Glee – Sisquo’s Thong Song – VIDEO

Another Glee preview from the ‘Mash-up’  episode, airing this Wednesday!

GLEE Peek - Matthew Morrison & ...
GLEE Peek - Matthew Morrison & Lea Michele Sing 'Endless Love'

Will gets down and dirty with a shocked Emma (in a wedding dress! Oh noes) to Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song.”

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. This is hilarious, can’t believed how many times I danced to this song without understanding one word of it, it was better that way.

  2. My daughter’s 7th grade class did this song for Tap Class. I think I was the only pearl clutcher in the audience…I had heard all the words, lol.

  3. What the heck is Will playing at in this scene? It will be interesting to see it in context.

  4. wow ITA with Kirsten, wth is going on? cannot wait till wednesday!!

  5. I can’t figure out wtf could be happening in this scene!? lol I’m so curious as to why that song is being used. However it is hilarious and adorable at the same time. Wow Will is really getting down this episode. I’ve seen so many clips and previews for this one and I’m more confused than ever….can’t wait!!

  6. Oh yeah….and what’s with that dress?? Emma is always impeccably dressed so why such an ugly wedding dress??

  7. LMAO! I’m wondering if he’s trying to loosen her up a little and show her some moves – she seemed pretty icked out & not so enthused in the previews when Ken was talking about needing a song he could “shake his money maker to” for their first dance.

    But yeah, can’t wait to see this in context. And I agree, that dress is terrible.

  8. I guess Will is finally admitting his love for Emma and…that he wants to bang her?

  9. Will is pretty fly for a white guy. Actually this is better than the original.

    I love how he’s like “let me see that thong” and he’s grabbing at her dress HAHAHAHAA.

    This episode looks very random.

  10. Will is fiiiiine. He can sing that song to me but I don’t wear thongs! Or dental floss for that matter lol.

  11. Oh my gosh. Two Will songs in one episode, I can’t wait. I saw in interview with him and he says the cast calls him triple threat. Triple threat indeed.

  12. uh… i’ll hold judgement until i see it in context…. of all the songs they could have chosen lol.

    but then again, glee has that second-hand embarassment humor going for it (at least for me.)

    irregardless im gonna love it. haha

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