David Archuleta – New Years 2009 Blog!

Incredible year? David Archuleta’s had an incredible decade,   as he describes in his own   inimitable style, in his latest vlog.

He also wishes us all a Happy New Year.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. David Thank you for your incredible voice and talent. It has been fun wathching you grow. Looking forward to 2010 and what you have for us. =)

  2. David, 19 and thinking of the last decade! what a ride! Star Search, paralyzed vocal cord, not sure if you can sing again, recovery, American Idol, working on third album . touring, getting ready to headline halftime of a major bowl, inspiring so many of us with your musical, spiritual gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! etc etc. We are all looking forward to the Sun Bowl performance and coming year…coming decade Woot!!!

  3. “I’m not sick, don’t worry.”

    He knows his fanbase too well. heh heh heh

  4. I always love to see David in his vlogs . He just emulates joy and unselfish desires for his fans in these vlogs. His last comment about the New Year and “working on more music material for you guys” is the reason I appreciate his person. He truly thinks of others. And that may sound corny in today’s pop culture and that is why he stands out. He is growing up the way so many of us want our own children to grow up. And that is to not think of ourselves as better, bigger or too important for others.
    So, thank you, MJ for sharing this.

  5. JRB, Ha! I was laughing at that “don’t worry guys, I’m not sick” comment also. Yep! He knows if he didn’t clarify that cough, that the fandom would go crazy over worrying if he was sick. Ha! David knows us well.

  6. And can get David to say “you all, or guys and gals” or something? I know saying “you guys” is a very western thing. I say it too. I got in trouble for saying that recently though. Ha!

  7. Awww what a cutie. Congrats on a great year/decade, Archie. Looking forward to your next album and finding as to what direction you are leaning, music style-wise. It’ll be interesting.

  8. dear david…. you make your fans proud to be your fans just by being yourself… we need nothing but you, and your desire to share your wonderful gift with us to keep us enthralled and dedicated to support you every step of the way. it’s not easily explained, this devotion you inspire in folks from all backgrounds and walks of life, but it’s very real, and you’ve accomplished much in these 19 years to be very proud of… i feel your best is yet to come, so just keep on keeping on.

    here’s to much success in 2010, and beyond… and oh yeah – knock their socks off at halftime today :)

  9. Me too, SBC. Really liked the lyrics and the vibe to the David/Matt Wertz colab, Best Behavior. Would like to see a couple of those types of songs on the next album.

  10. I’m not sick, don’t worry.’ 

    He knows his fanbase too well. heh heh heh

    Yes he knows his fans. When he coughed, I immediately thought oh nooo, he has to perform tomorrow. But now we can all rest assured that all’s well in Archuland. I really enjoy being his fan.

  11. JRB – yup, I really like Best Behaviour, its sooooo sassy and little by little he’s been showing us this side of him (Ray/David duet on HYAMLC-Mr. SassyPants). I’ve had that on repeat for days now. I think the best part is that if David doesn’t record it, Matt will then David will get a credit on someone else’s album.

  12. Awesome he is having a good time and we will be watching to catch his performance at the Texas Sun Bowl. :)

    Dang I want to hear a new pop tune from David. It would be epic if he sings something new at the Sun Bowl.

  13. His last comment about the New Year and ‘working on more music material for you guys’  is the reason I appreciate his person. He truly thinks of others.

    Agree. Very caring for others always. I still can’t get over the concert my family went to. The versatility he has shown, performing different styles of music, letting the audience sing along, clap and dance and belting out on hard Christmas songs, is so impressive.

    When we sang, Feliz Navidad, I sang my lungs out and he growled!! haha. After 16 songs, he still had gas in tank and finished the show with the encore, O Holy Night, one of the most difficult songs to sing (with his version). The whole show kept the audience’s emotions running high.

    Thanks mj for the vblog!!

  14. I’m thankful to David for being willing to vlog so often, and for always putting a smile on my face. His good humor and enthusiasm for life is contagious.

    It will be fun to see what music David produces next. I’m sure it will be terrific.

  15. Can’t wait to see what songs he is going to perform at sun bowl…

  16. aaaaawwww nice vlog, he was so excited…ta;king about his bday… cant wait to heard new music from him, it was a nice decade for him…Happy new year Archie :)

  17. What a great way to start the day! That was a fun vlog, over 5 min but it didn’t seem too long. Lol….

    I cracked up when he said he’s lived in only two decades, like du’h! lol. And I can’t wait for his next album! Hope Jive thinks his songs are ‘good enough’ to land on the album.

    Good day to y’all! And Happy New Years!

  18. David’s vlogs always get me smiling, but that quick “I’m not sick. Don’t worry” had me cracking up. So funny and yes, he knows his fans. Love his giving nature. Can’t wait to see one of today’s performances if one does, indeed, air on CBS — and will wait for videos of everything else.

    Happy New Year to all!

  19. And Happy New Year back at you David! What a 2 year whirlwind it has
    been for him and he’s still the same charming and humble David.
    I can’t wait to hear his new music in 2010 and also wonder what he
    will perform at the Sun Bowl. Something in Spanish?

  20. mj thanks & Happy New Year guys!

    hehe as soon as I saw the part where he quickly jumped in with
    ‘I am not sick’… had to chuckle!

    ‘Mr. SassyPants’!!!
    Oh I loved Ray/David duet and oh boy
    ‘Best Behavior’ sure is spunky and love it as well!
    If the next year is just a tad as good as this year was
    we all are in for a great year!

  21. He never fails to put a smile on my face every time I watch one of his vlogs, or read one of his blogs, or listen to one of his interviews, or just look at a photo of his smiling face. :D

    Happy New Year and Happy New Decade to David and to all of yous guys!

  22. MJ, thanks for posting this!

    David makes me smile. “I’m not sick. Don’t worry”. It was so funny how he jumped in there so quickly.

    I hope he has as great of a year in 2010 as he did in 2009.

  23. random tweets from the sun bowl…

    El Paso Times: David is singing the National Anthem, too! “In addition to a stirring halftime performance, David Archuleta will sing our national anthem.”

    David Archuleta sings like an angel. Still say he should have won Idol about 2 hours ago from txt

    : “David Archuleta’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was one of the best ones I’ve seen at the Sun Bowl”

  24. more tweets from the sun bowl… i love it…

    @ elpasotimes: American Idol star David Archuleta is belting out the big Journey hit ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’  Steve Perry would be proud.
    less than a minute ago

    @ alily8: @DavidArchie You did amazingly <3 Beautiful performance!!!!!
    1 minute ago from web

  25. I had just been thinking that we were about due for another wonderful Vlog from David ~ and there it was ~ like the best of all Christmas presents (other than his Christmas From the Heart, of course)! He just keeps showering his adoring fans with more and more! I am definitely a “forever” fan who can hardly wait for what 2010 will bring! It’s looking VERY bright, David! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!

  26. By the way, I forgot to say, wouldn’t it be GREAT to be one of David’s neighbors, hear a knock at the door, and there he is with his siblings & cousins, caroling right in front of you ~ THAT VOICE!! Wow!! Of course, knowing David, he would probably be “singing softly” in the background so that the rest of the group would stand out more than him. That’s just David! So sweet, so thoughtful, so genuine ~ like a breath of fresh air! He’s one in a million!

  27. Can’t wait to see decade #2 unfold for David. The voice will mature to even greater heights! Not to mention the character.

  28. I L.O.V.E. this kid! I would pass out if I opened the door and the one and only David Archuleta was caroling Christmas songs to me! His vlogs are so sweet and sincere!

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