David Archuleta Christmas From the Heart Tour Begins In Salt Lake City 11/24

ETA: David vlogs from Nashville TN, where he announces his tour in between songwriting sessions for his next studio album, due in 2010.

First Look At The National Tour Of ...
First Look At The National Tour Of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR

David Archuleta’s Christmas album, Christmas From the Heart will be available everywhere, tomorrow, 10/13.

If you dig David’s album, filled with traditional holiday carols and rounded out with a modern tune or two, you can see him perform the songs live on his upcoming “Christmas From the Heart” tour, beginning in Salt Lake City, UT on 11/24. and winding up in Westbury, NY on 12/20

Check out the schedule, after the jump.

11/24 Salt Lake City, UT Abravanel Hall
11/25 Salt Lake City, UT Abravanel Hall
11/27 Ann Arbor, MI Ann Arbor Symphony/Hill Auditorium
11/29 Santa Rosa, CA Wells Fargo Performing Arts Center
11/28 Bakersfield, CA Rabobank Theater
11/30 San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre
12/2 Anaheim, CA The Grove
12/4 Rexburg, ID Hart Auditorium ‘ BYU University, ID
12/6 Beaver Creek, CO Vilar Performing Arts Center
12/8 Kansas City, MO Midland Theater
12/9 St. Paul, MN Fitzgerald Auditorium
12/11 Waukegan, IL Genesee Theater
12/12 Cleveland, OH Playhouse Square
12/13 Montclair, NJ The Wellmont Theater
12/15 Baltimore, MD Lyric Theater
12/17 Mashantucket, CT MGM Foxwoods Casino
12/18 Stroudsburg, PA The Sherman Theater
12/19 Boston, Ma House of Blues
12/20 Westbury, NY Capitol One Bank Theatre at Westbury

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  1. For those in the Know?’ ¦.are all of these venues sit down theater type (I know Abravenel Hall is’ ¦its where the symphony is housed).

    I was a little perplexed at the press release’ ¦color me weird but I’m having a bit of a hard time (based on what I have heard about the Christmas album being very traditional) that an incorporation of this type of music with the poppish elements from David’s earlier work would mesh.

    Now I can see David doing a real ‘traditional’  type of Christmas concert and adding some ballad material and his song from the Almas but how would this be marketed to his younger core audience?

    This is why I am SO VERY CONFUSED about Archie. I just never know if I’ll be getting the beautiful mature voice, or will I go to a perceived Christmas concert and find myself surrounded by squeeling tweens who like their poppy David.

    ETA: Here is the press release quote I’m referring to: “Archuleta, who sold out his last tour in a matter of minutes, will hit the road in November and December performing his hits and seasonal classics from “Christmas from the Heart.”

  2. I’m sure it will all work somehow tess. lol
    The boston one is a GA show.. dunno about the rest..
    But really need to wait for when ticket info goes on sale…
    I guess they are doing VIPs etc etc too

    Im waiting to find out when tickets go on sale for ct and ma.. needa know….

  3. Ohh! Westbury is awesome. I may consider that one. Its definitely a theatre and the way its set up you don’t have a bad seat in the house.

  4. Oh Tess, I’m so sorry this type of thing confuses you so. I am sure David will work it out so his fans truly enjoy the concert experience.

  5. My best guess is they are sit down venues and will have VIP shows too.
    The pictures of Salt Lake, Waukegan and St. Paul looked beautiful and Snarkies probably will eventually show them all. I would highly recommend seeing Archie live. I’m sure most songs will blend well with his traditional Christmas songs. Check the site near you and it will show the searing and venue.

  6. going to be gunning for tix at the baltimore show… the excitement for tickets is hot, and i have a feeling all these will sell out very quickly – ya snooze, you may lose this go round, hahah…. they will have vips offered for this tour, which is great… i may just splurge and treat myself to the whole package deal… i don’t care who makes up the audience at any of david’s shows – it’s him, and him alone i’m going to see and hear, so everything else for me is irrelevant – bring it on david! pop, christmas music, it’s going to all be good….

  7. . . .or will I go to a perceived Christmas concert and find myself surrounded by squeeling tweens who like their poppy David.

    I just got this weird mental image of tweens squeeling during “Ave Maria.”

