Elise’s American Idol Tour 2009 St. Louis, MO Recap


Prior to going to the concert me and my mom and my grandparents and my aunt went to go get dinner nearby the arena. Upon leaving said restaurant I see two or three older (40-50) women in shirts covered in Adam pictures and walk up to them, in my glambert gear( pics will be included of outfit) and start talking to them, and tell them how much I love their shirts. They had their glambert #s on them and it was really cool to find my people.

So, me and my mom get to the concert about an hour early to go through security and ticket check and whatnot. It takes like 10 minutes so I go to the tour merch table to get an adam shirt (even though I already have a glambert shirt via rickey.org and adam plaid). Two little girls in front of me are freaking out at their tour program when they see Kris. Its rather cute until they start dissing Adam then I just tune them out, not feeling the need to be taken by security for verbally assaulting a 12 year old.

While in line to get my shirt I notice a lot of talk about either Adam or Kris and in looking around notice that this crowd is largely Adam based but closely followed by Kris fans. Some outfit highlights: addc logo that says ADAM ROCKS, a girl with a kradam picture on her shirt (it made my day).

So I get my shirt finally and we head to our seats we were in the corner of the second level seats so we could see pretty well. I was regretting complaining about the quality of my seats about a week earlier (but in my defense I had just watched tour vids from front row and had seat envy). So I can see the stage pretty well and we have a good view of the jumbo tron screens. We have about 30 minutes till the show starts and instead of looking for the fellow Glamberts I was trying to meet from twitter I just sat down and crowd watched. Most shirts were for either Adam, Matt, or Kris.

Much like all other idol tour stops this season every time Adam came up on the screen the people went nuts screaming ( but this time I was one of them). The guy behind us had a great comment for this phenomenon ‘and the women go crazy, don’t they realize he’s gay?’  to which I turned around and said ‘It doesn’t matter, he’s still hot’  that shut him up.

So the concert starts, and I’m about to freak out because I’m so excited!

Sarver: good, forgettable but good. He’s a good opener and got the crowd riled up for the rest of the Idols. Other than that, he was just , meh.

Megan: GIRL DOES NOT WORK THE AFRO! She looked like a hooker Barbie doll (sorry Megan fans), and sounded alright. Nothing special. The graphics for her and the rest of the bottom 5 were really corny and annoying. I liked her second song( tears dry on their own), but I felt like she was not pleased with the lack of love for her (aka bitchy).

Scott: I loved the blind banter, but I like blind jokes (don’t judge me) he sounded good, could do something along the Billy Joel route and be successful. He is a really good piano player though.

Lil: girl can sing! Mary j medley was good, and she hit some really good notes. I hated single ladies with a passion (but I never did like that song). Her shoes were something out of the Adam Lambert Drag collection and I hated her outfit. It seems that all the idols are going to remove jackets/layers in an attempt to copy Adam. It was the best thus far in the concert.

Anoop: I’ll admit I never saw the appeal of Anoop until tonight. Always on my Mind was his best song in the set, but he sang all 3 really well. He has a very nice voice, and won me over. Plus he kinda got attractive.

Matt: I’m a recent (last week) Matt fan. His set was amazing. He brought so much energy to the stage and showed off some killer vocals! He can also wail on a piano! So that being said #signmattgiaud. Georgia was so beautiful, Hard to Handle was one hell of an opener, and You found me was also very good. A great improvement since it was sung on Idol. He was the best thus far.

Bottom 5 Group #: overall good. Best parts from Anoop/Matt (who got the loudest screams of the first half of the show) Lil rapping made me LOL so much!

Intermission: met up with a Glambert friend from twitter and talked for a while. She had really good seats right next the right side of the stage

Allison: my fave girl of the night. She brought so much happy to the stage, and looked really cute running around the stage. cry baby was amazing, and the whole time her set was going me and my mom were just in awe at how amazingly talented she was for being 17. Barracuda was awesome too. Girl has some pipes, ’nuff said.


