Darren Criss Joins the Glee Cast

It’s not official yet, but sources are reporting that singer/actor Darren Criss will join Glee, playing a gay student who is a member of a rival show choir.

The reports claim that Darren’s character, Blaine, and Kurt (Chris Colfer) will have a platonic relationship. But, sources are not ruling out the possibility of the friendship blossoming into something more.

There’s been a ton of speculation around just who would be the love interest creator Ryan Murphy has promised for Kurt this season.  There are rumors that new gleekster, Sam played by Chord Overstreet will come out and hook up with Kurt.  But, that idea has been shot down by Chris Colfer who says there’s no sign of romance between Sam and Kurt in the 1st 4 episodes.

Keep in mind that Murphy has said that Kurt and his new BF would become a McKinley High power couple.  With Blaine attending another high school, it would be impossible for the pair to become prom kings, would it not?

Glee producers cast Criss via the nationwide open casting call that was conducted this summer.  You can check out his audition after the jump.  Also, check out his MySpace.

Video after the JUMP…

Darren Criss Glee Audition

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  1. was totally not sold on this guy until about 30 seconds in. but he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously…which is good for the fabulous cheesefest that is Glee.

    seems like Chris Colfer has all sorts of prospects coming his way! honestly though, television could use a good gay character platonic friendship. just because two characters are gay doesn’t mean they HAVE to be romantically involved. i should hope that Kurt and Blaine only remain friends.

    …even if Darren is way more attractive than Chord Overstreet. imo. haha.

  2. I got SO excited when I read this yesterday. I really hope this is true.
    Darren wasn’t really “discovered” by Glee casting; he was on Eastwick if anybody watched that, but he’s sort of well known on the internet. He went to the University of Michigan and wrote and produced a Harry Potter parody/tribute called A Very Potter Musical (a sequel just came out this summer). He wrote ALL the music himself, and starred as Harry. He’s a really talented actor/singer, anybody who hasn’t heard of him, go check out his music or watch the Musical on youtube (TOTALLY worth it).


  3. Holy crap! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Although a lot of people won’t know who Darren Criss is, he actually is pretty famous already. He definitely was NOT “discovered” by Glee. I’ve seen him live playing Harry in “A Very Potter Sequel” and he is great! To be honest, his voice is really great, but not anything particularly special. However, he is an AMAZING musician. And he is a great/funny actor. I’m so excited!

  4. WHOA! I watched him on the Harry Potter musical spoof. He’s a pretty good singer!

  5. honestly though, television could use a good gay character platonic friendship.

    That or a romantic relationship. TV barely has well written gay relationships. Although in Glee’s case a platonic friendship is the best because the show is horrible writing romances. It’s just time the gay character has some story apart from “look, he’s gay”.

    The guy is a good singer.

  6. This COULD be cool…

    ETA-OT, but I’ve had Britney Spears stuck in my head all day (I was surprised I’ve actually heard lucky b4.) Anywya, I CANT WAIT for the britney glee episode!! :)

  7. I’ve seen him live playing Harry in “A Very Potter Sequel” and he is great!

    Aww, I’m jealous. The AVPM videos are totally awesome. All the Voldy/Quirrell stuff had me howling. Hee. Anyway, this is a brilliant casting move. That kid has charisma to spare, and he could totally hold his own with Chris Colfer.

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