  8. Now I can see David doing a real ‘traditional’  type of Christmas concert and adding some ballad material and his song from the Almas but how would this be marketed to his younger core audience?

    Perhaps this is meant to be like a family christmas show? Keeps the teens and parents happy? I wouldn’t worry about it too much though.

    This whole thing does make me curious as to what direction his next real album is haeding. A Christmas album seems like the kind of thing that would have come after album number 2 or 3. Maybe they are going more “adult” next time? It will be interesting to see where all this is going.

  9. thanks for the allaccess link frogcooke…

    . . .or will I go to a perceived Christmas concert and find myself surrounded by squeeling tweens who like their poppy David.

    yeah – wouldn’t that be grand? maybe not the squealing so much during ”ave maria”, but to see teens and adults enjoying the christmas tour… i’m sure there will be lotsa both in the crowd for him – there always is :lol:

  10. This whole thing does make me curious as to what direction his next real album is haeding. A Christmas album seems like the kind of thing that would have come after album number 2 or 3. Maybe they are going more ‘adult’  next time? It will be interesting to see where all this is going.

    david has been in nashville over the weekend for writing sessions with among others, jack knight – a writer who has produced smashes for lots of r/b, and urban artists, with the likes of christina aguilera thrown in… he was also at the grand old opry, checking out the show and was called on stage very briefly, where he gave a shoutout for the christmas album… i think he’s still there, so who knows who he’s meeting with…. he has stated he wants his music to progress into a more ”soulful pop” sound, so we will have to wait and see what evolves out of all this… he’s got time to work all this out, so the more he exposes himself to writers and collaborators in tune with his vision, the better for him – and the fans… shows he’s willing to seek out whatever mentors available to help him continue growing…

  11. Well last year at the jingle ball I went to (Katy Perry, Shontelle, Archuleta, etc.), after he sang pop songs he sang a Christmas song acapella to a very unsuspecting crowd and they were slightly quiter during it but still screamed at the end. I personally don’t care what he sings – I can’t wait to see him at the Warfield in San Francisco – great theater.

  12. some info on jack knight….. read more at the link….

    Jack Knight is a hit urban songwriter and producer whose credits include hit songs by Diddy, Biggie, Total, Carl Thomas, Faith Evans, Keyshia Cole, Jennifer Lopez, Loon, Mario Winans, Christina Aguilera, Monifah, Lil’ Kim and others. Jack initially came to the forefront as an urban soul writer and producer, working with the likes of Blackstreet, Rakim, Imagin and Chico DeBarge.


  13. know what you mean sbc… i’m in north carolina, so those of us below maryland will have to travel :D

  14. Tess….I agree…..last Spring I traveled a thousand miles and spent a lot of bucks to hear THE VOICE….only to find lots of ‘squealers’….and a sound system that destroyed the event. I complained to the theater, and was told by the stage manager and the owner of the sound system that the fault was the dude doing the live sound….I was told that the ‘dude’ was the tour manager trying to do double duty I’m thinking Ray was his name. All in all, it was an evening of thumping bass drum and thundering bass guitar……so I’ll buy the discs, but not spend another buck going to a live concert until there is some assurance that I (we) can experience the magnificent voice from David A…….one of the finest voices of this generation…..do you agree?

  15. omg!the best christmas gifts ever…first is the christmas cd and now the winter tour!!!!omg!!! can’t wait to buy my tix and i’m glad westbury is so near fr my place….wowza!!!

    thank you jive and david!

    just read his liner notes, geez, so heartfelt…i just cried!!!seriously!this is what david does to me….make me love him sooooo much more!

  16. he has stated he wants his music to progress into a more ”soulful pop’  sound,

    Well now THAT sounds interesting! Let’s see how that comes out, that could be pretty good! Does he mean Chris Brown-ish or Alicia Keys-ish? John Mayer-ish? Or is he making up his own -ish. LOL. Im so curious!

  17. know what you mean sbc’ ¦ i’m in north carolina, so those of us below maryland will have to travel

    Good for you GG. Never really been to an Archuleta concert except the AI tour last year. I do have his CD and Cook’s and Clarkson.

    With a Christmas show nearby, I could have add it to our yearly family holiday show outings. Well, I can always grab a copy of his Christmas CD.

