Final Survivor: Cagayan Ponderosa Videos and Thoughts

Another season of Survivor is in the books with the Winner announced last night. It was a really good season so if you haven’t finished watching the Finale might want to stay away for as I discuss my thoughts on what went down.

Let’s start with Trish’s arrival to Ponderosa:


First I will say I am disappointed that Spencer didn’t win but am I ok with Tony being announced as the winner. He played an amazing game and I am really glad we didn’t have a Bitter Jury.

Spencer had to win both of the final immunity challenges to have any chance because there was no way any of the other final four was taking him to the end. He was clearly going to win if he made the final Tribal. On the bright side he is more likely to be brought back since he didn’t win so I expect to see him again in a few seasons. I think he will play a better game next time with the lessons he learned this time.

I really don’t have anything to say about Kass. I think she was good for TV but the way she played the game was never going to help her win the game. I think she played for second place with the moves she made.

Survivor: Cagayan – Spencer & Kass Arrive At Ponderosa

Woo’s decision to take Tony drove me crazy. I felt the same way Spencer did about it. You don’t take Tony if you want to win the game. Woo seems to be a great person and he would make a great role model for people but he was a weak Survivor player. Of course I am glad he took Tony because we were really close to a Woo/Kass final two and that would have been the worst Final 2 or Final 3 ever. It would have cemented the fact that we would neer again see a Final 2 on Survivor and would have taken away from the greatness of the season. So thanks for that Woo.

I am mixed on Tony. He seemed all over the place but he knew how to play the different people to get what he needed to win the game so you can’t take anything away from him.

With that the season is done. Thanks to MJ for letting me post the videos and a forum to voice my thoughts on Survivor. Also thanks to Montavilla for her great recaps on the show.

I will end off with a Playlist of the post show Interviews from last night with the Final Four and if you haven’t seen it the preview for next season. Enjoy the Summer and see you in the Fall. Unless you watch Big Brother in which case see you soon!

Survivor – Tease For Next Season (Preview)