David Archuleta Will Leave On His Mission End of March (VIDEO)

David Archuleta lets his fans know in his new vlog, that March is the last month he has left before he leaves for his mission. He’ll be getting his Filipino OPM album, and some music–some cool covers–for the US ready before he leaves.

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  1. David is such a sweetheart!! I’m going to miss him so much when he leaves for his 2 year mission but I’m happy for him because he wants to do this so much! I will wait for you David!!

  2. David continues to amaze me the way he thinks of his fans no matter what is going on in his life..it seems we are always on his mind & that is, in itself, what sets him apart..then throw in all the “given” qualities. One in a million.. a rare GEM!

  3. This is actually pretty cool that he is doing this. If his family spaces out the albums enough, by the time he gets back and releases new music it will be like most artists in the industry so the mission won’t harm his career at all. 

  4. David is as smart as he is talented.  This will really help his fans get through this period of time while he is away. We have seen dogs, cats, and squirrels during his Vlogs.  I love how he is always worried about taking too much time when his fans wouldn’t mind if he rambled on for hours.  He is certainly a hard worker.  Just think how many people he is going to meet on this mission that will be changed by the encounter.  Of course, David will say he got more from the experience than he gave.   Mr. Humble.

  5. David is so good to us fans and seems pretty upbeat.  He has worked pretty hard and steadily since November preparing us with a My Kind of Christmas Tour, a Mini Series in the Phillipines, Small concerts in Singapore, and Big ones in the Phillipines plus signing with Bench/Fix.  His OPM album is due out in March and looks like we’ll eventually have new music in the US.  He posted an address recently for mail as well so we are now on the Countdown.  Wishing David all the best  now and always.

  6. Erika , He hasn’t said and doesn’t seem to want to. He did say something about being influenced by a Spanish culture while he is gone in an interview.

  7. David’s vlog is a shining example of the sweet lovable David, that his fans love. We are the luckiest fans in the whole world. David will always be in our hearts while he is away, through his music and gracious self.We cherish them both.

  8. Love seeing such a happy David..he has worked non-stop for the past few months, even after a grueling schedule in the Philippines…and he does it all for his fans. I will surely miss him, but I truly believe he will come back even stronger, in voice, spirit and desire to continue his career!
    Godspeed David..go touch the people that might need you more than we do!

  9.  The location has not and likely will not be announced, but he did hint in an interview that his Spanish-speaking skills would be improved upon his return. LOL.

  10. I really needed that long, rambly, typically David vlog full of bad scenery and floppy cats. Thanks, David. You are generous to your fans and this one will be eagerly anticipating your return in a couple of years.

  11. Beyond sad to hear he is leaving so soon. When he announced the mission, he said it would be in the first half of the year so I assumed he would be around at least until April or May. At least we’ll have some more new music. I hope he records the covers he played at his concerts in 2011.

    He should try to space the releases out over the two years he’s gone. With the OPM CD coming out in March, they should probably wait until November 2012 to release the stuff he’s recording now. Maybe release the songs from The Asian Tour Edition of TOSOD in between because those have never been released in North America.

    I also hope he does a comprehensive interview before he leaves. I don’t think he’s ever talked in detail about his mission with the US media. I’d be curious to hear more about how he came to the decision to go, what his family thought, what his label, mgt and advisors thought, how his religion has affected his career choices, where he sees his career going after he leaves etc. I think it would be a great story, even outside the Idol bubble.

  12. He is a really hard worker. I think he was planning to go on a mission quite some time ago.  He said it’s more about sacrifices that will leave deeper fruits in a relationship with God; sacrificing his music career, family and everything. I believe he will receive a greater reward for the sacrifices and spiritual gains when he returns. 

  13. David, you are too good to us.  You have worked so hard so that we can have something to keep us going for two years.  We will be here when you get back. God willing. We have been with you for four years, we can go another two years.  Anything to give back to you, for your generousity.  God Speed.  Go and be fisher of men.

  14. I am positive he will be better than ever when he gets back, still young and beutifull and humble with the most amazing voice and soul, charming , funny…somebody stop me :)

  15. Yes, the deadline has definitely put Archie into overdrive.  It’s the same gear he used on Idol and at the end of his first album cycle.  It’s my favorite mode for him because great things always come out of it.

