Hanna’s American Idols Tour 2009 Columbus, OH Recap

We went to an AI concert for the first time last year (actually went 3 times) and had a blast at the concert and meeting other fans, so we were excited about going again this year. So far we’ve attended the Cleveland & Columbus shows, so this will be a combination recap, emphasizing the Columbus experience because I was in the first row and got a different perspective on the show. I stood in the front row with my friend who is also a fan of my favorite Season 7 & 8 contestants; my husband and son sat in the fourth row so I could just turn and see them. Interestingly, they were surrounded by men. My son did not follow the show this year so I’ll include a few of his comments. This will be long. ;)

Almost as soon as I sat down in my seat, front and exactly center stage, security came over & said I was not permitted to throw the boa I brought because it was the venue policy that nothing be thrown on stage. I told her things had been thrown at all the other Idol shows this season and she said ever since Tom Jones performed there & was hit by a projectile, they did not permit it. heheh However since she did not confiscate my boa, I decided she was just doing her job. The people behind me rolled their eyes and laughed. A woman from the middle floor section handed me a bag containing a boa, handcuffs, whip, and big pink bra and asked if I’d throw them during the show. I told her my friend would do it (that’s what you get for being late, Lisa; I volunteer you for things). The lights went down and the show began.

I have to give a shout-out to the MFB. They are great guys (and gal) talented in their own right, with impressive performance histories & recognition. I’ve met the drummer Aaron Spears and the background singer Antonio Sol (his CD’s are great), and they love the appreciation of the fans. Being in the front row, I felt it my duty to cheer and clap for every Idol & performer, but it wasn’t a tough job. They deserve it!!

Michael: we met him at the barricades on both occasions and since he seems like such a nice guy (yes, I’ve questioned his motivation and sincerity at times) I tried to be open-minded about his set. He has the best intentions, works hard to get the crowd going, and told us if someone tells us to sit down during the show we should just tell them to stand up. I was happy he said that, and both Cleveland and Columbus did a lot of standing and dancing. I just couldn’t get into his singing, though. For me his voice is nothing special, nor is his stage presence. Sorry, Michael. You are my #10, and my husband & son agreed with that placement.

Megan: I loved Megan at both shows. I didn’t mind her Afro’ ¦poor girl has to have control of something since she had no control over her outfit or song choices. When we met her at the barricades, I told her she ought to just throw that dress under the bus for the last concert and wear what she wants. She said they have lots of crazy stuff planned for the last show. I’m a fan of her quirky voice. She sang both songs so well, moved about the stage with ease, engaged the audience (my son felt like she kept looking at him and I felt the same) and looked happy. She didn’t have to beg us to clap or dance along. She got lots of cheers and whistles, especially from my hubby’s section of the venue.

Scott: we met Scott outside and he seemed more fragile and tenuous about walking around than I expected; his friend was helping him. He’s a sweet guy and although he seems arrogant at times, I did call in some votes for him until he got into the Top 10 because he so wanted to make the tour. I enjoyed his set & his fantastic piano playing. I’m not a fan of his singing technique’ ¦he needs to round his mouth more’ ¦but his love for music shines through and I wish him the best in his musical career.

Lil: she looked beautiful with her curly hair and certainly put a lot of energy into her performance. My son was very entertained by her dancing (in a positive way) and while we didn’t think her voice was spectacular, it was good. She got lots of cheers and audience participation. Ohio loves their Idols. My son mentioned the background graphics for some of the singers and I’m embarrassed (or maybe proud) to admit that the only background I noticed during the show were the words to Single Ladies.

Anoop: loved his rendition of ‘Always on my Mind’ . We could tell from his facial expression that he was really feeling that song and he sounded great. His other 2 songs were good but truthfully I can’t even remember what they were. He moved about the stage easily, in his purple shoes, and got some screams from the audience after his hip action.

Matt: we met him at the barricades before & after the show. He’s so attentive to his fans, friendly and workin’ it all the time. He’s much cuter in person. His set was energetic, and although I’m not a huge fan of his voice, I’d go to his concert because he’s so entertaining. My favorite of his songs was ‘You Found Me’ . I love his piano playing and was shocked to hear he can’t read music; he plays everything by ear. The crowd cheered and danced throughout his set, and although in Cleveland he asked at least 4 times if we were still with him during the last 2 numbers, he only said it once in Columbus.

I liked the first group number much better than last year’s bottom 6 number. Beggin’ was awesome!

Allison: what a ball of energy. I don’t see how she can sing with that wind blasting in her face. Her voice sounded fantastic, but unfortunately we couldn’t understand the lyrics. My husband and son were disappointed in her set because of that. It wasn’t that the band was too loud, not sure what the problem was, although my son thought the sound was off on many songs throughout night. We met Allie at the barricades and after-party; she was friendly and smiling, eager to take pictures, even after some Glamberts (as indicated on their shirts) walked up to her only to request that she tell Adam he disappointed them by not showing up at the AP. So rude.

Danny: he is very engaging at the barricades, smiling and attentive to every fan. He uses terms of endearment, before, during, and after the show. The crowd absolutely loved him; my husband and son were surrounded by Gokey fans, and he had the longest line at the AP. Danny really shouts when he sings, and because the speaker was right in front of me, I had to sit back during his set as it was way too loud. I don’t see how his voice will hold up if he continues that. His speeches were exceptionally long at both our shows because he announced the scholarship winners from his charity.

Adam: I’d been warned about the screams but nothing can prepare you enough. I could feel the floor shake leading up to Adam. He’s a beautiful and powerful man (quoting Gene Simmons), the consummate entertainer; mere words cannot describe how I felt while he was on stage. He makes eye contact with the audience, makes love to the mic stand, laughs at his own antics, looks and sounds otherworldly. I didn’t notice anyone else during his set; he commands your attention and you’re powerless to resist. My husband said Adam was looking straight into my eyes for a few lines of one song, and although it may be a theater trick or optical illusion, I choose to believe that. And yes, I threw the bra, my boa, my friend threw the whip, and many other objects were thrown. As long as Adam says he loves the props, he’s going to get props, in more ways than one.

Kris: he’s a doll. Every time we met him he was so genuine and had this little smile that made us feel 20 years younger. He has a surprisingly sexy speaking voice. He sings from the very front of the stage or from behind the piano, so I enjoyed his performance more in Cleveland because we could see him better from the 4th row. He was energetic and pulled every song from deep inside, making each his own. I’d go to his solo concert if it were in a small venue. The crowd loved Kris and cheered throughout his set.

I liked DSB because everyone was having fun. There were mic problems both nights, typical Adam/Kris interaction, just an upbeat way to end the concert. My husband and son really enjoyed the night, my son thought the voices this year were better, but felt the overall show was more entertaining last year. We went to the barricades after the show both nights, but the crowds were so large I couldn’t get close enough to see anyone. I was disappointed that Adam didn’t show at the AP, but entitlement is not sexy so I’m trying to get over it. ;)

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