) very proud of what (mostly himself) & Others put together: those 11 new songs. Viewers there had no trouble giving him much praise for it (& I’ll mention yet again what wonderful efforts are represented in it)–interesting subject matters set, as usual, to very-well planned out music & vocals. (There was high praise for his cover of House Of the Rising Sun too!)

  8. David must have taken a Red Eye from MA – since he’s tweeting from FL this morning! (En route to the @cecharities Tennis event) Hope the warm air and sunshine are beneficial to his cold!

    >>Alison Carville
    Is @thedavidcook at @cecharities tennis yet?
    8:50 AM – 10 Nov 2018

    >>David Cook
    ?Verified account
    40 minutes ago
    Replying to @AlisonCarville @cecharities
    En route!

  9. Yeah, those stories that purport to encapsulate the top finishing Idols and their careers are most usually slipshod, incomplete, and leave nobody very happy…and we read them anyway, JIC we encounter a real professional writer…someday. smh.

  10. No, it’s my mistake, the event is still at the same place in DelRay it has always been. Fixed it, thanks.
    Maybe some Florida sun will help David feel better from whatever germ caught him in Philly! ?

  11. Yes, nice response from fans last night.
    Noticed he addressed the new QR fans he seems to have picked up tuning in for these about their requests for him to sing QR songs. He said he keeps the two separate and only covers his solo work at these online concerts. Smart I think, he does have 4 solo albums now, enough songs to choose from there, IMO. Surprised he’s releasing a Christmas song soon, nice Holiday surprise.

    Next up Mexico, tour starts Thursday. Starting to see more PR for that.
    For the first stop in Guadalajara…
    “Quiet Riot, celebration of rock in Mexico”
    The current lineup of Quiet Riot makes a tribute to the band’s great legacy. The power of the 80s heavy metal will arrive in Mexico….

    GDL Conciertos (@GDLConcierto) November 10, 2018

  12. Life After American Idol: Inside Pia Toscano’s Attempted Comeback With Netflix’s Westside After Years of Struggle

    The article covers Pia’s Netflix show and her struggles in the industry. But they also have blurbs (not very good or accurate) on most top finishing Idols. Archie, Kat, Jordin,Cook, Constatine, Jhud, Clay, Carrie, Elliott, Kelly, Fantasia, Ruben, Crystal, Taylor, Kris, Lee, Bo, Adam, Scotty, Casey, Lauren, P2.

    Adam Lambert: “If publicity were a prize, the eighth-season’s controversial runner-up is a grand-slam winner. Since his time on the reality show, he’s released two albums, headlined two tours, received countless nominations (including a Grammy nod), followed in Freddie Mercury’s footsteps touring as the frontman for Queen, and has even starred in Fox’s remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not to forget that he briefly filled in as a guest judge on Idol.” LOL! Just a little thing but how about Adam has released 3 albums and headlined 3 tours.

  13. So, after his recent injury, David C “…actually talked to season 8 winner Kris Allen, who had a much nastier wrist injury after a car accident a few years ago and had to re-learn how to play guitar form scratch. “I picked his brain a little,” Cook said. “I was lucky. His was more severe than mine. I avoided surgery.”
    The downside of not playing his guitar: “I have no idea what to do with my hands. I don’t know what looks natural. Hopefully, I’m getting a little bit more in the pocket with every show. By the time we get to Atlanta, everything will be well oiled.”

    – according to this excerpt from AJC – American Idol’ notes: David Cook interview (City Winery 11/19),
    Nov 09, 2018
    By Rodney Ho

    He also explained why there isn’t much crossover in vocal technique “…Broadway singing vs. rock concert singing are two completely different things: “I don’t know if my songs would have the same resonance if I attacked them with my Broadway timbre, and vice versa.”
    Check out the rest of the Q&A in this pre show PR article for David’s Atlanta City Winery show at the link…interesting answers!

  14. So cool of him to still attend, even with the injury. Cook is such a good guy!

  15. Yep. They are never completely accurate or always up to date. On the plus side, they acknowledge that some actually still exist which is not often the case.

  16. We also received such great information in Rockport about part of his audition process and issues with his hand movements. I thought his Nigel impression was spot on. ?

  17. They are all over the place with their (in)accuracies. They are up-to-date about Kelly being a judge on TV, but way behind on Kris saying he’s released two albums. In some cases, they downplay the alums’ success, others blow it up. Bo has NOT had three hit albums, and there was NOT a rumor of Taylor being a judge on the new Idol. Is all they have to say about Fantasia is her personal life.

  18. Heh. That was a good story! ? And the Nigel impression is much improved compared to pre-Charlie Price days…?

  19. Makes one question how long ago she wrote this. She’s been didalusioned awhile now? Nice to see things looking u for her now.

  20. Wow, that certainly IS a big change in venue size. Soon I hope we’ll know exactly how it’s going & what to expect out of those dates. I guess we can let ourselves “hope & assume some here” but I still like hearing the words from The Boyz.

  21. Yeah, honestly I was a little surprised too when I came across this.
    But I’ve been casually watching QR’s spotify numbers since this Mexican tour was announced. They’ve consistantly been going up. They’re now at around 2 mil. listeners a month and by far the most popular city listed is Mexico City with around 80k listeners a month, almost double their next most popular city.
    So maybe this isn’t all that surprising?

    I guess we’ll know soon enough, tour starts in 5 days.

  22. David “going for it”at the Chris Evert Gala tonight…


    >>David Rancken
    11 minutes ago

    Only @thedavidcook could get away with these. #notinkansasCITYanylonger

    Ought to go fine with his Royals Blue Velvet blazer, right? Heh.

    COOKistas Retweeted
    Maureen Van Zandt
    Replying to
    @thedavidcook and @cecharities
    Sonny Crockett’s got nothin’ on you. Fabulous!

  23. Forgot to mention, seeing the live preview single just released is getting some radio play.
    We’ll see how that goes too I guess…
    Terry Birnie (@RocRadioactive) November 11, 2018

  24. Yup. These days with sales in the crapper, it’s a better indicator, especially that huge difference in popularity between their top city and the next city Santiago, CL at currently 50,038 monthly listeners. Btw, their top 3 cities are in S. America. Rounding out their top 5, at 4 and 5, are Chicago and Los Angeles.

    The only thing I’m a little hesitant with looking at spotify, there are other artists with similar millions of monthly listeners that can’t really even tour above the club level. So it can sometimes give a false sense of popularity and the actual concert draw of an artist.
    But rock acts usually do trend lower than other genres with streaming, so there’s that at least.
    I guess we’ll see how it goes this week.

  25. She was never the star she thought she should be even with JLo helping he out by giving her roles in her show. America got it right – no specialty that warrants stardom.

  26. Hey I like those radio plays. I like James getting a push for what QR is “in the present”.

  27. Yep. There is a big difference between the judges, media and public all buzzing about you and your run on the show than just the judges favoring you. Pia mostly had the judges raving about her. It was pretty much the same with J. Sanchez, imo. There was little pizzazz, star appeal and didn’t seem an upset for either. But I’m sure, it is hard when the judges make you feel special then you come off the show and nobody else really cares. But I wish Pia well.

  28. I always have reserves re. some artists #’s on many media/music stats, etc. that anyway, don’t stand the test for that supposed greatness anywhere else. Bec QR #’s you’re showing are good (& reasonable for their popularity status right now) it sounds accurate anyway.

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