Eurovision 2013: Semifinal 2

17 countries perform tonight!

The show is just starting. You can watch it via I think we are getting at least one “interesting” performance tonight.

Anyway, I looked back on the past participants and remembered that Randy Jackson’s protege Mika Newton presented her country Ukraine in 2011. Check out her performance of “Angel”.

So far, Macedonia served us Esma Redzepova, looking like a gypsy queen.

San Marino sent last year’s representative with a boring song. Last year she had a song about Facebook.

Finnish singer was on The Voice Finland. She is dressed in a wedding gown and seems very annoying. The song is just “there”. 5 songs down, still waiting to hear and see something good.

Malta ripped off “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Nice song, but yeah.

Bulgaria is sending duo Elitsa and Stoyan again. They finished 5th in 2007. This sounds promising.

Iceland is sending … a viking. A good looking viking. He is singing a ballad. Zzzz.

The title of Greek song is “Alcohol is Free”. The band is wearing black kilts, dancing sirtaki and repeating the song title.

Israeli singer is wearing a really nice dress and lots of accessories. Unfortunately she also wearing big, old fashioned glasses. Why? Girls is just 21-year old, but looks a lot older. The song is a ballad, nothing special.

Armenian song was written by Black Sabbath’s guitarist and songwriter Tony Iommi. The singer looks a lot like Johnny Depp. Song is just so-so.

Hungarian singer is also wearing hipster glasses. Song is low-key.

Norwegian singer Margaret Berger placed 2nd on the 2nd season of Norwegian Idol. “I Feed You My Love”. Huh. Considering this year’s standards are so low, this is pretty good. So far we’ve seen many Idol and The Voice alums. Italy is sending local X Factor winner Marco Mengoni who qualified by winning festival San Remo.

Albanian song is about Albanian identity. The song sucks but at least they caught a good rocking atmosphere.

Georgia is trying hard to make another ballad happen and it’s just not working.

Switzerland is presenting with a rock schlager. 95-years old grandpa is in the band.

And now it’s time for … Cezar, Romanian vampire. Opera singer, contra tenor. He looks ridiculous and sounds like a woman. The whole performance is just bizarre. Electro-pop/opera is nothing new for Eurovision. My country, Slovenia sent this in 2007. Our witch was a lot better. Talk to the hand!

Time for televoting… Bulgaria, Malta, Norway for the finale, please.

On Saturday: Bonnie Tyler for the UK and Cascada for Germany. X Factor winner Marco Mengoni for Italy, French Idol winner Amandine Bourgeois for France, band ESDM for Spain and Swedish Idol runner-up Robin Stjernberg for the host country.

And now … Swedish Idol winner 2 Agnes is performing before the results. She had a big hit with “Release Me”.

10 countries qualifying for the final:

Damn, no Bulgaria?

The performance will be uploaded later on Eurovision’s YouTube channel.

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