David Archuleta – “Blackbird” – Myrtle Beach

David Archuleta performed a beautiful cover of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” at yesterday’s Myrtle Beach Sun Festival in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Watch it after the jump, also as a BONUS VIDEO, I’m adding David’s cover of  Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

Tears in the Rain-Joe Satriani acou...
Tears in the Rain-Joe Satriani acoustic cover

Check out more videos from David’s concert at DavidArchuletaFanScene.

Video: Jonerzz


Everybody Wants to Rule the World

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  1. Ugh, David’s voice has always gotten to me, but those lower tones just do me in. Love these new covers. The new band is incredible, too. Gonna Get Through This from Myrtle Beach is fun to watch because the band members each do a solo.

  2. His voice is so beautiful. I really liked Chris Colfer’s version of Blackbird from Glee but I prefer David’s version on every level. There is a depth and emotion to David’s singing and interpretation that is difficult to describe. And he is still just 20. I am really curious to see what he does next.

  3. I really like the direction that David is going in on his versions of these songs. It has a jazzy and r&b sound. I really thought he sounded amazing last night. I hope he signs with a new label soon.

  4. Love this song. David does it justice. One of the dumbest comments Simon ever said on Idol was his comment about Carly Smithson singing a song about a bird not doing her any favors!

  5. David was on fire last eve. Love both songs and performances and really love the new band. Piano player plays for Glee too.
    Highly recommend Gotta Get Through This too to meet the new band member like Kathy H says.
    Actually enjoyed all 16 songs as David gave 110%
    He even sang a line from LOST when the announcer came up to annouce two children were lost. (they were found up by the stage listening to the concert ha!)

    Thanks MJ!

  6. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Love David!!!!!

  7. These performances are amazing. Something Bout Love had a new vibe, all the performances showcased David and his great vocals. The band David has put together compliment him and his soulful singing.

  8. I love when David covers new songs. He has such a gift for interpretation. It never seems just about hitting the notes. There is real emotion there. Love these new covers.

  9. David sing me a song and sing to only me alone. Wait, that is what you do each time you sing. Not for real, but it just feels that way. ha :)

    Love David and his special interpretations of music.

  10. Job well-done Mr. Archuleta! These covers help to showcase his maturity as an artist.

  11. These are incredible! I wish I was there. Dang it! He is so good at interpreting a song no matter what song it is. I flove the Archuleta so much. Someone has got to sign him again. He is just too freaking amazing!

  12. Coincidentally, Blackbird is one of my favorite Beatles songs (if not my favorite), and David is one of my favorite Idols (oh hell, he is my favorite Idol ever) and that rendition was just beautiful. That’s what I’ve always loved about him. It’s never about the extras that a person could do with a song. It’s always about singing it with feeling, with heart. You can feel every emotion he is. aklsdf;ljsk!

    And his cover of Everybody Wants To Rule The World was fantastic as well. It gave it a fresh feel, I’m digging his new band. As someone said earlier, it had a jazzy/r&b feel and I really like that. Good job, David! <3

  13. awww this almost depresses me to know he was this close and I missed his show. Loved both songs but Everybody Wants To Rule the world was my favorite of the two. He made that one sound nice and current all over again. David certainly hasn’t lost his touch. He’s still terrific! Thanks mj.

  14. Beautifully done. Really enjoyed them both. I love David’s voice and the soulfulness of it. It suits him. <3

  15. Wow…that was awesome!! David just keeps getting better and I love how he’s growing and expanding his music! He sure was on fire last night. And have to say I love the new band…young, fresh and so talented!

  16. *sigh* why does he ALWAYS gives me the chills? His lower register is thud worthy alone. Everybody Wants to Rule the World sounds so fresh. There is really nobody else that can render a song with the appropriate emotion and spot on interpretation like David James Archuleta can.

    David…I adore your new band and I totally adore you.

  17. Loved both songs but Everybody Wants To Rule the world was my favorite of the two.

    I feel the same, Pam. I have played EWTRTW too many times to count. I love the look that David gives Brian, his guitarist, when Brian is doing his solo. I am loving the new band. David seems to be impressed with their talent as well.

  18. David, David, David! Everytime you slay me with your soulful R&B vibe! Thanks MJ for providing coverage of all things David for us international fans! One of the best sites for worldly news & videos of our favorite artists!

  19. Archieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….*screams with delight*!

  20. When one of my nieces was little and she was really delighted with something, she would say, “This is too good for me”. With David and the Band, I think I understand what she meant–it excites your very being. This is tempting me to go to the SOF in July.

  21. Thanks for posting MJ!

    I am sooo loving these covers! Blackbird is gorgeous and Everybody Wants To Rule The World is timeless. Now that’s a song that is memorable.. very unique. I remember when that song was huuuge!

