David Cook – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – VIDEO

David Cook rolled up his sleeves to help Ty Pennington and the team build a house for the Cowan family in this week’s episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The connection here was 12 year old Kori, who, despite having a debilitating blood disorder, still finds time to raise money for the fight against cancer. Many of you know that David’s 37 year old brother, Adam, died of brain tumor in May ’09.

David choked up a couple of times as he talks about how close the cause is to his heart.

Well, it’s Extreme Makeover! Tears all around as the family gets their brand new house, free of mold, bacteria and dust. The mold in the old house was severely affecting Kori’s already compromised immune system.

After the show aired Sunday night, David tweeted, “Thanks to everyone for watching EM:HE tonight. I was honored to be a part and the Cowan-Browns deserve all that and more. irokfoundation.com

After the jump, check out excerpts from tonight’s show.

Video after the JUMP…

Part One – David arrives and rolls up his sleeves to help build the Cowan’s a new house. Plus, it’s arts and crafts time with some young cancer patients

Part 2 – David and Kori hold an Auction to raise funds for the fight against cancer.

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Part 3 – The new house is unveiled

ABC Extra: On the Bus:

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  1. I actually watched part of the show and found David Cook very heartfelt..The show was very sweet and tugged at the emotions..Then I watched the SYFY “BAterStarGalactica -The Plan” total 180 was upsetting …Thanks for the picture of DC .

  2. I posted this on the preview thread but guess I’ll move it here for the post-show. Cute tweet and twitpic from Ty Pennington:

    @iamreallyty: http://twitpic.com/xm0u8 – A big thank you to David for giving his time and talent to our show!

  3. This show definitely tugged at the emotions for sure. Kori is a very special young lady to be doing these fundraiser efforts at such a young age despite all she has been through.

    Soggy Cookie tugged at my heart too. I think that was really the first time we saw him really open up about Adam’s death on camera and how these fundraisers have motivated him to find a cure for cancer.

    Seeing Dave meet Kori for the first time was something very special to see. Thanks for the pic mj. :)

  4. David makes me proud to call myself a fan. I have already donated on David’s page for the Race for Hope. I will donate more as the race gets closer. Thanks for the link to Kori’s foundation. I will definitely check it out and donate there as well. As per another fan thread, David is trending at #3 in google searches. Oh and that is a very cute pic of Ty and David. They are great guys!

  5. Tweet from Carly:


    @thedavidcook Im bawling !! Ur awesome buddy !

  6. Thanks for getting the DC parts up for us, MJ! It was so good to see DC have so much fun getting his hands dirty. I wanted to see more! That preview of DC “playing” soccer was hilarious and adorable (his self-deprecating commentary and faceplant was classic), and it’s too bad it didn’t make it.

    Something DC said really got me… he said, “the day that a cure is found, I’d like to be comforted in the fact that I helped.” Tears. I feel the same.

    Also loved: Xzibit making fun of DC’s glacial pace walking on those stilts, “this is like a senior citizen race here”. LMAO, the guy is good at a lot of things, but speed is not one of his main attributes, haha.

    Lastly (c’mon, it’s a ritual now, it has to be brought up), the hair was not the best, but phew, not the worst it’s been haha. I hardly noticed. The hard head on his huge noggin was too funny though.

  7. @CarlySmithson: @thedavidcook Im bawling !! Ur awesome buddy!


    eta: Too slow. But I’m leaving it, because it’s so true.

    I thought David was awesome on this show. He really did focus on Cori and her strengths. So hopeful. This show was just hopeful. Really well done.

  8. I was so moved tonight that I made the decision to participate in Race For Hope. Damn that show got to me. I don’t think I’ve cried so much since the night he won AI. Hearing him talk about Adam was heartbreaking.

  9. @thedavidcook Thanks to everyone for watching EM:HE tonight. I was honored to be a part and the Cowan-Browns deserve all that and more. irokfoundation.com

  10. It was a very nice show. Nice family. When David talked about his brother you could see why he felt such a connection to this little girl. It really was a great show and a wonderful deserving family got what they needed. I have never cried over a Ford F150 until tonight.

  11. I have never cried over a Ford F150 until tonight.

    You lasted that long? Lol

  12. Love this tv show, love this thread and love David Cook’s tweet. He really is a generous, unselfish and giving human being.

  13. That house looked more like a hotel in the end; I hope it proves functional for them.
    David came across as so sincere (he always does), I think it’s very therapeudic at this point for him to talk about Adam’s long battle with his disease.
    I chuckled a little when they were showing everyone getting involved in various projects after they sent the family on vacation and there was David working on crafts with the girls. Too cute ! Too bad the soccer clip got cut. Kori does indeed rock.

  14. I already posted on his other thread. I am always proud of being a David Cook fan, but today was very special. His beautiful heart shines right through those sparkling eyes whether he is smiling, or crying…I just love him. My girls and I had Cookified most of the family a while back, but today the rest of my family got Cookified by the man himself. That family is incredible, and deserved that beautful home.

  15. *L* I think Carly speaks for many. Certainly she does for me — I lasted 6 minutes before diving for the Kleenex box. o/

    It was an interesting experience, watching the show for the first time. Obviously they thrive on product placements and I yelled at the TV a bit when the hyper guy (Ty?) was asking the father how he felt about not being able to fix the old house for his family (how do you think he felt, dude?).

    BUT, I was really, really impressed with the extreme (heh) effort at getting everything done in a week and the enthusiasm of the community volunteers. And even if the corporations got advertising out of it, who cares? They made the donations and the family benefited, so it’s all good. And wow, that house was beautiful.

