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Tonight–the first LIVE elimination! Which duet partner did America send home? The show opens with “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” a duet between Robin Thicke and Jennifer Nettles.

Last week’s results are announced at the top of the show!

Kelly Clarkson’s partner Jason Farol is SAFE!
Jennifer Nettle’s partner J. Rome is SAFE!
Jennifer Nettle’s partner John Glosson is SAFE!

John Legend’s partner Bridget Carrington and Robin Thick’s partner, Olivia Chisholm are in the BOTTOM 2

Olivia Chisholm IS ELIMINATED

Oh sweet baby jeebus! At last! Olivia has been eliminated. I knew America would take care of her. But BOO to Bridget in the bottom 2.  Looks like the women will be dispatched with quickly, as they usually are when America has their say. Granted–Olivia deserved to go home, but an all male final 3? I have mixed feelings about that. Jason probably deserves to go home before Bridget, but unfortunately her performance this week was not one of her best. I expect she’ll be heading out the door next week.

J. Rome easily had the performance of the night. If the final were this week, he’d be the winner.

Bridget Carrington and John Legend – Unforgettable by Nat King Cole – John won his first talent contest singing “Unforgettable.” This song revealed Bridget’s vocal weaknesses. She’s so much better on the uptempo songs. She’t not good at holding long notes. Her voice gives out at the end of phrases. The performance felt studied and forced rather than effortless.  John, on the other hand, sang with beautiful phrasing. The duo’s individual approaches to the song didn’t match up this week. Yeah, the judges liked it, but I don’t agree. Kelly: That was my favorite. Really well done. Effortless. Robin: Lovely. John, you played so beautifully. Jennifer: It was wonderful. You bring such poise and class on stage. – 1-855-962-5001

J Rome and Jennifer Nettles – God Bless the Child by Billie Holiday –  J Rome comes roaring back after last week’s iffy performance. In contrast to Bridget, the breath control and phrasing was just fantastic.  He hit a huge note at the end that wasn’t perfect, but impressive nonetheless.  The thing about J Rome is that he’s much better with the retro stuff.  Jennifer is pretty fantastic with the standards too. I felt some real chemistry between him and Jennifer for the first time.  Kelly: OMGosh I stood up 3 times and my foot is killing me! John: He just murdered that. That was incredible. Robin: That seemed like a Grammy worthy performance right there. 1-855-962-5002

Kelly Clarkson and John Legend sing “You Don’t Know Me” by Ray Charles – One Word. FLAWLESS. Standing ovation. SO DESERVED. I love these too! TOUR TOGETHER PLEASE.

John Glosson and Jennifer Nettles – “Georgia on my Mind” by Ray Charles – Something was going on at the beginning of that song–with the sound or the mic or SOMETHING. John and Jennifer seemed off their game at first, but then as the song gathered steam, they found their footing.  I was expecting the whitebread version of “Georgia” from this duo, but I was pleasantly surprised at how convincingly soulful the interpretation was. John: That was amazing! Kelly: I had a really hard time hearing you. Your mic was really low. John: I love just the right amount of syrup and that was the right amount. 1-855-962-5004

John Farol and Kelly Clarkson – “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone –  Kelly on changing notes on a whim, “Some nights I’m ‘NOPE’. Other nights I’m ‘WATCH THIS!’ Maybe I’m burnt out on “Feeling Good” as a competition song, but I didn’t feel this as much as Jason’s performance last week. He’s still having trouble staying on pitch in his lower register. When he’s wailing in his upper register, he sounds best, but that doesn’t say much for his versatility. And of course, Kelly sang rings around him. But now that we’re in the voting round, I am confident he’ll be safe. John: I’ve been a little skeptical about you in the past, but you’ve gotten so much better. I’m so impressed  Robin: I missed a little bit of the soul from this.  Jennifer: They way you are blossoming on the stage is really inspiring. 1-855-962-5003

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