Kim is from Atlanta. She was disappointed last week. She gets calls during rehearsal and Tony gets a bit frustrated. She feels a lot of pressure. This is so much better than last week! Kim is actually moving at the pace the dance requires. She is doing actual quickstep moves and breezing along the floor nicely. Okay, so a few missteps from time to time but her frame is decent, her performance quality is there, and when you look at what she did last week, this is night and day. I’m keeping my prediction that last week did her in but she should feel good about tonight’s dance if she goes. If she sticks around, she may have bought herself a week. We shall see.

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Carrie Ann says Kim showed she is in the game. Julianne thought it was so much better and wants Tony to push her. Bruno says it was an unexpected comeback. A bit top heavy at times but he is all smiles about her improvement.
Carrie Ann- 7
Julianne- 6
Bruno- 6
Total: 19/30