Danny Gokey – Good Day Tampa Bay – VIDEO

Danny Gokey appeared today with Charlie Belcher on FOX 13’s Good Day Tampa Bay for an interview and to sing a couple of songs.

He performed “My Best Days are Ahead of Me” and “Tiny Life” from the Dallas Bull club, where he will be performing tonight.

Plus, People magazine is offering a free download of Danny’s song, “Crazy Not To” as part of their country music special. Check it out HERE.

Video after the JUMP…

My Best Days are Ahead of Me

Tiny Lives


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  1. Very nice, thanks mj. Danny has had several days off and it looks like he’s happy to be back on the job. Saw a tweet a little while ago that he and the guys are going jet skiing this afternoon. I think it was Tampa where he did that when AI went through on tour. Hope he doesn’t get sunburned this time!

    For anyone who doesn’t have Danny’s album, I encourage you to download his song “Crazy Not To” from the link to the free download that mj provided above. I really like that song, it’s very popular with his fans. He reminds me of Steve Winwood at the beginning of it.

  2. Nice videos!

    Yes, Josie, hope he doesn’t fry himself like he did during the AI tour when he jetskiied with Matt, Allison and Michael.

    Crazy Not To is definitely my favorite song from the album! Not a technically demanding wow kind of song, but his voice sounds so good; such a great upbeat love song :)

  3. I love Crazy Not To!!!! Non country fans seem to like this one and Get Away, and Like That’s a Bad Thing the best.

    People mag. wrote:

    DOWNLOAD: “Crazy Not To”
    “It’s about somebody who has experienced the pain of love and doesn’t want to go down that path again,” says the American Idol finalist. “But they find someone so special, they’d be crazy not to pursue it.”

    Love those radio sponsored shows. I’m still trying to win tickets to the Chicago show next week. A great chance to be up close and personal.

  4. Holy CraI, the Dallas Bull is 30 minutes from where I live, and I would go see Danny, but its a pretty young rowdy crowd, I dont think I would fit it, I hope Danny does ok there, I know a lot of people that go there to pick up, guys, girls, I hope its not to rowdy for Danny. Not to sure how that crowd is gonna take him.

  5. I say go for it Miss Chaos, you will have a great time. He is a good live performer.

    Danny has been at quite a few rowdy country bars and they love him.

    Besides, there will definitely be oodles of Danny fans that are coming just to see him, and not be there to hook up ;)

  6. Miss Chaos, you should go! I agree with indigobunting, he is used to rowdy crowds and from what I have seen in videos, he likes to get them going. I also agree with her that there will be a lot of people there specifically to see Danny. I have no doubt that he will love the crowd and they will love him. I hope you’ll go and if you do, please come back and tell us about it!

  7. I now realize why “tiny life” sounds so familiar to me, the chorus is a rip-off of “what hurts the most”!

  8. You think Jeffrey Steele ripped himself off sagi? Hmm. I don’t see it. It doesn’t seem to work very well to try to sing the lyrics of one to the melody of the other.

    Chorus to WHTM:

    What hurts the most
    Was being so close
    And havin’ so much to say
    And watchin’ you walk away
    And never knowin’
    What could’ve been
    And not seein’ that lovin’ you
    Is what I was tryin’ to do

    Chorus to Tiny Life:

    But sometimes I think,
    it’s just a simple thing.
    I close my eyes and I realize all I really need
    Is a love I had,
    and the love I had to give.
    Anything else there is is insignificant
    In this tiny life.

  9. I can see how the songs are vaguely similar; since the verses are quieter and the chorus is a soaring refrain in both; but don’t see beyond that. Tiny Life starts very quiet and builds to a Crescendo near the end, and is definitely more country rock than WHTM. Of course, in an acoustic song its so much different than listening to the studio version, which is louder with strings, electric guitars, etc.

    And both songs are written by the esteemed Nashville writer Jeffrey Steele; I think many songwriters can have a “stamp” of their own style on them sometimes.