  16. I am going to miss David but I know this is what he wants to do. I just wish it was not for 2 years. He is such a talent and so humble about it. David is just a great guy with some amazing and very supportive fans.

  17. David has had two runs today on WWTT.  I am pretty amazed at how many times he has been on the WWTT in the last couple weeks.  Sometimes it has been Nandito Ako and sometimes Josh Bradley, but it is all David.

  18. I’m so proud of him.  He is following his heart and staying true to who he is.  That’s why we love him so.  I’m going to miss him, but will be looking forward to the new music that he will be releasing while he’s gone.  He is one of the greats and will be even better when we see him again in 2 years.  God speed David.

  19. It will be great if he comes back fluent in Spanish…a sexy 23-year-old Latin lover…there will be no stopping him!!!

  20. David is such a sweetheart!  I wish him the best.  Many guys (and girls) form close relationships while on their mission.  Watch out!

  21. He is the type of guy that you’d want your son or daughter to be close with whether as a friend or a partner.  I so admire the decisions that he is making.  While the world is filled with those who are trying to be what others want them to be, it is refreshing to find someone who is doing what he wants to make the world a better place.  Go forth, David, and be happy, healthy, and safe.

  22. This 2 years away will be very good for him in all aspects imo.
    And it takes great dedication to do what he will do. Kudos and power to him :)

  23. Some more serious trending going on today.   Today’s episode was so much fun!  David showed his comic side and his serious side.  Can’t believe how much I am enjoying this even though I understand only what a few people are saying. 

  24. He is gonna be falling off the face of the earth while on his mission.  i know a couple of guys who are on missions right now and u can’t contact ANYONE.  No facebook, no twitter, no NOTHING.  just letters i think.  hoping his 2 year break doesn’t hurt his career.  but now that i think about it his fan base as ALOT of mormons, so i think they will understand.

  25. We have yet to see what the stipulations will be on David’s amount of contact. Lets face it, he’s not your average missionary. I’m sure things will be handled a little differently for him — I’m not saying he asked for special treatment, just that his is a unique situation.

    And I know of several missionaries who maintained blogs while on their mission. I think the church even encourages that. I’m not saying he’ll be spending a ton of time communicating with fans; just that its not like we won’t hear a peep from him for 2 years. I personally hope that he does NOT feel obligated to try to keep in touch with his fans too much. Clearly this time is something he really wants for himself to be able focus on his mission. An update every now in then, whether from David himself or through a third party, will be sufficient for me. Just to know he’s still alive, ya know? 
    For the fans, I think we’ll be getting goodies (music, videos, etc) that were put together before he leaves for quite a while.

    Its gonna be sad to see him go but I’m so happy he has the chance to do something that is really important to him. So I’ll chill for a few years and wish him the best.

  26. ScottyHaleyFan How do you know David’s fan base has ALOT of Mormon? In Asia, for example, I think the Buddhist and Catholic religion dominate. In Latin America, it is probably the Catholic religion that dominates. In North America, there are lots of Mormons in Utah but it is still a very small group relatively speaking. Just curious as to the basis for this statement.

  27.  He is not saying yet, and he may never tell us until he is back.  There are more safety concerns with David than other missionaries.  We do think it will be a Spanish speaking country, because when asked when he would do a Spanish album, he said maybe after his mission because he would be more comfortable doing something in Spanish after his mission.

  28. I so agree with this.

    I definitely will miss hearing from David but I am very happy for him. I hope this is a great experience for him. 

  29. I too do not want David to try to keep in touch with fans. I want him to have at least one important thing in his life that he does not have to share with the fans. I want this experience to be about him and the people he will be serving. Also, from what I understand, missionaries don’t have a lot of personal time. I think I heard they have one day a week to attend to personal things. I would rather David spend time communicating with his family and friends then worrying about communicating with fans.

  30.  I agree.  I hope David can put his celebrity life behind him for 2 years and have the full mission experience.  His thoughts and energy need to be in a place where David is at his best…helping people who are less fortunate.  I would not like to think that David spent what little time off he has worrying about his fans.