  18. Oh my heck!!!!!!! Christmas at the new House of Blues across from Fenwy Park in Boston! Jack Daniels and mosh pit to Ave Maria!!!!!!!! I’m there!!!!!!!!!! That’s gonna be swell!!!!!!!

  19. Squeeee! He’ll be at the Midland in Kansas City. Beautiful old theatre, recently (last 10 years or so) restored. I saw Harry Connick Jr. there a few years back. Good acoustics. Not a bad seat in the house. It’s definitely a seated venue. No SRO.

    I don’t care if there are squeeeeeeelers. I’ve passed him up twice here in KC (and a couple within driving distance) because of the venue. So I’m not going to pass him up if he’s at the Midland.


  20. He’s coming to Kansas City, and my Christmas season suddenly got brighter.

  21. JRB — you are in that area? Cool, didn’t know. I’ve seen him at the Sprint Center twice and have never been to the Midland.

  22. hi tinawina – david hasn’t elaborated any further on what specific vein of ”soulful pop” he’s targeting, but after watching him this spring and summer, in concert, lay down some pretty impressive soul riffs and twists on many songs from his cd and on some covers, the field is open… he’s always had that kinda groove percolating under the surface, he brought it out a bit more in the live shows… as he progresses, it will be playing into his vocal strengths to incorporate more of that into the music… we shall see, we shall see….

  23. For those in the Know?’ ¦.are all of these venues sit down theater type

    I can tell you that the Cleveland venue is where all the ‘broadway series’ plays and musicals are (and some high school graduation ceremonies, as well :D)

  24. Yes, KathyH. I’m in KC. The Midland is beautiful.

    Tinawina – Have to wait and see. I suspect it will be a few albums yet before we get what David really wants to do. Pesky labels. But hopefully they will start heading in that direction. He keeps saying Soulful Pop.

  25. Don’t get me started GG! I love that little improv riff he did. And last minute too! Just because Mike was having trouble with his guitar and they were frantically changing the guitar out for a new one. So David just cues Eli on drums and goes to town!

  26. that’s what i’m talkin’ bout too jrb5776 – he’s got it in him – and i’m waiting patiently for it to come out more, and more, hahahah… he can sing it all, but i want to see what he can do with some more types of these improv’d, soulful/jazzy type riffs and things… he makes the concert experience interesting, because he never sings anything the same way twice…

  27. I love that little improv riff he did.

    Now that is awesome…more of that David…that is a sound from you I really like.

  28. The Grove in Anaheim is a sit down dinner type theatre, usually, that they can change into theatre type seating. It’s pretty large though. Taylor Hicks played there during his 2007 Spring Tour. The front area was theatre type seating, about 5 rows. Then there was a break and the rest was tables with chairs.


  29. I love that little improv riff he did.

    Now that is awesome’ ¦more of that David’ ¦that is a sound from you I really like.

    from our lips and keyboards to jive -y’s, erm, jive’s! ears tess :smile:

  30. Whoever makes these solo tour schedules must really not like the south. That’s unfortunate for those of us who live here. Traveling is not as easy at Christmas time. For someone who says he likes being warm, they are sure sending him to a lot of very cold places!!

    He did a great job with his liner notes. Thanks for the link Frog!

  31. le sigh buddy… my amtrak pass is getting a workout with this dude, hahah

  32. He’s going to have to fight for it GG. Which is why I suspect David will always be better live than recorded. In his concerts, the songs he recorded for Jive on the first album, the ones he was given to record with no say in them, and sometimes given just before recording…became completely different animals by the time he was done playing with them.

  33. He’s going to have to fight for it GG.

    i know jrb5776… i’m a pretty patient person, so i’m hoping this is a battle he will win before i’m old and grey – and still have my hearing, hehe….

  34. tweet and twitpic of david this past weekend in nashville with diamond rio and delilah….

    @DiamondRioBand: http://twitpic.com/l9pm8 ‘“ Delilah and David Archuleta @ Grand Ole Opry Bday Bash 2009 with Rio!

