Carlos PenaVega & Witney Carson – Rumba – “Pony” from Magic Mike – Rumba

Carlos called last week a big week. He is not so over the moon about the routine. He feels as though he doesn’t want to be raunchy because it isn’t who he is. Witney and Carlos are having difficulties in rehearsal. Witney notes Carlos is being way too timid. Oh boy. SEX. Pure SEX. This is probably going to be crazy divisive with people. You either thought it was over the top raunchy and ridiculous or you thought it was a really fitting tribute to the movie and done well. I’m more of the latter to be honest. I do see some rumba (okay, not much) but more than that, I am impressed by the moves. They aren’t just doing the bumping and grinding you would expect but some actual dancing steps. This dance is probably 75/25 between performance quality and technique so good on Carlos for “acting” at the very least. I would also commend Witney for basically taking a solo dance and turning it into something two people can do.

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Bruno feels like he experienced the seven deadly sins. Carrie Ann understands the fears but she thought it was a great routine. Julianne thought it was handled the pro. She thought it was the sexiest rumba she has ever seen. Olivia is speechless. She thinks Carlos missed his calling. She is teasing.
Carrie Ann- 10
Olivia- 9
Julianne- 9
Bruno- 10
Total: 38/40
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