    And I loved, loved, loved every minute David was on screen. He was so honest about what this means for him, and it really is (I think) the first time he’s talked about Adam so openly. That was difficult to watch, but if it stimulates more effort and donations, that’s okay. The scenes with the kids at the hospital were fantastic.

    I also had to laugh at his intense focus on the design guy as he described the room they were working on and his even more intense focus on not falling on his butt off those stilt things. Bwah!

  16. David Cook never fails to warm my heart with the things that he does. Good luck to this deserving family; I was so happy for them.

  17. Those girls were awesome. David Cook wasn’t too bad himself. What an inspiring night.

  18. David Cook was inspirational as always. He is a rare and special person.

  19. Hey–I just clicked thru to the irokfoundation.com and there’s a picture of Kori with David Archuleta! (There’s also a picture of her with David Cook.) But–jeez–David Archuleta really does get around.

  20. ^^ There’s also some in there with Michael, Brooke and Syesha I think. Kori met the Idols during the AI tour in Summer 2008.

  21. I read that the Cowan-Browns also went to Cook’s Elizabeth, IN concert (which was about a month after the filiming, IIRC, of the episode), though I haven’t seen pictures of those.

  22. People like Kori are the bright lights of our world. Her impact today will continue to be a leading light for the future.! I’m thrilled for this great family.

    There were many tear worthy moments for me. I’m so thankful that DavidCook has gotten to that “level of healing”, that he was finally able to articulate how much this meant to him, and how his brother’s journey impacted him personally. This was obviously a cause close to his heart. He was so involved with the whole project and it showed. What a great guy!!

    I think Ty Pennington and traveling band of designers, producers etc.
    must love their job,….despite their frequent tears on their way to each new houseraising!!

  23. Wonderful to see this, thanks for posting. David Cook is such a honey of a guy.

  24. David is a pretty special person. Kori is a pretty special person too. I found her father saying that it’s not about stuff but how you can help others probably the most touching moment of the night. I was dabbing tears before that, but suddenly I was sobbing.

  25. Keel, yes, the family was at the Elizabeth show and was introduced. They sat up front. I was there, it was awwwww-worthy.

  26. David has a huge heart to go along with that huge voice.
    I am proud to call myself a fan!

    Thank you MJ

  27. I want a new house and truck, too. lol The inside of the house with the hard wood floors is beautiful.

  28. That was pretty great. The show can be sort of OTT in terms of luxury & queen for a day stuff, but ultimately they get good stuff done. As someone whose parent had to wait till she her kids were grown and she was 70 to get her ragged house done up nicely, I can appreciate how much it means for that family to have a house they can thrive in while everyone’s young and there to enjoy it.

    Especially getting some many people to volunteer, whether professional or amateur, and some of the extras, like the kids making their decorations, are some of the best parts. Especially in this case, where the child who’s been sick gets herself up and doing things for others, a cool example not to just be cynical in life.

    Also, David Cook’s faaaace when he’s with those kids. He’s such a good sport. And his brother’s ten year battle –still something to think on.

  29. Good job David Cook! It’s great that they refer to him as a Platinum selling artist/rockstar. :D

  30. Thanks for the YT clips of those extras SashaB – I couldn’t get the ones on ABC’s site to play for some reason. Lots of extra Dave, though still no sign of the brilliant galoshes soccer scene and muddy faceplant that they included in the preview. That first one though, with the extended scenes of Dave and Xzibit reenacting Chariots of Fire on the drywall stilts, is seriously comedy gold. Good sport indeed!

    Also good to know that in case of his untimely demise, Dublin will be living large as his primary beneficiary.

  31. Also, the Auction Clip made AOL TV’s Top 5!

    #4 Cancer Fund – ”Extreme Makeover”
    Xzibit and David Cook help the crew and the Hill family raise a roof and funds. Sun., 8PM on ABC.

    Yeah, that clip was awesome.

    Thanks to DonnaAC on DCO

  32. Thanks so much for bonus scene goodness :) . That show always gives me a good cry but then put TearyDave on there too and I’m sunk. Even my sister who usually doesn’t have much to say other than how big his head is texted me and said he’s sweet lol. That show was just awesome. That wasn’t a cookie crumb it was like one of those cookie cakes…

  33. Ooh, bonus scenes! The chariots of fire and soccer faceplant hilarity were golden– wish they’d kept more of that stuff in the episode, but I’m just glad we get to see them :).

    Also, David Cook’s faaaace when he’s with those kids.

    Yes, yes, yes! At the cancer ward, the scene right before that interview screen cap of DC, where he’s just standing there looking down grinning at the kids? That is the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen from DC. Ugh. Too much. He’s the best with these kids. I believe him when he says it’s the most fulfilling week (or several days) he’d had in a long time.

    DC really loves giving back. I really hope he and the Anthemic get to be involved in something for one of the IGB charities, whether or not they perform on the show itself.

  34. (Still giggling over his facial expressions when he was on those stilts. He makes me laugh).

  35. Aw — I didn’t see the show but I’ve seen pictures and some news clips. He looked happy and I’m proud of him for that big old heart.

  36. Thanks MJ and crew for the videos of David. Oh how I love this man. He has a wonderful and giving spirit and it makes me smile to think of all the good things he’s doing, especially for the cancer research. Yes it brought tears to my eyes hearing him speaking of Adam’s fight and during the other parts of the episode. You had a chance to laugh along with the tears for such a deserving young lady. I wouldn’t mind spending time hanging out with him. heehee.

  37. tierbee:

    Thanks so much for bonus scene goodness . That show always gives me a good cry but then put TearyDave on there too and I’m sunk.

    Yep, had a good cry myself & when Dave was teary – did me in big time.

    Now how about Dave in a construction helmet. Lordy!!!

  38. Now how about Dave in a construction helmet.

    He’s so fricking cute, lol.

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