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Results: Alexis Foster, Robin Thick’s duet partner, is eliminated

A contestant will be eliminated tonight! The bottom 2 will have to sing for their life in an a capella showdown. In 3 weeks, the show goes LIVE where AMERICA will vote on who stays and who goes.


Well, another week where I don’t care much about the contestants. I’m not sure I ever will. I’m watching this for the judges, I’m a little embarrassed to admit. Yes, I bitch about those other singing shows that fail to put the emphasis on their hopefuls. But the difference here is that the judges function as part of the competition, and I can’t help but gravitate to their talent, vs the amateurs who all most sing like…well AMATEURS.

J. Rome feels like the definite ringer in this bunch. He’s the front runner right now, and if he wins, it’s going to feel awfully predictable.  The show will eventually go live, so we the people get to pick the winner. That could change the situation, drastically.  It’s possible the gospel singer, John Glosson, could win the competition once the voting begins.

Kelly, unfortunately, picked contestants who are extremely inexperienced.  Contrary to what Kelly may think, it was the correct bottom 2. Frankly, I was surprised Jason was not sent home. But I’m glad, because I want as much of Kelly singing on my TV as I can get.  She really needs to hold back a little to allow her contestants to shine.  Not that I want her to–she was sensational singing “Hallelujah”.  She let loose at the end and it was incredible. But it didn’t reflect well on Jason who seemed to pale in comparison.  I felt Robin holding back as he sang with Alexis. Not that it helped her much.

This week Jennifer Nettles and John Legend sing Kiki Dee’s “I’ve Got the Music in Me.” I never realized until now that Jennifer Nettles can sing her face off.

Recap of last week! Time for a quick bathroom break.

Alexis Foster and Robin Thicke – “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack – Robin gives  his contestants a pep talk. Both are pretty nervous. Robin calls them “the underdogs.”  As the least famous judge on the panel, Robin feels like an underdog too.  In order to lend some urgency to her performance, Robin suggests that  Alexis pretend she’s singing her swan song.  She seems really nervous.  I think this chick is losing her mojo if she ever had it in the first place. She’s tottering uncomfortably on her high heels. Pitchy and boring. Robin isn’t giving much here. Maybe he’s holding back to allow her to shine? Oh, now she’s riffing and it ain’t good. Time for a nap! Quddus is s terrible and awkward host. John: You looked good. Well done. Kelly:  You are captivating, beautiful.  But, there’s something awkward, I don’t know what it is. Don’t stare at him the whole time. Jennifer: I saw growth from the last time.

John Glosson and Jennifer Nettles – “How Great Thou Art” – He sang this song when he auditioned for Jennifer. He kinda crapped out with an upbeat song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” last week, so I’m not surprised he’s going back to a ballad. Gospel is his sweet spot. He’s going to start out a Capella. He dedicates the song to his parents and his brother who died from Leukemia before he was born. Jennifer joins him when the music begins. They both have big voices and blend very well. I’m going to admit that I’m having a hard time getting excited about an old fashioned hymn, but they sing it well. Kelly: I’m secretly trying to figure out how to get you kicked off the show. You’re too damn good! Great job. Robin: You gave me every feeling I needed to feel when you sang that song. I felt everything. John: You sounded so beautiful together. You delivered a wonderful version.

Scoreboard so far: 1. John Glosson 2. Alexis Foster

Jordan Meredith and Kelly Clarkson – “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert – Jordan can’t help her nerves. She doesn’t know how to get better. She’s crying. Kelly’s crying because she identifies with Jordan’s story.  “I wish somebody had helped me when I was her age,” says Kelly. “Sell it!” she adds. “Be crazy like me!” Barefoot in a little black dress, Jordan is trying to sell it, but I still feel like she’s self-conscious–still holding back. Her big soulful voice has got great potential, though. John: I love the energy. You carry yourself like a rockstar. Such an improvement. Robin: She looked tasty as pie! Sultry and sexy, whole new person. Jennifer: I loved it. Sounded like a country star on this song. You grew in this performance.

Scoreboard so far: 1. John Glosson 2. Jordan Meredith 3. Alexis Foster

Meleana Brown and John Legend – “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys – She was brought on the show at the very last minute and ended at number 1 last week. Melenea has a very polished presentation. She’s beautiful and confident on stage. She and John have a natural chemistry. She’s got a very unique and appealing tone. I’m surprised she didn’t score higher than Jordan who doesn’t have nearly the stage presence. Kelly: I can tell you love that song. When you get big, it’s a little nasally for me, but I like your head voice. You both have a natural grace together. Jennifer: You feel confident on the bigger notes. You seem like a seasoned performer. Robin: She’s wonderful and it’s a great song choice.