    2 minutes ago

  35. oh frogcooke, thank you so much for that link… i went straight to What Child Is This……..beautiful……better than i expected….now listening to the whole CD… Riu Riu is just about done now……..omg, Ave Maria just started……..THIS album ….the more and more I hear….is really shaping up to be quite sophisticated…..loving it….will love owning it!

  36. Happy for those who get to see him but disappointed he isn’t coming near me. It would’ve been nice for there to be at least one concert somewhere in Texas. I guess I’ll be watching lots of videos.

  37. Tu-re-lu-re-lu, pat-a-pat-a-pan

    Not that I’ll be attending any show, but I think it’s a good idea to mix things up, I wouldn’t like to go to a concert with Christmas songs only.

  38. I’ve never been to a Christmas concert unless it was a school one where one of my siblings or I was performing. I’m good for the Nutcracker about every 10 years. That’s about all the Christmas performances I can take.

    I had to go to see Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” once. It swore me off just about any type of Christmas performance forever. Talk about dreary and depressing…not a good thing to do to an 11 year old.

  39. Thanks for the info re: The Grove, PattyH. I think I might just have to go since I had missed his tour with Demi.

    Leome, I am wondering too if there would be a mix-up, but probably not?

  40. data, he is suposedly going to be singing pop and xmas on the tour.

  41. From David’s liner notes:

    I’d also like to thank. . .the many others who lent a helping hand for all the hard work they put into this project, and for helping me sing and sound as best as I could with these very challenging songs lol.

    It’s great to have people you are close to and who you respect to be there cheering you on and lifting your spirits haha.

    A copy editor really should have taken the blog-speak out.

  42. i know that feeling too gingerly – sat through more christmas pageants and school concerts than i want to count, and haven’t been to a christmas concert like this upcoming one for david in eons… knowing what he’s capable of bringing live gives me the impetus to mosey on up to baltimore to hear him… dunno what the accompaniment for him will be, i’m hoping there will be strings and some orchestra backing him on the christmas songs… that is a treat i can’t pass up….

  43. The lol and haha does look out of place. Surely it’s an oversight.

  44. cool – the christmas album press release from jive is starting to hit all over the media… reuters has picked it up, and hitfix has a nice little picture of david on the top banner…

    Christmas in October: New music releases from David Archuleta, Dylan, Flaming Lips
    Posted on Monday, Oct 12, 2009 By Melinda Newman

    David Archuleta, ‘Christmas From the Heart’  (Jive): After only one studio album, Archuleta is already playing the holiday card. The CD is largely a collection of traditional carols, such as ‘Joy to the World’  and ‘Silent Night,’  both perfect fits for his expressive voice.


  45. Squeeeeeeee I can’t believe he coming to MI, Wowza!!! I’m definitely going his Christmas CD is amazing!!! Loved the Symphony music with his songs, it really kicked it up a notch. Whoot!!!

  46. I’m saving reading the liner notes until I get my copy..already listened to the songs, so I want something to be a surprise…lol Speaking of lol, I think it is so David, that he writes lol and haha in them (as per Will’s post). Those are just some of the things that have made me love him as a person. Just normal, no pretense and not a pre-judgement bone in his (well exercised) body! Wish I could see him at a Christmas concert…I think it will be all kinds of awesomage!!

  47. I seriously doubt he can afford to tote along a symphony orchestra. Just sayin. So he’ll either have backing tracks or something simple. Backing tracks would be a shame…but then I’m not going so am truly not that concerned.

  48. Ha!Love the linear notes. so heartfelt and sincere. Didn’t even notice the lol or ha ha, but love it. Nice personal touch which brings a smile to my face lol!
    Listened to AOL recordings today=beautiful!

    P.S. I was lucky enough to be at the Reno concert where he did the soulful intro to Works for Me. It was definitely ad lib as has been stated because Mike was having trouble with his guitar. Alex, Kendra and Eli along with David did this ad lib without missing a beat. We all thought it was just some new arrangment pre-plannned. Like many of you we want even more of this.

    I highly recommend seeing David live and I’m treating myself to a VIP this time.