  31. I agree that David should not feel obligated to communicate with his fans during his mission but I get the sense that he enjoys doing so and enjoys the response he gets from fans. No way that a person would be able to do weekly or biweekly blogs for 4 years if he did not genuinely enjoy doing them. I don’t know of any other Idol or celebrity generally who vlogs like David. The Disney stars likes to send out vids alot but they always seem to be about buy my CD, follow me on Twitter, request my song on radio, trend my project on twitter, etc.

    As for leaving behind the “celebrity life”, I don’t think he actually lives the celebrity life except when he’s in Asia. I do wonder whether he’ll be permitted to bring and use his credit cards on his mission or whether every missionary has to have the same standard of living during a mission, regardless of personal wealth. I find it hard to believe that someone like Mitt Romney would have had to live the same way as every other missionary during his mission, but I don’t know.

  32. David, just David is what we get in his vlogs.  No airs about him ever.  He seems content, relaxed and he said he’s not overwhelmed.  Everything is falling into place as he wants is my observation.  David does love the interaction with his fans, he calls it a relationship and David is very conscientious about nurturing his relationships be it with family, friends, or fans.  Summarizing this from a direct quote from David in Chords Of Strength.  So I do think he chooses to maintain contact with his fans.

    David is so kind to give us an address to write him but again I think he
    enjoys receiving mail. They made an edit on his OS, ETA: Please send
    letters and cards only, no parcels, thank you.

    Because of his celebrity the church has a tough job not only in ensuring David’s safety but finding a balance on his communication allowances without taking away from David’s mission experience.  The next few months will be interesting to see how it all plays out. 

  33. Kitwana — I 100% agree with you on that one. I think David truly does enjoy interacting with his fans and definitely wants them to not feel completely cut off from him during these two years. He really said as much in the vlog. As I said before, I just hope people understand that clearly he can’t communicate with fans at the level he has before the mission. A brief update now and then will be fine for me — just to know he’s doing okay :)

    From what I understand about missions, he and his companion will be assigned lodging that is provided by the church. All missionaries pay a flat fee of $400 per month to offset the cost of lodging, food and other expenses. Missionaries are responsible to any extra expenses that arise for personal purchases. The type of lodging they have varies depending on the location. Sometimes its an apartment, sometimes it might even be in a lodging house with others. It will not be the Ritz for sure lol. But I’m sure David will have no problem with that. Probably the biggest adjustment for him (aside from missing his family) will be the lack of computer/cellphone/etc. I think that would be a big change for anyone who is used to having one on a daily basis. I would probably lose my mind without my phone.

  34. Thanks Hellomusicgirl. So I guess on his day off, if he wants to splurge, David can spend his money on personal purchases if he chooses. That’s good to know. I suspect David will be visiting some nice restaurants during his days off. His mission partner is so lucky.

  35. I’m on board with those who think he will be back and better than ever! I’ll be hangin’ in there eagerly anticipating his return!

  36.  I want to like this more than once, archangel48. I totally agree and I’ll be hangin’ in alongside you.

  37. FYI- missionaries are not allowed to do blogs, but family can do a blog of letters and pictures. I do one for my son where I post his weekly letters and pictures he sends home.

    Someone asked if David will live differently from the other missionaries. No, he will not. They live in various circumstances depending upon the country they are sent to. My son who went to Thailand lived in pretty nice places because it was very inexpensive. The mission chooses places for the missionaries to live. I have a son who is in Florida working among the Haitians. He lives in a normal apartment complex, but he works in very poor areas.

    You may have heard some people say Mitt Romney lived in a mansion during his mission in France. The truth is that he was what was called an AP- assistant to the president) and lived in the mission home. The mission home is usually bigger and nicer since the mission president and his family live there for the three years while they serve and when new missionaries come in, they stay there for a day or two before they are sent to where they will be working. Mitt Romney actually was in a very bad head on collision where the mission president’s wife died and then he ran the whole mission for 6 months, which is really amazing when you understand what a responsibility that is. 

    Someone also mentioned that missionary guys often get to know the girls pretty well. That is because they work together. They do not date, but they interact. It would not be unusual for David to marry someone from his mission.

    Elizabeth Smart just got married to a guy from her mission (to france) that was from Sottland, I think.

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