Glee – “Special Education” – Darren Criss – “Hey Soul Sister”

Next week’s Glee?  Sectionals!  New Directions competes against the Warblers (featuring Blaine, and McKinley High defector, Kurt) and the Hipsters.

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After the jump, check out the Warblers, led by Darren Criss, singing Train’s “Hey Soul Sister”.

First, let me say, I hate this f*cking song so much I couldn’t enjoy the performance.  Compared to the joy-filled “Teenage Dream” of a few weeks ago, this performance is just dullsville.

Pretty weird to see Kurt with the Warblers–I wonder how long that’s going to last? I hope he transfers back to McKinley, just so I can see Sue Sylvester kick some Karovsky ass…

UPDATE: Listen to the Cast sing “Valerie”

Video after the JUMP…



Hey Soul Sister

“Special Education” Preview



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  1. Here’s my problem:

    1) They let a former member of the competition into their group. Seriously?

    2) What’s the timeline? Is it really one week? So they let him in 1 week before sectionals…really now? I repeat, SECTIONALS.

  2. I’m sick of that song, but Darren performed it really well (I like it better than the original). There have been some continuity gaps from episode to episode, but it doesn’t really bother me.

  3. O.K., so doesn’t McKinley high have to compete against the school for the deaf and the juvie choir first?

    Also, most important question about sectionals is Who are the Judges? heh…

  4. I only made it through like 5 seconds of Hey Soul Sister because that guy’s voice is so terrible. What is it about this show?? It’s like Kidz Bop for teens.

  5. Well, my 5 yr old is happy now – he loves that song, lol. He sat here and watched that with me grinning ear to ear. :)

  6. O.K., so doesn’t McKinley high have to compete against the school for the deaf and the juvie choir first?

    They don’t compete against the same people every year..this year Will announced a couple episodes ago they’re facing the Warblers and the Hipsters (a group of elderly people getting their GED’s).

  7. I hate the song, but I actually loved the performance.

    Eh, I don’t think there’s anything Darren could sing that I’d hate right now. But I hope Glee doesn’t test that theory – please give the boy some decent music to sing…

  8. while i’m not a big fan of darren criss’s voice – sounds like a stock choir voice to me, with a slightly muddled tone to boot – i am in love with his singing & mastery of vocal technique. the hey soul sister clip sounds like he was not autotuned at all. and unlike train, he sounds like he’s singing the song and not shouting it

  9. Now that we know that Kurt CAN tone it down and fit in with a group of singers, I’m hoping that if he comes back to McKinley high, he will do the same.

  10. Holy shit cant wait–kurt joiing them is really cool!!
    LOVED hey soul sister!! but it wasnt as good as TD, which was EPICCC


  11. I didn’t like the singing and I’m not a fan of the song. However, I found myself fascinated watching Kurt be nervous and out of place. I was also watching the faces of the Glee kids and Mr. Shue in the audience. I found myself actually liking Rachel and I usually can’t stand her.

    A twist I can see coming up is having the bully transfered to this school either after getting expelled or by his parents. I actually thought one of the guys in the back of the Warblers was him.

  12. I don’t like to look at the clips before the show so could someone tell me if Valerie is the Steve Winwood song?

  13. Sorry Studio57, it’s Amy Winehouse song. Won’t say anything other than that so I don’t spoil you.

    Since I am truly sick and tired of the Season 2 always over the top Kurt–whether it’s appropriate or not–it was very nice to see the toned down Kurt of Season 1 again.

  14. Darren looks like he’s having a ball. He’s just so very watchable.

  15. The song “Hey, Soul Sister” makes me want to punch Rachel in the nose for being Rachel, and she’s not even related to the song. Not the best analogy but I think my point was made.

    However, I like Darren Criss, so we’ll see how it plays out when I see it on the telly (That sounds so weird to say >_>).

  16. I will admit I do like Train’s “Hey Soul Sister”, but I enjoyed Darren’s version more.

    I wonder if any of the other people in New Direction will be featured this year?

  17. I wonder if any of the other people in New Direction will be featured this year?

    Yeah, Kurt. If Ryan Murphy continues to be this unsubtle, he’ll be singing “I Am What I Am” or “I Will Survive” by the season finale. It’s a little scary that I’m unsure if I’m making a joke or a prediction. lol

  18. Wow Sectionals are coming early this year compared to last year. This sets a complicated plot device for the show. If the Glee kids lose at Sections, the majority of the season is going to be … what exactly? Do they still rehearse for something?

    Not a fan of either of these songs for a school singing competition.

  19. You tooo? I HATE this song and cannot switch the station fast enough when it comes on, dislike Train altogether but, enjoyed these videos! Thanks

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