  49. yeah, methinks you’re right gingerly… it’s most likely not feasible or practical to have them along on these tour stops… unless they could have access to local ones, and that’s a crap shoot this time of year… it would add another dimension to the live show, but i’m not setting my cap on it… i’m looking for david to find a way to shine, regardless of the accompaniment…

  50. I see you have concert dates posted for David Archuleta. I am a huge fan of David’s and can’t wait for his “Christmas From the Heart” album to be released tomorrow. And luckily it looks like David will be touring near me…so I will definitely be catching a couple shows. David is an amazing singer/songwriter and oh my gosh…his concerts are super fun!!

  51. Cool! Thanks for the info re: pop and x-mas music at the concert, Frogcooke. Now I just have to wait until tickets go on sale….

  52. David seems happy and excited in the new vlog! Its great to see him excited about all that is going on in his career right now. I want to hear the new music that he is working on. I wish he would let us know who the really cool people he has been writing with are. I know he has been writing with Joy Williams but am interested in knowing who else he has been writing with.

  53. bring on the lol’s… take heart archuleta fans if you run across the mixed or not so stellar review for the christmas cd… the boston globe just tore dylan a new one, and i expected him, of all people releasing christmas albums, to get many a pass… well, he is donating all proceeds from the sale of his cd to charity, so it’s all good… more lol’s at the link…

    Dylan strains the holiday spirit
    October 12, 2009

    A colleague’s recent knee-jerk reaction says it better than I ever could. Vaguely aware of what was about to play, she put on the headphones, heard the cloying female backup vocals that open ‘Winter Wonderland,” and promptly pleaded: ‘Oh, God. Please don’t let Bob Dylan start singing.” But then he did, in that paint-peeling croak, and she cringed and politely handed back the headphones.


  54. I was hoping he would have some guest appearances on shows like Ellen or Oprah, but that schedule looks pretty tight to try to work live guest appearances in. I was thinking Oprah because of the Charise connection maybe. Anyway, hope he will have time to make a few of the talk shows, would like to see him on TV.

  55. Westbury here I come!!! I’m going to treat my mom to the concert — she’s a big David fan and I think this show is more up her alley — so to speak. I have to admit I caved in and listened to AOL and love David even more (if that’s possible) for singing these songs from his heart for his fans and keeping them traditional. What a wonderful Xmas gift this will be!

  56. David has a new message up @ 801-386-8196! It is really cute. He sings Tomorrow.

  57. I can’t believe he’s coming to KC! I really hope I can go, I’ve never seen him live. Praying nothing comes up for that night lol

  58. latest ranking for â™ « Christmas From The Heart â™ « from amazon ‘“ usa…

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  59. from walmart.com’ ¦. as of 1530 p.m. eastern time’ ¦

    Christmas From The Heart
    by David Archuleta
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    pre-orders, Music, Pop, featured items

    #2 [behind the king of pop’s posthumous tour cd release]

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  60. I attended one of his solo concerts, at the fancy Sandler Center for Performing Arts in Virginia Beach (which also hosts symphonies). At this sold-out show, yes, there were a lot of enthusiastic teens, but I was surprised to see a majority of older attendees. So while most of the younger peep were on their feet and squee-ing often, most of the audience was sitting down and quietly enjoying his performances. For this Christmas tour, I’m imagining a scene like this. And, those adults who liked him on Idol, but understandably skipped out on his debut album and subsequent tours, may see their local venue advertising this tour and decide to attend, knowing that the venue is top-notch and that his vocals will be on display. Wish I could make it out to one of the stops, but now I’m too far away.

  61. Is it just me or is Archie aging backwards, like Benjamin Button? He looks so freakin’ young in that vlog.

    Anyway, looking forward to adding David’s album to our family’s traditional Christmas music rotation that plays nonstop from Thanksgiving to New Years. I come from a 100% non-religious family and yet we cannot get enough of the cheesy Christmas tunes!

  62. LM, maybe its all the working out he’s been doing… lol It boggles the mind… it’s probably the hair… lol

  63. Oh my heck!!!!!!! Christmas at the new House of Blues across from Fenwy Park in Boston! Jack Daniels and mosh pit to Ave Maria!!!!!!!! I’m there!!!!!!!!!! That’s gonna be swell!!!!!!!

    hit me up hwc when david rolls into beantown – hey – perhaps we can start a new trend – moshing to christmas tunes!! now why hasn’t someone already thought o’ that :D

    note to self… pack a pair of flat shoes to mosh with hwc in beantown :D i hope you got a little rhythm – i’m not the best mosher, but i can ”drop it like it’s hot” when david busts out the jams! !!!!eleventyhundred!!!!

