Glee Music! Check out the Tunes from “Crush”

Bad news first: David Archuleta fans–the version of “Crush” from tonight’s episode–the song that will eventually appear on Glee: The Music Vol 2–is not Archie’s version, it’s the early 90’s Jennifer Paige tune.

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Now for the good news–I’ve got full streams of all the songs from tonight’s episode of Glee!

The plot of “Crush” revolves around Rachel’s sudden crush on Mr. Shue, brought on after they sing a duet of “Endless Love”. (Check this post for videos).

Goodies included after the jump: “Crush”, “Endless Love”, plus, Finn sings “I’ll Stand By You” and “You’re Having My Baby” (Hee!) and Mr. Shue sings an awesome mashup of “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” and “Young Girl”.

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Streams after the JUMP…

“Crush” by Jennifer Paige – Rachel (Lea Michele)

Endless Love – Lea and Mr Shue (Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison)

I’ll Stand By You – Finn (Cory Monteith)

Having My Baby – Finn (Cory Monteith)

Don’t Stand so Close to Me / Young Girl – Mr. Shue (Matthew Morrison)

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  1. ah well too bad it wasnt his crush… no skin off my back lol I dont even watch the show…

  2. Yeah, I was bummed when I found out it wasn’t Archie’s Crush. My real complaint is I wanted a Kurt solo for this episode.

  3. Aww well too bad it’s not David’s Crush — no biggie. Luv this show–can’t wait to watch tonite.

  4. Jennifer Paige’s Crush was one of my fave songs growing up. I’m really excited for the episode :) as usual

  5. I’m a closet Gary Puckett fan, so Shue’s mashup is phenomenal for me!

    LOL, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I love Gary Puckett. I am looking forward to this show… it is fun stuff!

  6. Swell choice on “I’ll Stand by You.” I’ll bet younger kids have no clue what this mid 90s Chrissy Hyndes paean to drug recovery is all about, but it’s an amazing song.

    I sense a “moment” for Cory M. And another tearjerker!

  7. I’m so glad Matt Morrison is gettting to sing more instead of rapping..

  8. Phew. I am glad it’s not David’s Crush. I don’t have to worry about Kurt’s high soprano ruining David’s low rich sound in some part of Crush. I don’t even watch the show. For the record, Glee could have made more money from David’s fans. Now, I don’t have to buy the record. haha.

  9. Just watched the snippet of Endless Love – a song I think is sappy and way overdone BTW. Love the way the cast gets around it quite nicely by throwing in several funny bits.

  10. Whoa, I thought I was the only one happy about this. I just can’t watch anyone else singing Crush and then butchering the heck out of it. Just like when Jessica Simpson butchered Angels. That was just not a pretty site at all.

    Also, I’m glad DWTS used Jessica Simpson’s version of Angels (for Kelly/Louis’ dance) and not David’s. That would’ve totally screwed with me enjoying the show each week. :)

  11. Jennifer Paige’s “Crush” just totally brought me back to elementary school. Wow! I forgot how much I loved that song!

    So excited for tonight’s episode. The Rachel/Shue crush is going to be hysterical, because how can it not be?

  12. This was no biggie for me either, as I’m also one of those who can’t hardly stand to hear anyone else sing Davd’s Crush but David ~ even the fans who cover it on the fansites (and some of them are pretty good)! But I’ve never watched Glee either until tonight, when I saw it entirely by accident right after So You Think You Can Dance! I couldn’t really get into it on a regular basis, tho it was somewhat cute tonight, and the singing was good. I’d rather watch the dance competitions.

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