Glee Season 4 – Makeover – Recap, Photos and Videos (UPDATED)


In tonight’s Glee episode, ‘The Makeover”, Kurt (Chris Colfer) interviews at with editor Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker), who turns out to be a kindred spirit! Eventually, Kurt and Isabelle join forces to give Rachel (Lea Michele) a makeover.

Back in Ohio, Blaine (Darren Criss) challenges Brittany (Heather Morris) for Senior Class President. The running mates are Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Artie (Kevin McHale), respectively. When the vice presidential candidates debate, Sam pulls out all the stops. Heh.


A change can do you good. That’s the theme of this week’s Glee. Kurt, Rachel, Blaine, Brittany, Sam and Will all go through a “makeover” of sorts.

The episode opens with Blaines FIRST VOICE OVER. He’s missing Kurt so much that he joins every afterschool activity known to man, including superhero sidekick club (he’s Robin!).  He and Kurt do Skype dates—they “hate watch” Treme together (“Why do these songs go on forever and why isn’t there more Zydeco?” complains Kurt).  We see the ex-Warbler’s new Kurt-less life via a lyrical montage that features all the clubs Blaine has joined, as he sings “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”  Finally, he decides to run for class president against incumbent, super-senior Brittany.

Meanwhile, Kurt picks out the perfect outfit  for his interview with the legendary designer, and now editor, Isabelle Wright.  She’s an artist who is badly in need of some inspiration, and her instincts tell her she may have found it in a fellow Ohio native (she’s from Columbus! She got food poisoning at Breadstix!) and hires Kurt on the spot.  Oddly, Kurt’s dream is still to be a Broadway star.  Typically, one interns in the field of one’s dreams.  But, maybe Kurt’s goals are about to change.

Sarah Jessica Parker plays Isabelle as sort of a Carrie Bradshaw 2.0. She’s wonderfully kind, frazzled and quirky. She and Kurt have instant chemistry (And I think I’ve found my new favorite ship, ya’ll). She’s impressed with the fashionista’s online resume, which features many of his familiar outfits, including the half-sweater from “I Kissed A Girl” which he says he discovered in a dead aunt’s attic.  Kurt also admits to making many of his off-beat creations.

This is where the trouble begins between Blaine and Kurt.  Kurt is a smash a   He inspires Isabelle who, up until their meeting, felt completely out of ideas. When she asks her new intern what he thinks of her staff’s brainstorming on “unexpected leather,” Kurt honestly admits he thinks they belong in the back of the Village Voice. He suggests a music video featuring cutting edge fashion trends for the website. Kurt basically functions as a fresh set of eyes for Isabelle, who has really lost her way. He’s brimming with ideas, and isn’t jaded. She instantly values his opinions.  Kurt is on his way up.

Creating big ideas for the most renowned fashion magazine in the world is quite a leap from running for senior class president back in Lima.  Kurt, if you’ll recall, lost his bid against Brittany the year before.  This time, Brittany asks her ex-boyfriend , Artie to campaign as her running mate. He’s got perfect grades and fantastic extra-curriculars–he doesn’t need the tweak. But Brittany finally convinces him when she reveals that if she wins, she’ll continue to ignore her duties. “I could be Chaney to your Bush?” asks Artie. “I’d rather be landing strip,” Yep. They went there. Hello new 9 pm time slot.  Artie’s thinks a new found power could make him a hit with the babes. He finally agrees.

Also having trouble with inspiration is Will Schuster, who is now chairman of the show choir competition committee.  The kids have lots of questions for the official body that are really meta nods to Glee plot holes. Like, what does 1/3 vintage mean anyway? And why do some choirs sing only 1 song, while others get 6?   Will has been working on some new ideas for the choir, but really, at this point, the well is empty.  Brittany announces to Glee club that she’s running for president and has chosen Artie as her running mate. She also wants to know if anyone can prove that Blaine was born in this country. Hawaii? Heh.

Brittany’s new besite, Sam, is upset that she didn’t choose him as her running mate. But Brit has a solution. He can run with Blaine instead.  She doesn’t want to run with Sam, because she’s afraid it will ruin their relationship, like when Sarah Palin’s father asked her to be his running mate and lost.  Brittany spends the entire episode spouting ridiculous (yet hilarious) crap like that.  At any rate, Sam convinces Blaine that he would be the perfect mate, with the ability to bring home the jock/straight guy vote.   By the way, Blaine has the most adorable Klaine photos tacked up in his locker!  Brittany challenges Blaine to a debate. Sam has no idea what a debate is. Oy.

Will continues to struggle with his lack of inspiration, while Sue warns him that if he allows himself to fall into a rut, he’ll end up an alcoholic, obese or both.  He’s reached his goal of winning a National championship. So now, what’s next?  Sue says his lack of adult friends sends him well on his way to a career as a pedophile birthday clown!