  64. note to self’ ¦ pack a pair of flat shoes to mosh with hwc in beantown i hope you got a little rhythm ‘“ i’m not the best mosher, but i can ‘ drop it like it’s hot‘  when david busts out the jams! !!!!eleventyhundred!!!!

    Please take lots of photos!

  65. Oh, am listening to the the cd on AOL now, if those who want a little taste of soulful David, he’s flashing a bit at the end of Joy to the World. Go on now David!

  66. I really want to hate this kid, but he is undeniably really good!

  67. I hear David’s soulfulness in all the songs. Amazing album, can’t wait to get my hands on it tomorrow. I am enjoying each song for different reasons. I really love Pat-A-Pan, Riu Riu Chiu, the duet, Ave Maria, and Silent Night. Ok I love them all, lol….This should be a really great tour too.

  68. I really want to hate this kid,

    not trying to go off subject a great deal, but can i ask why? i honestly would like to know…. this is a sentiment i’ve seen expressed a good deal, and i just can’t quite grasp it.. i know about everyone’s personal preferences where music is concerned, and that his ”style” just ain’t everybody’s cuppa… but other than that, can you just enlighten me regarding the ”i really wanna hate this kid” thing…

  69. Please take lots of photos!

    for you abbysee – will do! ‘nuthin old fogey-ish about this david fan, heheh… i still like to kick up my heels every now and then..

  70. David really poured his heart into this one.His excitement right now is palpable.I broke down and listened to the stream on AOL…WOW! He adds a few riffs but is very respectful to the classics.Oh yeah…the liner notes (text speak and all) are pure win!!!! I started off luke warm with this guy …and now I’m completely sucked into the Archuleta vortex.Seriously…I may need intervention.

  71. ooooh…. I’m trying not to spoil myself here, and its so hard with the link and everything.

    Grrr! I can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!
    I wish he could come to Houston….!!>…..

    AAhh!!! This is so frustrating!~;(

  72. Watching the excitement on David’s face and in his voice is just too much! He must really be happy with how this cd turned out, as well he should be. He has a cd here that has his voice front and center where it belongs. The symphony is a beautiful touch, as well as the Boys Choir. The people who worked on this cd, really get David and it shows. (hint hint Jive)
    If you like cheese, there’s only one song on the album and that’s Memories of Christmas…and it gets stuck in your head…I know it’s not everyone’s cuppa…but I like it.
    The end of JTTW…bring it to church David!! This boy can SANG!!!

  73. The end of JTTW’ ¦bring it to church David!! This boy can SANG!!!

    can i get an amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn… :lol:

  74. I can not believe that I am listening to Christmas songs over and over and over before Halloween and it is all David’s fault. This is such a beautiful cd and represents David and the unique sound and tone and power of his voice so well. Add this to the cds that I have of other beautiful special, unique voices whether Christmas songs or otherwise (even Jim Morrison singing Crystal Ship or Barbara S. singing “Oh My Man” from the movie Funny Girl or the many other easily recognized voices that just stick with us all our lives – who knows why some voices just connect with each of us. Who cares – now I just enjoy a great voice that comes my way. Can’t wait for everyone to hear this great cd.

  75. This CD is amazing! This is going to be one of those classics that is aroound forever! David’s beautiful voice is perfect for these songs! His personal integrity shows that he believes everything he is singing about. I will be listening tio this non stop.

  76. ggdoorsfan where is that post from hwc that you quoted in your 5:11 pm post? If it was in this thread, it seems to have vanished.

  77. What Child Is This… is my jam. It moves from tender to epic sounding throughout the song. The barely there humming right before the last verse gets me every time. I had to quit listening to it at work.

    There’s a Celtic feel but with these little Spanish touches to it. lol I know that doesn’t make much sense. lol

    I wonder if the guitar player is the guitar man from the ALMA’s?

  78. hi will – on the first page… i still see it…

    October 12, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    Oh my heck!!!!!!! Christmas at the new House of Blues across from Fenwy Park in Boston! Jack Daniels and mosh pit to Ave Maria!!!!!!!! I’m there!!!!!!!!!! That’s gonna be swell!!!!!!!

