• dhunken

    Have to admit I’m am looking forward to the season premiere of this show… :-)

  • sunny2

    Rachel has bangs now & Quinn is a Cheerio again.

  • mikeymike

    I love this show! Can’t wait… counting the days actually!

  • Esqt

    The wait is forever……………..

  • idolfan92

    I’m so excited for Season 2!!!!!

  • t2

    Where’s Shaft?

  • Grammie Kari

    I am also looking forward to Season 2. In looking at the pictures of some of the cast members, they actually look much older than teenagers. Is Chris the only teen in real life?

  • hicksaholic

    I too can’t wait. I was a little late to the Glee party but caught up quickly. It’s addicting. I love Kurt, he’s hilarious.

  • sunny2

    Hey t2 you’re right, Shaft isn’t in any of these pics, I hope he didn’t get the shaft!

  • jpw-ak

    Woe the dog days of August – after the end of SYTYCD & before the season premiere of Glee. Counting the days until the premiere, but,I’ll watch the Emmy’s this weekend just to see the cast. Got my husband addicted after the “back nine” started this spring, he kept wondering what I was laughing uproariously at last fall. I’m thinking Shaft isn’t in the pictures because he’s not a “regular” character, and you’ll notice he isn’t in every episode of the first season. Other Asian and Brittany got promoted to “series regular,” thus their pictures?