Glee Season 4 Finale Spoilers and More (PHOTOS) (VIDEOS)

GLEE: Blaine (Darren Criss, R) seeks Burt's (gues star Mike O'Malley, L) advice in the "Wonder'ful" episode of GLEE airing Thursday, May 2 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOX

Here’s a whole mess of Glee spoilers for the last two episodes of the season: “Wonder-ful” (May 2) and “All or Nothing” (Finale, May 9)  Included are NEW photos and videos

Of course, there are detailed spoilers and full length song streams at the links below. PLUS, new sneak peek videos and photos at the bottom of the page:

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Spoilers:  Most of these are from a recent Hollywood Reporter interview with Chord Overstreet (Sam)

  • Chord confirms that the end of the school year will bleed into Season 5 “The final two episodes are more toward gearing up for Regionals,” Overstreet says. “The school year is half this year and the other half next year.”
  • The storylines that will carry over into next season include Becky (Lauren Potter) and what comes of Sam and Blaine’s (Darren Criss) efforts to get to the bottom of the school shooting that cost Sue (Jane Lynch) her job.
  • Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) return to Ohio in Eps 21 and 22 to help with Regionals: “It’s a lead-up for Regionals and Harry’s working on everyone’s dancing and Mercedes is fine-tuning the girls,”  says Chord
  • Artie gets accepted to the Brooklyn Film Academy in NYC! (NEW ROOMATE FOR THE LOFT YIPPIE) “[In episode 21] Artie (Kevin McHale) receives some sort of college news and he’s a little troubled by the idea of going out into the real world,” says Chord. “The reality is that New Directions is always supportive of anybody’s decision with what they want to do. Artie has a lot of hesitance toward going into the real world and having to deal with the reality of going to school, being alone and growing up on his own; it’s pretty big for someone who hasn’t had that challenge yet.”
  • Katy Sagal plays Artie’s mom, Nancy Abrams. Artie  tells his friends that he won’t go away to school, because his mom has given up her whole life for him. But that’s a lie.  Mom has NO problem letting him go. It’s Artie who is afraid to leave the nest.  Kitty (Becca Tobin) is somehow involved….
  • On American Idol alum, Jessica Sanchez’s character, Frida Romero: “It’s pretty intimidating for New Directions, says Chord, “She’s big weapon for her squad and we’re not really prepared for that. But I think we’ll hold our own, but it’s definitely something where we’re all freaking out and scrambling at the last minute.
  • Cliffhangers –  Next season’s story will take up where the finale leaves off:  “There’s a cliffhanger with Blaine which is pretty interesting,” says Chord.  Several characters have cliffhangers.
  • What WILL be revealed in the May 9 season finale:  “You will find out who wins Regionals,” says Chord. Also we’ll learn exactly WHO is “Catfishing” Ryder (Blake Jenner)
  • On Brittany (Heather Morris): “Brittany’s story line will conclude and you’ll figure out where she’s going,” says Chord, “She comes in and out of MIT and goes back and forth and you’ll see where she’s headed and what’s going to happen with her. It’ll be an emotional episode but it will be fun.” Hm.
  • On Blaine (Darren Criss) popping the question to Kurt (Chris Colfer): “Sam is one of those guys who’s a sweet guy and is always there for people — he’s encouraging and he’s wise beyond his years. He’s always supportive but he does try to be the voice of reason,” Overstreet says, noting that people change a lot between the ages of 18 and 25. “If it were me and it was my friend about to propose in high school, I’d tell him to wait and see.”
  • Rachel auditions at her call back for Funny Girl in the finale. Something tells me that result will be one of the cliffhangers.

Interview with Katy Sagal and Kevin McHale

Wonder-ful Sneak Peek (Episode 21, May 2)

Wonder-ful Promo (Episode 21, May 2)

Wonder-ful Photo Gallery (Episode 21, May 2)

All or Nothing Photo Gallery (Episode 22, May 9)

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