  79. pat-a-pan is rocking my world,geezzzzz!!!!

    can’t stop listening to the whole tracks……love it so much!brilliant!

    it feels like christmas in october in archuletaland..woot!

    the vlog is so adorable as usual!i’m grinning from ear to ear lol!

  80. Oh my heck, I somehow overlooked the fact that this was page 2 of the comments, ggdoorsfan. Sorry! And I also hadn’t seen the comment from hwc earlier today for some reason, so thanks for quoting it!

  81. I am just beginning to listen to the full album on AOL streaming, and I LOVE Ave Maria and Angels we have heard on high. I love the little bit of Jesu Joy of man’s desiring in Angels. Pat-a-pan is really catchy.


    Someone mentioned David looking young. I am pretty sure that even when he is 40 years old, he will still look pretty young. He is so lucky. Look at his mother.

  82. Perez’ lovefest for Archie continues, huh? I think it’s partially because David is so awesome, and because his BFF Lady Gaga took a shine to David, so he’s doing some suckin’ up, lol.

    I’ve listened to the entire cd. I am gonna buy it. It’s a perfect xmas cd, both traditional and modern at the same time. Joy to the World is just wonderful, and it’s good to hear David let it rip. He’s got the chop, Arsenio didn’t call him the Soul Man from Utah for nothing. I want more of that mixed with some of that Works for Me sass, and it’s ovah! And yes, he can SANG!

  83. Jesu Joy of man’s desiring in Angels

    I heard that too, reminded me of high school chorus!

  84. “Silent Night” is a bit of heaven. I love how he really lets it rip.

  85. I’ve also listened to the whole cd on AOL (dang it… couldn’t hang in there!). Can’t pic a fav at the moment but luv, luv Joy to the World!! David’s vocals are amazing–if you didn’t tell me, I would’ve never guessed an 18 yr old was singing these songs.


  87. His voice sounds great in this album. I hope he’ll have an international tour someday so I could see him in a live concert.

  88. On my first full listen through on AOL. He sounds wonderful, of course. O Holy Night is a standout. His vocal on it alone is worth the purchase.

  89. well i’ll be… the american idol official site has promo up for david’s christmas cd… is that crackling i hear the sound of hades freezing over – heh. more at the link…..

    October 12, 2009 | 03:49 pm PT
    David Archuleta’s ‘Christmas from the Heart’ 

    Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta will release his holiday album entitled Christmas from the Heart on Tuesday, October 13. The CD includes Christmas songs you have heard before and some new Christmas tunes that David recorded. On his official website, the Utah native announced today that he’ll be going on a Christmas from the Heart tour. The tour will kick-off in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 24th, and end on December 20th in Westbury, New York.


  90. Awww, David…his excitement makes me excited! Soooo proud of all that he’s accomplished, and sooo proud of this album. But I’m bummed about the tour, ‘because I doubt I’ll be able to go. I’ve never even met David in person, and would love to go to a VIP. Just a bit too far away, in the dead of winter, in the middle of the week…shooooot.

  91. Sounds like they’ve booked David into some great venues.

    Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor is a wonderful place for music. In addition to being a lovely older building, the acoustics are quite amazing. A fab choice for David, especially with the Ann Arbor Symphony.

  92. Pretty sure it is Spencer. It was on Amazon and iTunes Germany and Italy so I’d be shocked if it was not on iTunes US.

  93. thanks guys–not like I don’t already have my six copies LOL (some are gifts, of course :-))

  94. Hmmm, perhaps there’s some confusion on my part with the listing. Ack! I’m not trying to rumor monger!

    The venue is called Hill Auditorium. No one calls it A2 Symphony Auditorium (except possibly clueless PR people?), though the Symphony surely does play there. I assumed since the symphony was listed it was a joint-thing.

    That would make it extra-lovely, but who knows? Also, it seemed odd that DA would be traveling from Utah to Michigan then back west to California, except for a more special event….

  95. Can’t wait to get hold of David Archuleta’s Christmas from the Heart CD. He is a very talented singer/songwriter and has the voice of an angel. Definitely going to one or two of his concerts.
    the last one I attended, I enjoyed it so much. Can’t pass this one up. My christmas gift to me. ha ha

  96. Wow. A cd and a tour. I’d love to support him in Montclair with my daughters. Sounds like a great time.

    How do we get tickets???