Blaine and Brittany prepare for their debates.  Although most of the senior class will attend the debate looking for a Brittany-style trainwreck, according to Jacob Ben Israel’s latest poll, Artie convinces her that she’s brilliant in an almost magical way. Blaine thinks Sam needs a new look in order to appear as a serious candidate. The Lima makeovers begin, set to the tune of Hole’s “Celebrity Skin.”  In the end, both Brittany and Sam get spiffed and shiny, with Artie and Blaine acting as their political consultants. Honestly, I could have gone my entire life without Hole being covered on Glee. But at least it wasn’t Lea Michlele and Cory Monteith singing lead.

Will chairs the show choir committee meeting. And guess who is back? The hard of hearing director of the deaf choir from season 1! We also find out that he’s gluten intolerant.  Will drifts in and out of consciousness, until deaf director admits that his funding has been taken away. It’s the only thing that makes him happy besides his extreme couponing and muscle relaxers. And then he warns that the rest of them are in danger too, because funding for the arts is drying up.  That perks Will up.  One of the members mentions a blue ribbon panel that’s convening in Washington.  Deaf director says they’re only interested in big stars like Meryl Streep and Demi Lovato (GRATUITOUS CROSS PROMOTION).  But then, Will thinks a choir director who just won a national championship would be the perfect thing for the panel. Inspiration finally arrives!

Rachel is finally beginning to adjust to life as a student at NYADA. Especially since she’s now rooming with her BFF Kurt in a fabulous loft in Bushwick and the hottie, Brody, a potential love interest, has come into her life.  But the jaded NYC girls are catting about her farm-fed fashion sense.  Reindeer sweaters are not cutting it in the big city! Over Chinese food at the loft (after a lovely arm and arm jaunt in the city—I am LOVING the New York City locations!) Kurt suggests a total makeover for Rachel.  Although it’s after midnight, he drags his bestie to the offices in order to both makeover Rachel and make that music video he suggested to Isabelle.

But uh oh. Just as Kurt punches in his security code and the enter the “The Vault” where all the couture is stashed, Isabelle arrives with two burly security guards, thinking she’s stopping a break in! (I thought you were having dinner with Steve Buscemi and Yoko Ono! No, They cancelled again!)

As soon as Isabelle catches wind of what Kurt and Rachel are up to, she’s completely on board for the makeover. And what ensues is an utterly charming mashup of “The Way You Look Tonight” and “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” (From Annie! Which Sarah Jessica starred in on Broadway as a child). Rachel models gorgeous gowns as Kurt and Isabelle sing.  I was worried that Kurt’s new role as fashion maven would mean he’d have no reason to sing Broadway tunes. But this is Glee! And I’m happy that Murphy and co. have found a way to allow him a song.  In a post show Q&A, Ryan said that ideally, he’d like Kurt to do both Broadway and Fashion. But I’m thinking, what could happen, is that as Kurt shifts his dream to fashion—part of his success will have to do with the musical perspective he brings with him—allowing plenty of opportunities for singing and dancing.  And can I say, although it hasn’t been stated explicitly, Kurt’s look has also been updated and he looks unbelievably grown up and handsome.  Really digging the hair.

Kurt shows Blaine the music video during their next Skype date. Blaine is full of compliments about the production and is certain Isabelle will choose his idea for the website.  Blaine is such a wonderfully supportive boyfriend. Kurt can’t stop babbling about his new life in New York City.  When Blaine interjects, asking advice about what he should wear to the upcoming debate, Kurt is all “OH YEAH. I almost forgot about that!  Whatever! You look good In anything you wear!” before shifting back to his stuff. A crappy class presidential race is no match for Kurt’s newly glamorous life in the big city.  It’s heartbreaking to watch Kurt drifting away. It’s the exact thing that Blaine always feared.

Will has decided to apply for the Blue Ribbon Panel in Washington, but he wants the blessing of his fiancée, Emma. She’s willing to postpone the wedding (No November nuptials!) in order to allow Will to follow his dreams. After all, he’s got to set an example for the Glee kids.  Even though it means he would be away for several months, Emma is willing to support him. For now, anyway. He decides to apply.

It’s Presidential Debate time. Sue will be the moderator, as Principal Figgins is out with “religious fever”. Sam gives Blaine the fashion advice he could not get from his boy friend Kurt. Sam says lose the bow tie because it makes Blaine look too uptight. Blaine obliges.   The vice presidential candidates are first. Or, “the pimp and the gimp” as Sue calls them.

