Ging’s Fresno, CA Idols Concert Recap

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Bonus: It looks like songs from David Cook’s unreleased 2nd album are going to end up on his upcoming album, according to a fan who chatted with him before the show. Read her account here.

They performed in exact order with an announcer counting them down…

Here is Ging’s review from the Fresno show……NUMBER 10 Chickeze ¦. I enjoyed him. He sang well and always had that killer smile. You could tell he was so happy to be there. I was happy for him.

9 ¦. Ramiele ¦..Just kind of Boring. I was one of her fans, but I was disappointed :(

8 ¦..Michael ¦ ¦..Big Roar from the crowd. I really liked MJ on the show and thought Simon was too hard on him. His vocals were great. He was a showman on the stage. It doesnt hurt that he is just Great to look at. He was one of the best of the night. You could hear every word he sang over the band. Its All Wrong but It All Right was simply HOT HOT

7 ¦ ¦..Kristy ¦..A big surprise for me. She looks great on stage and sounded very good. I listened to a local News review in my hotel this morning and they stated that she stole the show. I wouldnt say that, but she was very good.

6 ¦..Carly ¦..Another roar from the crowd. She was Loud ! To me the band was to loud during her set and it was difficult to hear her vocals.

5 ¦.Brooke ¦.The crowd gets quiet when Brooke performs. Brooke has a very nice voice. I thought her 3 song set was very good.

Chickese, Ramiele, MJ, Kristy, Carly and Brooke Do a group number before the break.

4 ¦.Jason- Our seats were on the floor, maybe 20 rows back. My Friends and I went down to the Stage when Jason was doing his set. The ladies in the outside front rows were Jason fans. They were sweet and let One of my Friends in front of them to take pics. One of them said to me, Oh MY he is just wonderful ! Jason was wonderful. His voice was beautiful and his person just GLOWED. We listened in awe to his songs and then screamed like teens. It was not just the 3 of us going wild for Jason. There were many screaming girls. He had that sheepish smile on his face the entire time he was on stage. ahhhhh Love Jason.

3 ¦.Syesha-Again the band gets very LOUD. She does a good job. Nothing outstanding to me.

2 ¦David A ¦ another huge roar from the crowd. He did a fantastic job. Pitch perfect and clearly heard over the band. He was embarrassed with the screaming for him between each song and acted very adorkable.

1 ¦ David Cook ¦ David Cook Was King ! Great Singer ¦Nice Guy ¦ ¦Great Performer ¦..His Hello was indeed one of the best of the night. Billy Jean was his encore. Loved it ¦.The crowd was wild and on their feet his entire set. ( I guess crowd loudness is entirely an individual perception)

Then when you think it is over, they all come out and do one last group number. I really liked it.

They all exit the stage. David Cook is being dropped down on a lift and just before his head disappears, he blows a big kiss to the crowd.

It was fun. I enjoyed it very much. The Band was very very loud. My ears are still ringing !

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