Nick/Sharna Vs. Bindi/Derek – Samba

Bindi up first. Awesome samba rolls. Great routine. THIS is how you make the most of a very short routine that needs to impress. Great samba. Bindi looked like a pro.

Nick takes the stage. Clean and precise. Very good routine. It did not have the explosive moments of Bindi’s but perhaps this is one match where it really is a matter of preference. Nick definitely made up for his issues in the last dance.

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Bruno can’t believe how much content the dances has. He mentions Bindi’s hip action. Carrie Ann is glad Nick came back strong. Both she and Julianne agree that Bindi brought the grit this time around. Julianne commends Nick’s passion.

Carrie Ann picks Bindi & Derek.
Julianne picks Bidni & Derek.
Bruno picks Bindi & Derek.