Nick and Sharna – Freestyle

Sharna thinks the freestyle is a celebration. Nick is going to do a Backstreet Boys song and go out with a bang. Sharna wants it to be a little dangerous. She wants to blow expectations. Sharna mentions about how she hasn’t won yet and she wants to win it for Nick. Nick wants to win. It’s a boy-band explosion. LOL. No, for real. If you went to a Backstreet Boys concert, this is what you would see. Oops. Nick had a little trouble with that one lift. But thankfully saved it. Sharna is okay. Props to the in-sync (no pun) dancing between the two here. Nick has a lot of solo time in this. That’s good. Show off those moves! I’m not sure what Sharna considered dangerous about this (maybe Nick dancing alone so much). Basically, what you see here is a very crowd pleasing number that is sure to fire up Nick’s fans to vote in droves. And that is smart. Also good news- he was consistent tonight with no glaring errors in both dances. I still think Bindi has this but Nick (and Sharna) made good choices. Very fun number.

DWTS 21 Finals (Night One) Live Blog and Performance Videos

Julianne says it could have been very expected but it was very tight and Nick nailed every single bit. Bruno felt like a fan. He sings. He actually does. He notes that everyone tonight has been amazing. Carrie Ann says she has pushed Nick hard throughout the season because he just finished the finals with an incredibly awesome freestyle. She says he killed it.
Carrie Ann- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
Total: 10/30