Fantasia For Real: The Suicide Attempt (Yes, They Go There and Then Some)

If Fantasia and her people are shocked that some folks thought her recent “suicide attempt” was a publicity stunt, they are pretty naive.

One look at tonight’s episode of Fantasia For Real, which deals with the  so-called suicide attempt and its aftermath and has the VH1 cameras in Fantasia’s hospital room as she wakes up, disoriented the next day will make you wonder.   VH1 also follows her home and continues to roll film as Fantasia reads a text message from her married lover, Antwuan Cook, who wants to meet her face to face to talk.

Next week, we’ll see Fantasia confront her married lover just days after she tried to commit suicide. Fantasia claims that Antwuan lied to her–that he led her to believe he and his wife were separated when it really wasn’t the case.

As many of you know, Cook’s wife sued Fantasia, using an archaic North Carolina law that allows an estranged spouse to sue the person they believe broke up their marriage.

This shit is serious, and should NOT be fodder for one of VH1/MTV’s shoddy reality shows. If Fantasia is in trouble, I really hope she gets the help that she needs, and keeps thoughts of her baby Zion ahead of the self-created drama in her life.

Which brings me back to whether Fantasia’s “suicide attempt” was a publicity stunt. I don’t think it was planned for the cameras, but I do think it was a cry for attention, rather than a bone fide attempt to end it all. A real suicide attempt would have landed Fantasia in the hospital. Or it should have.

The entire episode left a bad taste in my mouth, and I’m fairly certain next week’s episode will do the same.  Watch a preview clip of tonight’s episode after the jump, and tell me what you think.

Video after the JUMP…

Fantasia explains why she took the pills

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