Paula mentions how long it has been since she has proper danced. Louis realizes he needs a lot of patience because Paula is so easily distracted. Oh boy. Louis really made this one easy. Simple foxtrot choreography and Paula wasn’t able to quite nail it. She was lost a few times, especially toward the end. She really needed Louis to basically tell her what to do and to move her around. The dancing wan’t exactly the most horrendous thing I have seen on this show but Paula needs to really chill out a bit, practice hard, and concentrate. And Louis needs to step up the choreography because every other couple will as we go along.

Carrie Ann sees potential. She felt Paula was being dragged around. It didn’t quite come together. Julianne felt Paula was holding on to Louis for dear life. Bruno wants Paula to relax. Bruno doesn’t want Paula to be scared.
Carrie Ann- 5
Julianne- 5
Bruno- 5
Total: 15/30

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