Fantasia Performs on BET’s Black Girls Rock

Fantasia took the stage at BET’s Black Girls Rock awards show, which aired Sunday night, and immediately kicked off her shoes before launching into a rousing version of “Brand New Day” from The Wiz.

Video: Regina Belle And Norm Lewis ...
Video: Regina Belle And Norm Lewis Sing 'A Whole New World'

Fantasia was joined on stage by Kelly Price, Ledisi, and Marsha Ambrosius to end the mash-up with “I’m Every Woman”.

Black Girls Rock celebrated black women achievers who can serve as role models for young black girls.  Raven Symone and Missy Elliott were among those who were honored.

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  1. They couldn’t get Vonzell, Frenchie and Mandisa for that performance?
    Slezak’s head would have exploded.

  2. Black Girls Rock celebrated black women achievers who can serve as role models for young black girls.

    How ironic that they would get someone like Fantasia to perform at this event. I don’t think I would consider her a good role model for young black girls.

  3. I don’t find it ironic at all. I’ve heard all my life ‘he who is without sin, cast the first stone’. I think that this is just a way of telling her that although she may have screwed up, that there is redemption and forgiveness in her community. Considering the fact that she has not been the first, nor will she be the last to have had a relationship with a married man, she won’t be thrown off the island, nor should she be.

  4. Fantasia could still be a role model if she actually shows some growth in her life. It isn’t the fact that she was with a married man that makes her a poor role model- it was the alleged teasing of the wife on the phone about it and then when the husband went back to said wife, made a PATHETIC attempt to get him back by pretending to take her life ( come on, aspirin?). All this while the VH1 cameras rolled, without a thought to how this would affect her young daughter. Nice payday for it though. Sure it raked in the ratings for VH1 and look what it did for the sale of her album.

  5. Another day, another uncomfortable Fanny thread. Heh.

    That dude is not back with his wife, BTW.

    Kelly Price! Don’t see her often. Cool. They did well on I’m Every Woman.

    And I agree with abbysee, Fanny’s presence was in keeping with the spirit of the event. It wasn’t really a “we hold up perfect people” kind of thing, its more like “look at how much these people have done with their careers”/achievement kind of thing.

  6. If I rated every performer by their personal life, well, I guess I would never listen to anything ever. That said, I don’t care WHO she sleeps with – that’s her business. I think she’s incredibly talented and I wish her only the best. Why does she get the “skank” edit when countless women have done the SAME THING? Julia Roberts is still America’s Princess after she took a guy out of a reportedly happy marriage! I just don’t get it.

  7. Agreed with some of the comments above. I just love watching Fantasia perform and hearing her sing. She is still my Idol!

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