Scoreboard so far: 1. John Glosson 2. Jordon Meredith 3. Melenea Brown 4. Alexis Foster.

Olivia Chisholm and Robin Thicke – “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce – Robin gives her encouragement to move on stage. Robin is doing his Jay Z thing. OC in the house! This is better than last week. She’s gorgeous decked out in a skimpy shimmery dress, but I’m still not feeling the heat from her. Jennifer: I could tell you were having fun. You sounded great. I’m blown away. Kelly: I loved that. I stared at you the whole time. You sounded bigger and bolder. I can’t wait to hear your album. John:  Your legs, your legs. I loved the way you opened up. Vocally I wasn’t impressed as you guys.

Scoreboard so far: 1. John Glosson 2, Jordan Meredith 3. Melenea Brown 4. Olivia Chisholm 5. Alexis Foster

J. Rome and Jennifer Nettles – “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” by Michael Bolton – OMG He’s got video of his sick grandpa in the nursing home singing “Amazing Grace” before he died. Really? He’s dedicating his song to his Grandpa, who has passed away. He breaks down in rehearsal. J. Rome is very professionally put together. It’s a great vocal that could have stood on it’s own without the maudlin “dead grandpa” story. Too manipulative for my tastes. The crowd is already on their feet in the middle of the song. He breaks down at the end. Kelly is crying. John: I’m running out of nice things to say about J. Rome. Robin:  She claps. That’s her critique Kelly: I cannot even keep it together. You’re so good. I hate you! I’m just kidding.

Scoreboard so far: 1. J. Rome 2. John Glosson 3, Jordan Meredith 4. Melenea Brown 5. Olivia Chisholm 6. Alexis Foster

Jason Farol and Kelly Clarkson – “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen – Jason gets caught up in his own head when he sings. Kelly doesn’t understand it, because he’s got a “God given gift.” His parents don’t approve of his decision to pursue a singing career. Kelly surprises him with a visit from his Dad, who we find out also gave up a show business career. Jason has a beautiful voice, really gorgeous tone. At the beginning, he wasn’t enunciating the lyrics clearly, and he was pitchy in spots. He connected really well with Kelly, but she sang rings around him, which in the end, didn’t paint Jason in a favorable light. Robin: I thought it was lovely. You belong up there man. I think that was a great song to show off your tone. Pitchy sometimes. You have to pronounce more clearly Jennifer: I love that you chose this song. I love your connection to it. It felt a little shaky at the top. I saw the growth and connection. There was some confidence in that drama.  During his critique, Robin said his dad wanted him to be a dentist instead of a singer. I think that was a joke that nobody got.

Scoreboard so far: 1. J. Rome 2. John Glosson 3, Jordan Meredith 4. Melenea Brown 5. Olivia Chisholm 6. Jason Farol 7. Alexis Foster

Bridgette Carrington and John Legend – “Heard it Through The Grapevine” by Gladys Knight – Gladys is her dad’s favorite artist. She dedicates the performance to him. John sings the first verse, after which  he introduces Bridgette old school Motown style. OK, I think I finally get Bridgette for the first time. She growls her way through the tune with a ton of confidence. This is pretty sensational. GO GET IT GIRL. Robin: I thought you did a great job. Jennifer: You had so much attitude. I loved when you got into it. At the very beginning at the verse, the low part sounded muddy. Kelly: You’re so good. So fun to watch. I love you. You sounded great.

Scoreboard so far: 1. J. Rome 2. John Glosson 3, Jordan Meredith 4. Bridget Carrington 5. Melenea Brown 6. Olivia Chisholm 7. Jason Farol 8. Alexis Foster

After the break, Jason and Alexis will face off in an a Capella solo showdown.

Jason Farol sings “Me and Mrs Jones” – Jason has some weird, distracting phrasing, but he’s got a beautiful voice. This is the best he’s ever sounded.

Alexis Foster sings “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” – Her runs are really annoying, but she sang better than I was expecting.

Kelly thought both were a little pitchy, but her boy doesn’t belong in the bottom 2. Robin says never give up on your dreams or careers. No matter what happens, start to work your butt off. John: This is all about tenacity and drive. You guys prove by being her that you brought something special. Congrats for just being here. Jennifer: Where were these performances earlier on?

Alexis Foster is eliminated. Robin pledges to take care of her. Alexis says she’s just happy to have had the opportunity.

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