David Archuleta Performs at the WFCB Zoo-a-palooza in Greenville, SC

via Karen

David Archuleta performed a radio show in in Greenville, SC. Zoo-a-Palooza was actually part of a benefit to raise funds for the Greenville Zoo and took place on Zoo grounds.

He performed four songs: An acoustic version of Something ‘Bout Love (See above), “Crazy”, a new song called “Elevator” and “Crush”. I’ll post video as it becomes available.

Do check out that acoustic version of “Something About Love”. It’s real nice.

MORE VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP! , “Something ‘Bout Love”, “Crazy” “Elevator” and “Crush” via ArchuletaAvenue

Something Bout Love


Elevator – NEW SONG


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  1. he sang the snot out of ‘sbl’ acoustic tonight… if anyone still doubts this dude is the real deal, then this acoustic performance should put that to rest… i was supposed to be there tonight, but work obligations prevented me from going, arghhh, lol… heard over 3k people showed up, the station and organizers totally underestimated how many people would be there – ahem, this is david radio folks… been a while since the fans have seen or heard him sing live, they are going to be showing up in droves, lol… david was in fine form tonite from all indications – that pleases me… on to louisville tomorrow.

  2. David sang sbl LIVE for the first time and the fans were super pleased. sorry you couldn’t make it ggdoorsfan. It looks like a great crowd and all reports indicate it was fantastic. so exciting have David singing again and he loves the fans. Exciting times!!

  3. His voice is so pure. Love this song…hope it gets airplay…I do hear it here in CT everyday.

  4. ahh hopefully youtues by the time i wake up tomorrow. SBL sounds good. :)

  5. So glad to see so many peeps there! David sounds great as always. :)

  6. damienhr

    David Archuleta was AMAZING tonight! Saw him front row, touched him, and he sang two songs he has NEVER sang live before! :) great night

    1 minute ago via web


    It was fangirl-polooza tonight at the zoo with @runnerrunner and @davidarchie. CRAZINESS with their fans. LOL Had a great time though!

    less than a minute ago via web

  7. David’s live singing never ceases to amaze me! Sorry you had to miss it gg. The video has a pretty good sound quality though. This song has vocal gymnastics! Amazing!!

  8. Very nice.. Can’t wait to listen to “elevator” for the first time.

  9. ggdoorsfan Damn Work!!!….. sorry to hear you had to miss the performance but I think David would be proud to hear that he has a fan who is responsible and has great work ethics…I am sure you could have so easily blown off work to go but you did the right thing. I am sure you will get an opportunity to see him see live in the future for sure…Good Karma will be heading your way. (I do believe David would have done something similar…he would have done the right thing too.)….I liked the performance but I love the song better as a dance fueled piece then the acoustic version he gave here. He makes it work but I love the beat of the song when I play the original version and bop my head to the beat….I know its too soon but, I am Really looking forward to the remixes of this song… :mrgreen:

  10. Sorry you had to miss him, ggdoorsfan.

    Loved the acoustic version of SBL! So good to see/hear David live again. Looking forward to the other upcoming shows.

  11. Love acoustic SBL. I knew that he would be able to sing it live but was still surprised at how well it turned out. This is a hard song to sing and this was the first time he performed it live. I think the many years of vocal training David received is really paying off because his voice seems to be getting better and better and the purity and tone of his voice is simply beautiful.

  12. The performance that surprised me more than any other, oddly enough, was Crazy. All the rest were fine. But I saw flashes of brilliance in Crazy. I love it when he just lets go and sings.

  13. Elevator- about a random dream he had

    I actually like this song… pretty nice… cant wait to heard the studio version… hope we get one…

  14. Great rendition of CRAZY and Love not only SBL,but really diggin Elevator. Nice that he sings Crush for old time sake. Yea David!!!!!!!Great intro to your radio promo.

  15. Over 3,000 people! WOW!
    In a setting like this David can do what many cannot…He can really sing.
    This album is going to be epic! Can’t wait.

  16. Over 3,000 people! WOW!

    How do you know that there were 3000 people there? (Did I miss something?) If I’m understanding that right, that’s a lot of people for such a small space at a zoo. Incredible.

    As for SBL–he’s great as always, but I miss the key change. The song gets super high with it, so it’s understandable why he didn’t do it, but I like it, so I miss it.

    Gonna go listen. Thx for the videos.

  17. Great vids! Archie’s voice is like butter. I am definitely looking forward to this album. You go Archie!

  18. Aw…. So nice to hear that talented voice again! And live, too! I’ve just about given up that Archie will never be heard on the radio. Face it, DJ’s just aren’t into him! Here’s a guy with such great talent, but because he dares to be himself and well grounded – the public can’t accept that! I love that about him!! :)

  19. How do you know that there were 3000 people there? (Did I miss something?) If I’m understanding that right, that’s a lot of people for such a small space at a zoo. Incredible.

    It was NatalieSmithh (and other people) on twitter: “They said they were expecting 300 people and 3000 showed haha”.

    Zerogravity1: Lots of peeps here! We’re going into the zoo for M&G. Rain stopped!

    Gorgeous Photos:




  20. Archie was great. Good to hear him live again. I hope SBL and his album do well. It should do well because he has such a strong and devoted fan base. It does not hurt that the teen girls like him so much either.

  21. Don’t forget that Archie and Kris are both going to be at that Louisville station’s radio bash today. Archie’s doing a 1/2 hour set. No word on whether Kris is performing or just hosting

  22. Rough drafts? I love seeing David growing as an artist, challenging himself to find/define his musical style. He’s definitely not afraid to put it out there–acoustically to boot!(he might well be afraid but realizes this is what it takes to progress). This makes me so much more eager to hear all of his new music. I know David will perfect singing these new songs live just as he did the songs from his debut cd.

  23. you are amazing just the way you are david archuleta!!!

    you’re an incredible performer and i love you forever :)

  24. B93.7 All the Hits!’s Photos – Zoo-a-Palooza 2010

    more great pics of david and the crowd here… here were a lot of folks packed into this place…


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