Ealbino’s Meadowlands, NJ Idols Tour Recap

Chris Richardson MeadowlandsWell, my night seeing my favorite Chris R finally arrived last night and I must say my $220 ticket was worth it.. Like that commercial, idol tickets $220, parking $25, program $20, seeing Chris live while holding hands with my daughter and singing out loud to every song we knew..priceless.

To my surprise although my ticket said row L which I thought was 12th row turned out to be 6th row center because first row started with F and they skipped letter I! To the right of us was a mother with her daughter who looked to be in 20’s and her mom in her 40s.. and the left of us was a mom and dad with their two daughters, 10 and 12. We are so excited my daughter and I (daughter 30, me 53) that even though I knew Blake was coming up as the janitor I didn’t recognize him .He had a thick wig, buck teeth and mustache. Anyway, when he pulled everything off- whoa-…what a gorgeous guy!. All the idols looked like they were having a blast up on stage. Here’s what I remember of the night since all when blank when I saw Chris R smile and point at us…

Chris Sligh – He sounded great- his voice was clear and strong but he looked uncomfortable. I liked the song, “Typical” but I honestly don’t remember if he sang anything else.

Gina – She sounded much better than I remember her on any song on TV. She talked a lot the crowd and seemed very grateful to be up there and kept thanking us. That Pink song she sang was perfect for her and when she sang “Lady Marmalade” and “Ain’t no other man, ” with Haley/Lakisha..she looked like she had been singing on stage for years. I enjoyed her performances more than I thought I would.

Haley – I couldn’t understand any of the words she sang for some reason and she overdid all the dance numbers… like if she were in Vegas or trying out for the pussycat dolls. I thought it was a bit much but boy did she look fabulous..all her outfits were very sexy and there was a group of about 5 guys in the front row who were lovin her….. My daughter and I…. not so much.

Sanjaya – soooooo entertaining.. although I felt like I was watching a high school talent show…His moonwalking to the Michael Jackson song and his stance when he appeared from under the stage was so much fun. When he sang “Proud Mary” with Melinda and did all the Tina Turner moves I was loving it.. It’s like he’s not taking himself too seriously and is getting his 15 min of fame.

Phil – I enjoyed all his songs, especially “America the Beautiful” (got chills) but other than that I feel he doesn’t project enough charisma to grab your attention for a long period of time. His interaction with Gina on the country song looked genuine and was nice to see.

Lakisha – her Whitney song did her justice. Every note was clear and in tune and was a pleasure to hear..I would buy her album but probably wouldn’t pay to see her in concert.

Melinda – Seemed so much livelier on stage than on the show. Her duet with Jordin was one of  the best of the night for me as they sang and moved around the stage with such ease and their voices were pitch perfect and strong. Natural Woman was another highlight of the night for me…she dedicated it to the audience and I felt her gratitude..I would have been happier if she sang more songs.

Blake – ok.. he was always a favorite of mine along with Chris R but I didn’t think I would like him anymore than I did. But I do. His beatboxing is so much fun..His voice sounded better than on the show and his outfits were stylish…When he and Chris were together on stage I said to myself..I would pay to see them again tomorrow if I had the money. He seemed like a pro, natural yet still a bit more reserved than Chris R imo.

Jordin – I knew I would enjoy her set no matter what, but not like I did.. Her voice on “Broken Wing” and “I Who Have Nothing” gave me chills. When she sang the part.. but I could only watch you with my nose pressed up the window pane..I could feel her pain and her tears were visible..How could she project that emotion at such a young age.. Her dresses were beautiful, all 5 or 6 of them.. and I love at the end she took her shoes off and held Blake’s hand and bowed.. They seemed like real friends enjoying themselves.

Chris R – I need to thank whoever or whomever put Chris R in all those songs…He was my favorite since his first audition but seeing him live is a treat. His voice has nothing nasally about it.. or at least I didn’t notice…and his smile could melt your heart. When he sang a few bars of “Sexyback” with Blake beatboxing I nearly lost it..His interaction and singing with Lakisha and Melinda was also great. I hope he gets signed because he is very talented and has so much stage presence. I wish he could have stood still longer so I could admire him. Lol.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the show, please do..I think it was one of  the best idol shows and I’ve seen everyone since Justin/Kelly season one.

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