  10. anybody going tonight and tomrow night hit me up should be fun 2 shows 813-523-3982

  11. Thanks for sharing the Danny news MJ. We Danny fans really appreciate it. Thxs for the download too!

    I think it is the lyric heavy song, that is striking the familiarity issue for Sagi.

    You can hear the same distinct wording in his ‘My Wish’ which Danny also did on the AI tour.

    As I understand it, they are friends, and Danny recently performed at a private charity fair Steele holds in remembrance of his son each year.

    I am a huge fan of Jeffrey Steele. He has written for Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Trace Adkins, Montgomery Gentry, and most notably Rascal Flats. He also has his own successful solo career. ‘Something in the Water’ is my favorite.

  12. Danny looked and sounded great in these. Seems like he got a little rest finally with a few days off at Easter, though I understand they were back at it a day or so ago rehearsing some new things (including PYT which is pretty interesting).

    I did wonder initially how it would go with Danny performing at country music bars, but it’s worked very well. I went to one early in his radio tour, well before his album or even single was out, and he got great support, including from locals who seemed to be more regulars at the bar than people who came out for Danny. It was a show with three other acts, Danny was the only one I heard anyone specifically talking about in the crowd while waiting on the show to start. He also had noticeably more people crowding around the stage to see him than the acts that went before and right after him.

    Loved to see Danny singing Tiny Life, it’s one of my favorites from his album. In some ways, I like it better than WHTM. The song on Danny’s album that reminds me of WHTM isn’t Tiny Life, it’s I Will Not Say Goodbye — two power ballads with that raw emotional content. Tiny Life is a much gentler ballad but it has a sneaky kind of intensity as it spirals up toward that last minute or so.

    Added: Pics of Danny in concert
    http://twitpic.com/1eg1ql (nice looking crowd)

    Someone also got a copy of the setlist and tweeted it.

    Up to 15 songs – including all 10 songs from Danny’s album, and some bonus songs including, sure enough, a little country PYT action, lol. Danny really does put on a pretty ambitious show for a newbie artist. Very different than some I’ve seen recently who sing a handful of songs with very limited backup band, and have no particular stage presence or approach besides standing in one spot and singing.

  13. Up to 15 songs – including all 10 songs from Danny’s album, and some bonus songs including, sure enough, a little country PYT action, lol

    Wow, really? 15 songs?! He really sang his whole album plus 5 cover songs? I wonder how the country crowd liked PYT, lol. I know they have received ‘BE Somebody” quite well, considering it is more Stevie Wonder/Winwood than Country.

    That looked like a full house. I’m sure everyone had a great time.

  14. I like the picture, looks like Danny has that rowdy crowd under control. ;) I hope that Miss Chaos decided to go, and that Chad met up with some other fans.

  15. Lol, Josie! Yes, the crowd looked pretty tuned in to Danny.

    I hope Miss Chaos did decide to get some “life on” her! I know she wouldn’t regret it. Hopefully Chad did find some other Danny fans. I know from experience, Danny fans are pretty inclusive to hanging out together :)

  16. Saw this on twitter. I didn’t get a clear impression of the crowd size from the pics/videos for his show at the casino in Tunica MS near Memphis.
    But looks like Danny did very well, pretty close to selling out with the venue set up for ~1000 capacity.

    Concert totals are in for @DannyGokey at Horseshoe Tunica Casino http://bit.ly/cz0iXw 96% sold!

  17. Dante, I really love I Still Believe, and I’m surprised I do because I don’t usually like songs with a faith message.

    But the beat and fiddles are so good and Danny does do a really good job with that difficult song- large range and lots of half steps.

    I’d love it to be a single; but I don’t think they will because he will get the “Danny belongs in CCM” label thrown at him. Oh well.

    BTW- Miss Chaos- You were right about the venue; a drunk girl got up on stage with Danny and was all over him. But he handled it really well. (That wasn’t you was it? LOl- just joking! :) )

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