Danny Gokey Debuts Another New Song – “Tiny Life”

Danny Gokey, debuted yet another song today, the ballad, “Tiny Life” written by Jeffrey Steele and Marv Green (who also co-wrote “My Best Days”). Danny debuted it live in the the studio with the Johnson & Johnson Morning show on K-Bull 93 in Salt Lake City, UT.

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“Tiny Life” has been around for awhile. This blog mentions that Steele sang the song at the Bluebird Cafe in January 2005.

The song sounds a lot like Danny’s almost-single, “It’s Only”.   The inspirational ballad is going to be Danny’s thing, me thinks, upbeat new single, notwithstanding.

Check out Danny’s new single “My Best Days Are Ahead” HERE.

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  1. I think that this song sounds wonderful. It’s my favorite of the songs that Danny has premiered so far. I think that the studio version of this song is going to be really nice.

    Danny’s voice seemed kind of tired in this performance, and he mentioned having a sore throat yesterday. He has been singing a lot lately, but I think that he will get a couple of days off where he can rest his voice. I think that after he gets the chance to rest his voice some, he’ll sound better when he performs this song.

    Also I heard that Danny will be performing at Mercy Health Charity Ball on December 5 in Arkansas.

  2. Jx223, I noticed that Danny has a cold yesterday, so I think he was struggling a bit, BUT I think I like this song the best so far, also. The beginning was a little stilted, but I think that might partially be due to the lack of much instrumentation and Danny’s cold. The lyrics are beautiful, and I think the recorded version is going to sound really good.

    For me, I’m liking this one best, then It’s Only (but I really like It’s Only alot), and then Best Days. These are all solid songs, if you ask me.

    I think Danny is going to turn out a really nice album.

    dies he debut a new song every day?!

    Lol, it does seem like it, doesn’t it? It really is a bit odd, but I’m enjoying it. I wonder what the strategy is behind it?

    I was wondering what Danny would be singing at Coyote Joe’s in NC in December, and now I guess I know. He will be singing the songs off of his album!

  3. I believe that Danny has debuted the three songs because he has a lot of appearances coming up this month and next; and he needs new original material to sing, not just covers.
    His album won’t be released until next year, so this is a way of getting a few songs out there he can sing during the multiple gigs he has coming up.

  4. Jx223, I noticed that Danny has a cold yesterday, so I think he was struggling a bit, BUT I think I like this song the best so far, also. The beginning was a little stilted, but I think that might partially be due to the lack of much instrumentation and Danny’s cold. The lyrics are beautiful, and I think the recorded version is going to sound really good.

    I think that Danny has a sore throat and that his voice is tired, but hopefully after he gets a couple of days rest, he will feel better. I think that beginning was a little stilted too, and you can hear the affects of him being tired and having a sore throat, in his performance of the song, but I still think that he did a good job overall. I think that the lyrics to the song are lovely, and I can’t wait to hear the studio version of the song. :)

    I think that Danny is going to turn out to have a solid album.

  5. I believe that Danny has debuted the three songs because he has a lot of appearances coming up this month and next; and he needs new original material to sing, not just covers.
    His album won’t be released until next year, so this is a way of getting a few songs out there he can sing during the multiple gigs he has coming up.

    I think so too. He is going to need new original material to sing at events like the ones in Grafton, the Hobble Gobble Event, the Charity Ball in Arkansas, and at the event at Coyote Joe’s where he will be performing in addition to other country artists, who will probably be singing their own songs. And at any other gig he will get between now and his album dropping.

  6. I haven’t had a chance to really sit down listen to this newest song yet, but people who have attended the events with Danny this week have described him as doing anywhere from three to five songs. I think today is just the first time there was a recording made public of the third song for his album.

    I did read that the plans for the ongoing radio tour will give Danny and the two musicians traveling with him weekends off. Hopefully that will give him a chance to rest up. He had mentioned having a little bit of strain even last week, after coming out of the CMA Week interviews and work in the studio.

  7. I’m going to have to listen to this one again and hear the recorded version before I decide which one of his 3 songs I like the best. However, I do admit that I like them all and so far it looks like Danny is going to put out a solid album. I’m still thinking My Best Days is the best for his first single because it is uptempo but I really want to hear the recorded version of Tiny Life. Wonder if they will make that available on http://www.dannygokey.com also.

  8. The song sounds rushed and Danny sounds out of breath. Maybe he should have waited until his voice was in better condition to intro this one.