    I’m so glad David is continuing to get these headlining gigs. Yes, they are somewhat low key right now, but he just never ever disappoints and I love to hear him sing.

  22. I agree with someone who said that his voice has depths and emotions along with multiple colors. When he sang Gotta Get Thru This for the first time, his fans asked one of band members who rearranged the song, and he said David did mostly. David recreated the song with a completely different vibe and it sounded more soulful and easier to ears.

    His ability to change up songs is well known among fans, and he gets better and better as he matures. Blackbird, Fields of Gold, Bubbly showcase his beautiful soothing tone of voice.

  23. Masterclasslady.com has written a review of Blackbird and Everyone Wants to Rule the World. She discussed Davids artistry,technical expertise, Band etc. Recommend checking it out.


  24. BTW, listen to Gotta Get Through This and band introduction. These young musicians were picked by David himself and they are all amazing. Watch Ben, bassist, from New Zealand. He can REALLLY play!!!

  25. David sounded amazing! I really really really loved his cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”….He looked like he was having so much fun up there!

  26. I just keep listening to David’s version of “Everybody Wants To Rule the World” over and over again. It was great. David and his band did look like they were having fun.

  27. These are great performances by David. Everybody Wants to Rule the World shows off the band too. One of them has a fantastic falsetto.

    Kind of bummed that more people aren’t commenting though. Where did all the David fans go?

    I read that his Dad is accompanying David again on the road and may be managing him again. Seems like a step backward.

  28. Suzanne: I agree with you about David’s dad if that is true. I hope it is not. I think it may just be temporary thing until he signs with a new management/label but who knows what is going on. I kind of doubt he is the manager. David just sounded awesome in all the videos. Very impressive.

  29. Nobody knows who is managing David. The only thing we know that has come from David’s mouth is that he is moving forward.

    If his dad can help him while he’s in transition, then more power to them both. The only thing I care about is that David has a support team that will see him thru thick and thin and it’s something the fanbase can’t give him on a personal level.

  30. Wow David sounded and looked amazing!!! Love when he does covers! I can’t get enough of both songs. I also love him singing “Gotta Get Through This” love how he used that song to introduce his new band. Oh and this band is soooooo good! Can’t wait for Stadium of Fire!

  31. Kind of bummed that more people aren’t commenting though. Where did all the David fans go?

    David has several fan sites and I think, by and large, the majority of his fans comment, coughsquee&spazzcough, on them.

    eta, I would like to express my gratitude to all the women and men who have helped to keep our country strong and safe. Happy Memorial Day!
    eta, I have also read where some fans are unable to post comments here for one reason or another.

  32. David does have several fan sites where many of his fans comment regularly. He still has a very large and dedicated fanbase. David also has a big twitter and facebook following. I think he has a great career ahead of him with that talent that he has. Happy Memorial Day.

  33. Kind of bummed that more people aren’t commenting though. Where did all the David fans go?

    I’ve observed that the majority of posters on this site tend to hate teenage idol contestants past and present. Since he’s long since past competing, I think the only people that post on his news stories here are the ones who’ve always liked him, while the rest don’t care. They only cared to comment to say shitty things about him when he was a threat to their favorite back then, just like it is every year on nearly every idol general blog I’ve seen.

  34. Laleyfan,

    You’ve made an observation that I’ve pondered regarding David. David isn’t a threat to anyone, he’s not competing and yet the only time people jump on the bandwagon to comment about him on this site is when there is “perceived” bad news. When supposedly the label dropped him there was a frenzy of comments. Now here we have David growing, taking charge of his career and life and very few none fans even take the time to listen to him and these absolutely great performances. Sometimes even his fans get into the fray with the down fall of his career because of “management”. IMHO whoever is managing him or not the proof is in the pudding. David is moving forward and it shows, not only in his performances but in what he has to say. I can only imagine the pressure he’s had to endure these past three year.

    Here is his latest interview in Myrtle Beach. Very telling.


  35. Sometimes even his fans get into the fray with the down fall of his career because of “management”.

    IK, and what I find funny about this is I only see his fans mentioning it.

  36. There are plenty of David fans around. We’ve just been on-hold a bit with David writing and practicing with the band etc. Just been in a holding pattern. We love these videos! There was a livecast too (one that cut in and out but it was a treat!). You have to remember he had a barely promoted album and we have been waiting 18 months now for another US tour and are likely to wait longer since he is going to Asia in July. But he says he is building a solid foundation. I love the band and David’s vibe with them. Hallelujah for no backing tracks and loads of elbow room for David to sing what he wants. We are just out of the habit of commenting every day on stuff. But I can get lost in that Blackbird.

  37. I really don’t think it matters how many comments there are for an idol on a blog. Kelly and Carrie and some other idols that have sold the most and are extremely successful don’t have many comments at all on their threads. Unfortunately, it is how much you sell that matters in the music industry.

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