Damn. Awesome jive! Carlos and Witney are a bundle of energy and then some. Wow. Some awesome kicks and flicks. Witney is such a good choreographer because she always works to her partner’s strength. What is strong about Carlos is his ability to feel the music and to be confident in his steps. Sure, some of the dance is a bit hectic but first week nerves and the fact that this is… a jive adds to that. I think Carlos could be a major force if he can sustain his energy while still refining that technique. The tools are definitely there. I thought it was the strongest dance of the night so far or at least very much on par with Tamar and Val earlier.

Julianne thinks Carlos is the most natural performer we have seen so far tonight. She wants even more. Bruno wants to see the devil inside Carlos. He loved the performance. He wanted some work on the kicks and flicks. Carrie Ann compliments the musicality. She thought it was fabulous.
Carrie Ann- 8
Julianne- 8
Bruno- 7
Total: 23/30

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