  9. I don’t usually think Danny sounds out of breath when people on here say he does, but this time I agree that he does indeed sound out of breath. The video that I watched (I guess it’s the same one) showed him sniffing quite a bit, kinda like I have been for the past two days, with a cold.

    I suppose it might have been good to wait to sing it, but I dont know if it’s really an option. He has these radio gigs lined up and I guess he needs to perform his music whether he’s in the best of health or not.

  10. Definitely looked to me as if he was struggling with a cold. He was tweeting yesterday that he had a sore throat, seems like it got worse.
    I think he did well considering the issues he was having, especially on a song that seems like a rather difficult one to perform. It’s a pretty song (lots of words!), very emotional.
    I would like to hear it when he’s in full voice to get the best feel for it, but so far, have to say it looks like Danny is three for three in terms of solid songs for his album.
    My Best Days is probably the least taxing on Danny’s voice to sing (or seems to me, no expert though). Imagine these interviews are all planned out, including time for him to do multiple songs. He doesn’t sound bad, just strained, so I admire that he pushed through it. Hope he gets to rest and recuperate over the weekend before the next round of appearances. I didn’t hear of any other stops today, so maybe he even got some downtime after this one wrapped up.
    There was at least one day earlier this week when reports had him doing as many as four (known) appearances, and singing anywhere from two to four songs at each. Had to be hard.

  11. Well if Danny sounds out of breath it’s because he is singing in fuckin’ Salt Lake City, Utah. Ain’t no air to breath there, ’cause you are up so damn high…and if he has a bit of a cold all the “forced air” heat that blows in the hotel rooms (It’s so dry that snot turns to paper) dries out your lungs and your throat feels like instant sand paper. So he really is gasping for breath!! Now that I know you are trying to sing this in Salt Lake you are totally forgiven, Danny. No one should have to do that….especially bright and early in the morning. That’s totally cruel and unusual punishment.

    Aw…late fall and winter in SLC.

  12. Wow, Tess, I didn’t know that! But now that you mention it, when I was in college, our basketball team was playing a game in Salt Lake City, and I remember the physiology professor talking about the opponents having as unfair advantage, being used to the climate there. Interesting.

    Danny does pause at one point during this song, breaths hard and shakes his head, like he is frustrated about being so out of breath. I thought it was just the cold combined with it being a song that requires a lot of breath to sing.

    Thanks for the info!

  13. Tess, that is an excellent point. SLC is a beautiful city, but he was probably happy to escape from there today.

    He looked kind of miserable but sounded better than he looked today! I’m kidding, I think Danny is a cutie but he really did look like he wasn’t feeling well today. It was a good visit though, he spent a lot of time joking around with those guys and they seemed to really like him. He also did a rendition of Best Days. You can hear a bit of the stuffy nose but he powered through it, and I think it’s an enjoyable rendition. If you like the raspy aspect of his voice (I do), you’ll hear it here, but the tone is still good. Definitely a stuffy nose though. Poor thing, I hope he gets to rest this weekend.

  14. Compliments from Chris Sligh don’t come often

    ChrisSligh “My Best Days are Ahead of Me” is a REALLY good country song! Good songwriting, Danny’s vocals sound great. Great job, Mark Bright!

  15. “Well if Danny sounds out of breath it’s because he is singing in fuckin’ Salt Lake City, Utah.”

    Wow, never knew that before about Salt Lake, thanks for that info, just figured he had a really bad cold, he kept sniffling (and was coughing yesterday). That does explain his disgusted shake of the head during the song as he paused!

    He was definitely not at his best but the song does sound intriguing; seems like a romantic power ballad that could use some big instrumentation. So far I’m excited about how the album is panning out.

  16. Hadn’t thought about the altitude factor, very good point, though I think Danny also did have a cold today.

    So far I’m excited about how the album is panning out.

    ITA. There’s not one of these new songs that I’m not enjoying so far. Both the country music fan and the Danny Gokey fan in me are totally happy so far. Hope that continues through the rest of the CD.

  17. So far the three songs we have heard for Danny’s upcoming album are getting mostly positive reviews from fans and nonfans alike. What is the likelihood Danny’s label would release a 3 song digital EP on Itunes just in time for Christmas? Might not be a bad idea. I know I would definately buy it. There have been several country music artists recently release EP’s with a 3 to 5 songs, including Bucky Covington. Anyone know how Bucky’s EP did?

  18. Wow! Another solid song for Danny. This man can so sing. It is really beginning to look like Danny is going to put out a killer album. Can’t wait to see how his numbers play out. I think this is going to be big.

