Glee Episode 5: Featuring Kristin Chenoweth!

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Rachel quit Glee last week to take the lead in the new school musical, Cabaret–a plot hatched by the evil Sue Sylvester (Needed more Sue in this episode!). Ex-gGee director and wanna-be Liza Minelli, Sandy, is directing the musical. He’s mean to Rachel because he’s sooo jellus of her. But Rachel doesn’t quit–she’s determined to be a star.

Finn flirts with Rachel in an attempt to lure her back to Glee. He figures that’s his only chance to get a music scholarship to college. He’s worried about taking care of Quinn’s baby, which he believes is his (it’s not, it’s Puck’s. Finn, thinks sperm can find a vajayjay by swimming through chlorinated water. Dumb ass.)

So Finn kisses Rachel at the bowling alley, and her heart’s all aflutter–she decides to quit the musical and go back to Glee–except when she shows up at Glee rehearsal, the kids are gossiping about Quinn and her baby daddy, Finn. Ouch! Rachel finds Finn in the hallway and bitch slaps him. Not that he didn’t deserve it.

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Finn’s all mixed up–he feels responsible for Quinn, but you know he’s secretly digging on Rachel.

In the meantime, Will looks up an old high school chum. With Rachel gone, he figures finding a ringer to take her place will be the only way to win nationals. April (Kristin Chenoweth) was the star of Glee back in the day. Will had a big crush on her. But April has fallen on some hard times. After hooking up with the wrong guy and failing at the star thing, she took to the bottle.

Will figures April needs a second chance. (Not only is she a drunk, but a high school drop out too!) After Will helps her re-enroll, April becomes the newest member of Glee. She wins over the kids by corrupting them–she thrills Kurt with her collection of retro muscle magazines while getting him drunk on Chablis.

Chenoweth spends a good portion playing drunk in the role, and she’s a delight. The writers totally saved some of their best one-liners for her, and her performances, of “Maybe This Time”, “Alone” (with Will, Matthew Morrison singing! Yay!) and a hilarious, drunken “Last Name” with Glee are all top-notch.

In the end, April realizes she has to straighten her life out, but without stealing the thunder of kids half her age. She quits Glee during the intermission of New Direction’s first big performance.

Rachel, who has been humbled, finally, by her crappy experiences with the egomaniac Sandy, comes back to Glee to “understudy” for April. The show finishes with the showstopping “Somebody to Love”. Mercedes sings the very last note, and the roof of McKinley High School nearly blows off.

And thus concludes another totally awesome episode of Glee. What did you think of this week’s episode? What were some of your favorite one liners?


April (Kristen Chenoweth) and April sing “Maybe This Time”

April and Will sing “Alone”

April and Glee sing “Last Name”

Rachel Comes Back to Glee to sing “Somebody to Love”. Mercedes! Glory Note!

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