Glee: Kurt and Blaine “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” Box Scene Revealed!

GLEE: Blaine (Darren Criss, R) gives Kurt (Chris Colfer, L) a gift in the "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Dec. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose/FOX

Remember the Glee Christmas special? In Extraordinary Merry Christmas, official FOX episode stills promised a gift-giving scene between Kurt and Blaine.  In the end, the entire scene was cut, reportedly for time.   Glee producers have promised to include the scene on the Season 3 DVD due out in the fall. But, now you won’t have to wait to find out exactly what happened in the missing scene, thanks to some charity minded Glee fans!

A group of Glee fans got together to bid on the Extraordinary Merry Christmas script, which was an item offered for auction to benefit Project Angel Food, an organization that provides daily meals for people homebound or disabled by HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses. Fans won the auction with a $4,200 bid and then raised more. The total is up to $13,606!  If you’d like to contribute to the cause click this link.

If you were dying to know WHAT WAS IN THE DAMN BOX.  Read on. The most adorable Klaine scene ever, arguably, was  left on the cutting room floor.  You had a semi-proposal, a recital of what could be Blaine’s wedding vows, cute meta on how Kurt affords his trendy ensembles, a reference to the couple “taking it to another level”, Blaine pledging to kiss Kurt whenever and wherever he wants.  It’s a real love scene between these two boys, and to be honest, it makes me wonder if it was FOX’s Big Red Pen that was responsible for the scene being cut.

There seemed to be a conscious effort, after the controversial virginity episode “The First Time” aired, to cut back on public (and private!) displays of affection between the queer couples. My theory is that after some groups complained about “The First Time” coupled with Glee’s declining ratings, the network went all “No Homo” on Glee producers.   I’m not a conspiracy theorist generally, but you’ve got to wonder what’s going on when the hetero couple, Finn and Rachel are constantly sucking face on screen, while Kurt and Blaine and Brittany and Santana rarely kiss, except in a couple of “very special” episodes.  Hm.

There were a couple of other PDA type exchanges cut from the episode apart from the box scene.  The writers are penning scenes for the gay couples that don’t make it to the final cut.  This is the show that has a reputation for being pro-queer and groundbreaking…yet it appears to be censoring their writers? Something is seriously wrong right here.

Check out the box scene below and at the bottom of the page, a few more exchanges that never saw the light of day.

More from the script:

Mike and Tina were supposed to skate around Rachel as she sang “River”.

Scene between Finn and Santana that was cut altogether. She helps him pick out some jewelry for Rachel.  Santana’s performance of Santa Baby was posted to You Tube after the show aired:


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