What ensues is pretty much a disaster. Artie goes on and on. When Sam finally takes the stage, he fails to answer questions adequately, and once he’s confronted by his stripper past, he gives in to his impulse to rip off his shirt. To be honest, that probably got the team some votes, even as Blaine cringes in the wings.   Blaine takes the stage to make an impassioned speech about making a difference and blah blah blah.  He also stresses Brittany’s ineffectual 1st term. And her horrible horrible ban on hair gel, which is the first step towards TYRANNY.  “Next thing you know they’ll start burning books…and people too!”

Brittany, inexplicably, proposes that she loves the school so much she wants to outlaw summer vacation, weekends and any other out-of-school time.  It’s like she’s trying to lose. Blaine has this in the bag.

Isabelle calls Kurt into her office. It turns out that Anna Winitour herself LOVED Kurt’s video. It will be reshot with a professional model, but the fledgling designer will get credit for the idea!  Kurt is thrilled. Isabelle tells Kurt to never lose his wide-eyed enthusiasm. And that although he has his heart set on Broadway, the day could come where every A lister will want to wear his designs. And afterward, it’s off to Indochine for lunch! But not after she informs her staff that Kurt will be attending the next meeting. And not as coffee boy.  If looks could kill.  I see Kurt dealing with a lot of jealous cats in future episodes! Meow.  Isabelle has found a kindred spirit. Kisabelle?  I love it.

Brody is back! He joins Rachel in the dance studio and notes her sensational new look.  He confesses that he was once a scrawny kid from Montana with a bad haircut, until seniors took him under their wing.  Brody thinks Rachel’s new look now matches who she really is on the inside. Rachel likes that a lot and suggests Brody practice a new song with her. The two launch into “A Change Will Do You Good,” over a montage of the duo posing around NYC. The dance is so sexy, Rachel invites Brody to her apartment for dinner the next night. Brody is not only HOT, but he’s a solid singer and a really good guy. He’s a self-contained boy who has loads of confidence. HE’S BOYFRIEND MATERIAL RACHEL. GET WITH IT.

We find out who wins the election. Last season when Kurt ran against Brittany it was a multi-episode arc that began in the premiere and finished in episode 7. This time the election is announced, fought and won in 60 minutes! Gotta love Glee. At any rate–BLAINE WINS. And I couldn’t be happier. As Blaine and the gang celebrate at Breadstix, he invites Artie to join his administration. But he declines. Artie got what he wanted out of the deal. Sugar asked him out on a date!

He also calls Blaine’s new bow-tieless look a game changer. Ironically, the newly-elected president’s fashionable boyfriend had nothing to do with the makeover, rendering the victory bittersweet.  Blaine lies to Artie, assuring him that Kurt is so proud, and is planning the inaugural ball as they speak. But truth is, Blaine calls Kurt who is at a chic restaurant with Isabelle and her friends. His phone rings, he sees it’s from Blaine and…he turns it off.  It’s just what Blaine was afraid of—Kurt abandoning him for new friends and new exciting experiences in New York City. It’s heartbreaking.

At that moment, Blaine realizes that he doesn’t care about being class president at McKinley, because the only reason he even transferred from Dalton was to be with Kurt. He feels really really alone. He did it ALL for Kurt, and now that he’s gone, it feels like none of it matters.  He confides in Sam, who points out to Blaine that he is McKinley’s first “gay guy president.” (Never mind that Brittany is also LGBT. Whatever).    Blaine doesn’t think anyone cares, But Sam believes that the two of them joining forces in a gay-straight alliance can make a difference in the way kids perceive LGBT at McKinley.  Well. He’s got a point. A bromance has certainly been born.

Sam confesses to Brittany that he voted for her.  Brittany really wanted to win, but she’s already getting over it, with the help of her new friend. At one point, Ryan Murphy said Sam would get a new love interest, and that we would not believe who it was.  Although Brittany has ALWAYS identified as bisexual, if she breaks up with Santana and hooks up with a boy, that’s going to be REALLY controversial. Ryan sure knows how to stir the pot.

Sue writes a glowing (and mostly untrue) recommendation for Will’s Blue Ribbon Panel bid. She wants him out of McKinley, but this time it’s with the best intentions.

Rachel cooks dinner for Brody, but after the duck blows up, they wind up with pizza (shades of Carrie and Mr. Big?) After a romantic dinner, with “Moon River” playing in the background, Broday says he’ll never try anything Rachel isn’t comfortable with yet. But Rachel is ready.  They kiss deeply.  There’s a knock at the door. Rachel thinks it’s Kurt who forgot his keys.  NOPE.

It’s Finn. Dammit.

Next week is the big BREAK UP episode.  Klaine, Finchel, Brittana and Wema all struggle in their relationships. Some don’t survive. And if you watch the promo below, it’s pretty easy to guess who. Make sure you’re stocked with tissues before next week!

I’m still loving the New York City storyline. Fiercely.  This week the Lima side of things was more tolerable, because the newbies were barely featured. Just being honest.  I’m not warming up to them yet, at all.

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