Headlines: Adam Lambert: Singing Shows Don’t Launch Stars, Hollywood Week Grind

‘American Idol’s Bobby Bones Calls Hollywood Week ‘a Showcase of Willpower & Grit – There is no sleep. Anytime you’re not sleeping and you have to think, that stinks. You’re learning something new and not sleeping. There is a lot of waiting around that you don’t see. That would be a boring show to show the time waiting around. These contestants are up at 5 a.m. ready to go and don’t know when they’re going to get called. They may not go on until 2 or 3 p.m. Sometimes the judges or the producers aren’t sure. They can base order on the songs and performances. Some of the kids who aren’t of age yet have to go to school during the daytime. You don’t see that on the show. If you’re 16 or 17, you’re not 18 yet. There is only so much you can do in a day because of work laws. – Read more at TVInsider

Kimmy Gabriela’s star ready to shine again – The 17-year-old George Jenkins High School senior is set to sing in the land where stars are made. She won a golden ticket to Hollywood during her audition on the March 2 show, which was taped in Savannah, Georgia, back in September. Earlier this month, Polk County Schools Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd stopped by GJHS to congratulate Kimmy, who showed off her golden Hollywood ticket. “When you receive the famed ‘golden ticket’ on American Idol, you instantly become quite a bit of a star!” GJHS officials wrote on their Facebook page. – Read more at The Ledger

After his mom’s sudden death, this Utah singer tried out for ‘American Idol.’ Here’s his story – Immersed in Provo’s music scene for the last seven years, Moyes has received some top-notch guidance for his journey on “American Idol.” Jenn Blosil, who performed at Velour for years, made it to the top 14 during the show’s “farewell season” in 2016. And Moyes is close friends with Utah singer Ashley Hess, who made it to the show’s top 14 in 2019. In fact, the two released a video on Instagram just last week performing a cover of John Mayer’s “In Your Atmosphere.” – Read more at Desert News

‘I Don’t Know If It’s That Simple Anymore’: Adam Lambert Talks TV Singing Competitions In 2020 – “People love watching [TV singing competitions], it’s great TV. I don’t know if the crossover between those shows and the actual music industry is quite as easy as it used to be,” Lambert told podcast host Neil Griffiths. “I think there was a period where it was set up to funnel talent into the record label system. I don’t know if it’s quite that simple anymore. I haven’t really been seeing many careers get launched of these shows lately. “There’s definitely been a handful of us. One Direction is a great example of a giant band that came out of The X Factor. But that was a while ago. So I don’t know. As much as I love watching The Voice, who’s come off of that?” – Read more at TheMusic.com.au

BobbyCast Recap: Bobby Chats With Lauren Alaina About New EP, Lists Artists Who Made It Later In Life – Episode #232 of Bobby Bones’ podcast the BobbyCast was a multi-part episode. Towards the beginning of the episode, Bobby chatted with Lauren Alaina over the phone about her new six-song EP Getting Good, which was released last Friday, March 6. – Read more at SoundsLikeNashville.com

America’s Got Talent Winner Grace VanderWaal on Becoming Stargirl – “I think Stargirl and I have similarities,” VanderWaal continues. “I like her heart. I think she always has good intentions, no matter what, no matter what consequences come out of it, or if great things come out of it. I think she just wants to make people happy, which is an amazing quality, but also can be a little bit of a hard quality, as well.” – Read more at Parade.com

Grace VanderWaal Reveals How She Relates Most to ‘Stargirl’ – “I think what I could relate to most about Stargirl is I think she — and this is really eventually her downfall in the movie — but she really cares about making others around her happy, always,” the talented 16-year-old told Ryan Seacrest on-air on Friday, March 13. “She does not want to let people down.” – More at OnAirwithRyanSeacrest

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