Gokey was pretty good. He definitely has a good voice, and he had a good energy and stage presence that kept up the energy after Allison’s set. PYT seemed strange seeing as it was mj’s 51st bday today. I didn’t understand why Maria was in his set, it seemed very out of place to me. Also GOKEY SHOULD NEVER TRY TO HUMP MIC STANDS OR STRIP OFF JACKETS IN ADAM STYLE, IT DOESN’T WORK ON GOKEY! I will say it appeared he had been working out. The sermon which I was not looking forward to was not as bad (by that I mean long and preachy) as I expected. It was short sweet and all about overcoming obstacles and getting past hardships (his dead wife which we heard about far too much during Idol). He finishes his set and you hear the screams get louder because’ ¦.

ADAM: EXTREME BIAS PLACED HERE!!!!!!! Now I’ve been watching a lot of Adam tour vids (WLL and bowie medley) and thought I knew what to expect. I was so wrong. It is so much better and more exhilarating (sexy) live than via youtube. The screams are deafening, but I can’t hear anything beyond my own fangirly screams (this explains why my throat is killing me and I have little to no voice) anyways’ ¦ his intro starts and I’m about to loose all control of my rational mind. I’m still screaming like an idiot and shaking like a freaking leaf. I can see him through the smoke and when the intro to WLL starts I loose it completely. He had emo hair and he sang baby FYI. I lost count of how many times humped/molested/ stoked/ made love to the mic stand after about 4, mainly because I was burning that image into my own memory. At one point in time the mic stand fell over, but Adam just picked it up again and proceeded with the song. Sneaky was out of control tonight as well, and I was not complaining, just screaming like an idiot every time sneaky got adventurous, and when he decided to ‘violate’  the mic stand.

Starlight and mad world were amazing. Starlight was so full of emotion, as was mad world. And they were both hauntingly beautiful. He also was no holds bar on his vocals for his entire set, and seems to be cleared fully of vocal rest, seeing as he hit notes I swear only dogs could hear.

Slow ride was so much fun! Him and Alli interacted so well together and just looked like they were having a great time. There were two things thrown on stage, one may have been a bra, not sure what the other thing was. The ending Adison hug was totally adorable btw!

Finally the bowie medley, my favorite of his set. It was so perfect. I remember an EW article that described him as ‘swivel hipped and pillow lipped’  well I don’t know about the pillow lipped part in bowie but I sware that man is a human slinky with some seriously swiveled hips (or glittery alien from the planet fierce). Life on mars was beautiful, but when that jacket came off all hell broke loose. He went straight into sexy, I may have previously been a stripper dance moves Adam mode( which I contend he never leaves, just tones down at times). Needless to say it was amazing, hot, and vocally incredible.

As his set was over the screams were once again deafening ( I’m sure the people next to me were hating me, but they didn’t get up once or make any motion that indicated that they were having any fun there, so I though id have their fun for them )and I felt sad that it was over so fast, but then’ ¦.

KRIS ‘HOT POCKET’  ALLEN: Kris’s set was once described to me as a cigarette after sex, and well that metaphor is correct. He is the perfect thing to mellow you out a bit from the high that Adam gets you on. For me heartless got a bit old during the post idol morning show circuit, but he made me love it again and I was jamming out to it in the aisle like a total fangirl. I am also so glad that no boundaries is cleared from the set list, and now feel that my new favorite song All These Things That I Have Done, (that or bright lights) he just looks so damn happy up there and he is so damn adorable you can’t help but love him and are instantly happy. Ain’t no Sunshine was amazing as well. I haven’t heard it since idol and fell in love with it all over again. Plain and simple, Kris Allen is kick awesome and worthy of the title American idol. Hey jude was great, the stadium was all up, even the fuddy duddies next to me, for the first time all night.

DSB: Turns out Matt and Scott still rock the piano. It’s such a happy song, everybody is on their feet singing along. Kradam appears from lift ( (had friend in raftors look for shenanigans nothing exciting)! Crowd goes wild for them. Cute little hip swivel dance done by Adam, Adam tried to initiate proposal/bj dance but Kris either didn’t notice it or ignored it. No real interaction between the 2, kinda bummed bout that, wanted kradam cuteness live! Anyways, adam hits the ‘only dogs can hear this’  glory note at the end, and in general the final song is a success, no epic vocal failure stand outs.

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