Carlos/Witney Vs. Alek/Lindsay – Cha Cha Cha

Alek is up first. Clean. Not much content here. Some of the usual stuff. No glaring mistakes though. Alek slides on the floor to end it and open up his shirt to expose his (still waxed, HA) chest.

Carlos next. More content for sure. But a missed hand connection. Not sure if Witney messed that up or Carlos. But overall, a whole lot more cha-cha-cha and more actual dancing. Nice finish.

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Julianne thinks Alek sold it but the musicality was a bit off as was the technique. She thinks the technique was spot on. She saw a clear divide. Bruno thought Alek had a few timing issues. Carrie Ann feels it was a matter of taste. She thought they were equal but were polar opposites.

Carrie Ann picks Alek & Lindsay.
Julianne picks Carlos & Witney.
Bruno picks Carlos & Witney.