David Archuleta (And Kris Allen) – WDJX Louisville KY Radio Event

David Archuleta performed earlier today at the at a radio event for WDJX in Louisville, KY.  And in an awesome example of Idols colliding, Season 8 winner, Kris Allen was there to introduce the acts! We don’t have video of that yet, unfortunately. There’s a glimpse of Kris leaving the stage as David takes the stage to sing “Something ‘Bout Love”.

But in the meantime, enjoy Archie performing his single, “Something ‘Bout Love” and a brand new co-write, “Elevator”  Look for updates. Reportedly, David sang a few bars with the band “We The Kings.”

UPDATE: Added some sound check vids plus “Crush”

Video Sources: EmilyLuvsArchie, Brandy811, jbiebsgurl95

Video after the JUMP…

Something ‘Bout Love



Touch My Hand


Elevator – Soundcheck

Love Song – Soundcheck

Snip of “Yes Juliet” with We the Kings

UPDATE: Radio interview from 106.3 in Lexington, KY this morning

Interview + acoustic Something ’bout Love

David Archuleta interview on 106.3 August 23 – part 1 from Larissa Cheong on Vimeo.

More interview + Acoustic Crush

David Archuleta interview on 106.3 August 23 – part 2 from Larissa Cheong on Vimeo.

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  1. cant wait for vid of TMH also haha. and when he sang with WTKs.

    Nice audio on these vids, and the songs are sounding better even the second day in. Cant wait for the album!

  2. Sounding very strong. David gets better each time out! Really starting to like ‘Elevator’. Already a big fan of SBL.

  3. mikekmusic
    Thanks @KrisAllen for letting me use your guitar tonight!!!! You rawk

    (Mike Krompass accompanied David today)

  4. I love to see how much fun David has on stage. SBL is better than I thought live. I like the vibe of Elevator but really want to hear the studio version (assuming it’s on the album.)

  5. It’s good to have David out of the studio performing LIVE again. Even better today and he’s having a blast. Yes I think David is bionic when it comes to jumping. Wait til he starts going up and down the elevator Ha! ha! Can’t wait for the album. Enjoying both SBL and Elevator. Those that were there today said it was the best Touch My Hand yet and yesterday’s crowd said the same thing about Crazy.

  6. Thanks, MJ, for always posting the latest right away. Appreciate being able to count on this blog for news flashes/videos of my favorite Idols.

    I liked David’s performances today much better than yesterday (though I liked yesterday’s Crazy). Today’s were more polished.

    Wonder why, out of the gate with the new stuff, they have him singing another song (Elevator) that seems challenging — lots of lyrics sung in quick succession, little chance to catch one’s breath for a second, broad vocal ranges. Can’t imagine anyone doing as well as David with these 2 songs.

    KathyH, he said Elevator is one of his favorites on the new album. He looks happy singing it. At first, I thought it had a Jason Mraz-type vibe. But it looks like a lot of work to sing.

    The Love Song soundcheck is fun. :)

  7. David has already upped his game since yesterday. I got a better feel of Elevator (quirky, go with the flow, enjoy the ride) this time and SBL was incredible. We know it only gets betta with David Archuleta. ;)

  8. Man, David amazes me at being able to sing such high notes and then come down to the low ones! He can take a song and tweak it and make it his own style. Like what he did to SBL!

  9. This morning he is doing an interview and brunch thing for a radio station, with about 200 fans there for it.

    Studio where David will be ! http://twitpic.com/2hgfnu


    David’s going to stop into our station (Your1063) in Lexington, KY Monday morning at 9:30(est) for an interview & probably a few songs on air

  10. http://desmond.yfrog.com/Himg178/scaled.php?tn=0&server=178&filename=l6o.jpg&xsize=640&ysize=640
    Watching @DavidArchie w/ @K_80 in Louisville. I’ve never seen so many 12-15 year-old girls weeping in once place.
    posted by @austingros from Twitter for iPhone 8 hours 19 mins ago

    & then his tweetvid (is this guy nuts or what?):
    I may or may not have just been mistaken for David Archuleta…and signed nine autographs. http://www.twitvid.com/DNLDH about 3 hours ago via web

  11. Kris really should make that white t-shirt his uniform.
    Wow, that’s all I can say. :)

  12. he was wonderful on the morning interview in louisville… sbl sounded pretty darn good for early morning. nice picture of the crowd in louisville yesterday ninah – thanks. tommyispretty has some pretty nice shots of david at the bash as well. warms the heart to see the support still burning pretty hot for david wherever he goes – north, south, east and west, lol… still hoping for some more southern promo – ‘waves hand” :)

  13. He said there are only 2 songs on the album he didnt cowrite. I bet those are the claude/eman tracks.

    They also have the order of the tracks lined up already too. Apparently he said he submitted 50 songs for the album.

  14. david archuleta – you are a GEM

    you are loved, respected and admired by millions of your fans…. :))

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