  97. I wonder where the video clip was filmed. Looks like two pianos in the background.

  98. well when the venue sites announce tickets for sale.. right now you need to keep checking.

  99. Someone’s studio iluvai.

    Today, Joy Williams, co-writer of David’s Waiting For Yesterday from the first CD tweeted –

    @joywilliams Happy Columbus Day! I celebrate by being in studio writing with @jeremybose, @davidarchie & Robert Marvin. Fun times :)

    He also got together with Joy in Nashville to write a few weeks ago when the Demi tour stopped off there.

  100. oooh! Robert Marvin, really? he produced Mat Kearney’s new album… cool.

    And I can’t believe i made it!! No streaming for me…lol…yay!

  101. LOL. Good for you! I finally caved this morning. This is why my diets never work either. No willpower.

  102. I am a little late for the party. I’ve read the liner notes especially the part for fans. It’s not sad, but I don’t know why I had tears in my eyes. I think it’s because I could feel what he meant with sincerity.

    …. I appreciate the respect you give. It makes me respect you guys so much more, and I’m really blessed to have fans like that. This album is a gift to you guys, and I hope that you can feel what I have worked so hard to put into it. Thanks again for everything you’ve given me! My wish is that these songs will be as meaningful to you as they are to me.

    In Archuleta’s land, RESPECT is a predominant word and this 18 year old makes it all happen.

  103. I really hope people give this album a shot if you’re into Christmas music. David’s vocals are just stellar and on several he is breaking me in two. Standouts for me are Silent Night, O Holy Night, What Child Is This, Ave Maria, and Riu Riu Chu. The arrangement on What Child Is This is beautiful, Spanish guitar and David’s interpretive gifts are at the fore.

  104. iTunes – I think the guy who puts them up went into a coma as soon as he put up Dylan’s. heh

    And What Child Is This owns my life right now.

  105. The “Amen” at the end of Ave Maria may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. I want that on a loop.

  106. That too. I think there is something in every song where I’m going, “Wait! Wut?!!!!!”

  107. Agreed. Even the songs that don’t rank as my favorites have vocal touches that make them special. I love the way he closes out several of the songs, like Silent Night and The First Noel. I think the adult fans who longed for more emphasis on vocals will be very, very happy if they give it a try.

  108. just bought my first itunes canada copies, listening to it now, beautiful and im a guy lol

  109. Happy for you Canada. Really. haha! And, actually, contrary to popular belief, David has quite a few guy fans.

    iTunes US – Cough up my David Archuleta CD….or else! I don’t know what…but it will be very, very bad.

  110. im looking at new releases for oct 13 i and no cfth, could it be usa itunes wont have it?? what?? anyway just finish listening to all of the songs, beautiful music, get this cd now.

  111. JTTW is way better than I had anticipated. The ending is amazing.

  112. I was quite surprised at how much I liked “Silent Night.” For me (for you), out of all the Christmas carols out there, that song tends to be one of the more boring ones, but not any more! Not the way David sings it. He sings it with such sincerity and pure reverence. Aagh! So good. As a whole the songs of the album gel well together. It gave me a very satisfied feeling after hearing the whole thing through once.

    Reading the liner notes made me ferklempt. LOL. I’m sad that he won’t be coming down to my neck of the woods for a concert, but at the same time I’m very happy for him. He exudes joy and happiness. It’s very infectious and I’ve caught his bug yet again!

  113. @realbrookewhite:

    “Why yes of course! RT @DJAsbiggestfan: @realbrookewhite Are you gonna buy @DavidArchie Christmas album?”

  114. listened to this, in full, for the first time last night… this is one very moving and cohesive cd, from start to finish… ave maria… just wow. silent night… wow. i think i’ve really ”heard” david for the first time… the songs give me deeper insight into the sheer breadth and depth of his talent… he hasn’t begun to scratch the surface…

  115. number 26 now on the top 200 albums chart at itunes after being added late – dylan’s xmas cd is currently at number 57, and i see no other 10/13 christmas releases charting yet…… go david go!

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