Glee Season 3 Spoilers – I Am Unicorn (And More)

GLEE: Rachel (Lea Michele,  R) and her mother Shelby (guest star Idina Menzel,  L) perform together in the "I Am Unicorn" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday,  Sept. 27 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mike Yarish/FOX

There was a press screening today for this week’s Glee episode, “I AM Unicorn” and social media sites are abuzz with spoilers.  I’m going to be real lazy and just cut and past a bunch of tweets from TWOP (Thank you TWOP for trolling tumblr so I. Don’t. Have. To.)

The important spoiler? Blaine is a junior. Yes, it’s ridiculous. Initially he was introduced as a mentor to Kurt, Darren Criss has said in the press he was older. In the Season 2 finale, Kurt talked about the two of them moving with Rachel to New York. But it all boils down to Glee producers wanting to keep a popular character around for Season 4.   It would not be the first time Glee contradicted its history

Give Me My Remote has a review. The rumors about Shelby running a rival Glee club at McKinley are confirmed, and it’s Sugar’s rich daddy who supplied the funds. Bert and Kurt have a heart-to-heart and I suspect it’s about Kurt’s choice of another girl song as his audition for the male lead of West Side Story. And Oh. Em. Gee. It looks like Finn has a job in Burt’s tire shop.

I Am Unicorn Synopsis

Much to his dismay, Will discovers that (thanks to a private donation) former Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran has been hired to direct a second show-choir group at McKinley; while both Will and Shelby seem good natured about their impending competition, several of the students are less than thrilled about her return to Lima. Brittany manages Kurt’s campaign for class President, but he worries that her strategy may be too one-dimensional; and auditions for the school’s production of West Side Story begin with Artie, Emma, and Coach Beiste serving as the trio of directors. Trying to mend fences, Shelby gives her biological daughter Rachel some sound career advice. Meanwhile, auditions for the male lead in the play heat up, threatening to drive a wedge between Kurt and Blaine.

Tweets @NotYerAvgChick

What to expect on the next #Glee – In the episode “I Am Unicorn, ” Shelby (Menzel) and Rachel (Lea Michele) perform a song together, Will (Matthew Morrison) initiates a boot camp for some of the members of New Directions and Brittany (Heather Morris) offers to help Kurt (Chris Colfer) devise his campaign for president of the student body.

@Eloveuscb @Radames125470 As of 30 min in, there is only 1 insignificant WEMMA sitting #IamUnicorn #Glee

@redhairedlauren @mmkay001 There has only been 1 Finchel moment at the start. It is a Quinn, Puck, Kurt & Brittany episode #Glee #IamUnicorn

@Mmkay001 Finn is minor in the episode but cute, as always!

@RaeCorchill @CubraLibra Yes, there are a few Puck/Quinn interactions and a special appearance by someone w/ a name that starts w/ B. #Glee (Beth)

@dayecarter Friendship – remember as of now Brittany isn’t expressing her bicurious side any longer w/ Santana #Glee #IamUnicorn

@cherhasthoughts I think the Puck/Quinn moments will require one full box of tissues. #IamUnicorn

@OurEyesAreOpen Rachel doesn’t talk to Finn about Shelby #Glee #IamUnicorn

@callmekatgleek You have one moment of Mercedes complaining #IamUnicorn #Glee

@jodie No Klaine PDA in #IamUnicorn, but there is a loving moment between them #Glee

I’m just going to say it…Burt is the best dad EVER! #Glee #IamUnicorn

@heeyeonpark There is no Klaine fight in the episode. #Glee #IamUnicorn

@peegius There are Klaine moments – don’t worry! #Glee #IamUnicorn

@NotYerAvgChick In one word, what is Kurt’s audition number like? :) Thank you for all the teasers by the way!
@Eris2005 OVER THE TOP! (caps needed) #Glee #IamUnicorn

@AllisonHud Blaine’s year in school is mentioned in passing and no big deal is made #IamUnicorn #Glee

@schirinT Rachel declines to direct the school play #Glee #IamUnicorn

@Saranoh2009 Will is fine in the episode. He just is there to help get the dancing better in the Glee club #Glee #IamUnicorn

@RogueMarie21 Kurt and Brittany talk sexuality #IamUnicorn #Glee

@_EdYna_ There is a HummelBerry scene :) #IamUnicorn #Glee

@SarahTamez They don’t show who gets chosen for the play in #IamUnicorn #Glee

More spoilers:

Karovsky spoiler from TV Line: Hm.  An all ages gay bar?

  • Question: Any scoop about Glee‘s Karofsky? —Dalanda
    He’s baaaaaack! Or at least he will be come late October, when Kurt has a very awkward run-in with him at a [SPOILER ALERT] gay bar.

Promo for I Am Unicorn

New Promo For I Am Unicorn

B Roll with Scenes that Look Like Boot Camp



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