Paula Deen & Louis van Amstel – Jazz – “Vogue” by Madonna

Paula is so over the moon that she got some 7’s. Paula thinks the message to her is now to have fun. She couldn’t be any different from Madonna but the goal is to have fun. Louis of course wants her to up her game. OMG at the production on this. Why does Paula look like Bette Davis in Baby Jane? Lots of troupe members needed for this. And why? Well, Paula is doing the least bit of work possible. The fan she is using is doing a whole lot of work. I need to pull positives so good on Paula for doing the famous Madonna arms. But other than that, this is very by the books (even by Paula standards) dance that for something paying homage to Madonna, is really underwhelming.

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Olivia says Paula looks gorgeous. She thinks Paula did Madonna proud. Bruno isn’t sure if it was Vogue. He did enjoy her gliding about. Carrie Ann is wondering what happened to Paula from last week. The costumes overwhelmed Paula. Julianne thought the sexual tension and energy wasn’t really there other than the men dancing with them.
Carrie Ann- 6
Olivia- 6
Julianne- 6
Bruno- 6
Total: 24/40
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