  19. Danny has a great raspy sound in his voice. I wonder what his other songs will be like on his cd?

  20. tinydance, I forget the exact words that Danny used, but I heard him say that the album is going to be a mix of different styles. I think that’s great, because the different song types bring out the different aspects of his voice, and of course also having different types of songs can broaden the appeal. I hope that different songs from the album continue to be revealed, it’s fun to find out what he’s been doing! And I’ve been very happy so far, I think he’s off to a great start.

    It’s nice to see that compliment from Chris Sligh! I am quite sure that he wouldn’t say that if he didn’t mean it, and I think he’s a person with strong credibility on marketability within country music. So, Yay!

  21. That was lovely. The beginning was a little weak for me so I wasn’t sure at first but by the time he hit the chorus I knew this was another very good song. :)

    So far, all 3 of the songs I’ve heard from him have been quite good. I like ‘Best Days’ the best so far, and I would put this one right after it, with ‘It’s Only’ now my least favorite of the 3 (and I still think ‘It’s Only’ is quite beautiful).

    More and more I think Danny will be this year’s Daughtry (the ‘surprise’ success). I’m not saying he’ll be gigantic like Daughtry, but I think he’ll be solidly successful (and it makes me smile to think how many people will just *hate* Danny being successful).

    There’s a lot of talk about country purists who will snub Danny, and speculation that Danny will never be accepted by country radio. I’ve always thought country was a pretty wide open and accepting genre, so I have my doubts that he’ll be as soundly rejected as people think.

    BUT… even if he is, I don’t think that’s necessarily a career killer for him. He doesn’t have to be hugely successful on country radio to be a successful country artist.

    For anyone who doubts this I would direct your attention to exhibits A & B, Mr. Daughtry and Mr. Cook. No one can deny they are rockers. No one can deny they are very successful. Yet if you listen to rock radio stations you will hardly ever hear a song played by either of them (every once in a while you’ll hear ‘Crashed’ or ‘What I Want’ from Chris, even never even once heard Cook played on rock radio, and I listen to a lot of rock radio).

    Yet they’ve sold millions of albums (Daughtry has sold more rock albums the past 3 years than any other band… yet hardly ever gets a spin on rock radio format) I started listening to HAC and AC stations so that I could occasionally hear my 2 favorite Idols of all time.

    My point is that even if Danny never gets much traction from country radio stations (and as accepting as they have been of him in interviews, I think he is going to get a shot at it) that doesn’t mean he can’t do well in other formats, like HAC and AC (which all of these songs would fit well with).

    Just thought I’d throw that thought out there as I hadn’t heard it mentioned yet.

  22. tinydance, me too, sooner the better!

    Daniel B, that’s a very interesting point, I hadn’t thought about the Daughtry/Cook examples, but that makes sense. I do agree with you that I don’t think that Danny is going to run into acceptance issues in country music, on a wide scale anyway. I really don’t think it’s going to chap their asses that Danny drove a truck and sang gospel music before losing his young wife and going on AI. And it doesn’t seem that country fans feel like they’re too cool for AI alumnae, which is what I understand that guys like Daughtry and Cook have run into.

    I hope that Danny does a lot of station visits. He comes across as very comfortable and natural with these people, and they seem to really like him. The most important thing is if they like the music, and having them like him personally can only help on top of that.

    I’m feeling good about it. “Best Days” is my favorite so far too. I haven’t listened to much country music in many years. I grew up listening to it, and I think I’d probably do very well on that quiz they were talking about on the other thread, the one that the DJs gave Jessica Simpson…as long as they didn’t go any later than about 1976! But I was laughing about how much I love the steel guitar hook in “Best Days”, I guess when you listen to that stuff young it gets imprinted in your brain, kind of like water for a baby duck! That song feels very comfortable to me.

  23. This is a good song. Maybe the best of the three although I can see why they went with BD for the first single.

    I could also see this and BD getting some play on HAC if his label decides to push it there. (I’m enjoying the fact that a Danny thread is so calm. I guess all the craziness is now directed at Kradam.)

  24. I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised with the way Danny’s label/management team has handled his signing so far. They have been quite good at keeping the buzz up on Danny among the Idol fans (which is all any of them really have at this point). I had expected that Danny would be pretty much forgotten this month with all the hype for the release of Kris, Adam and Allison’s albums. Kris and Danny have really been the only two out there working hard with interviews at radio stations and performances. They seem to be treated like new artists. Seems like RCA has bet everything on Adam’s performance at the AMA’s and are treating him like an already established artist, which will probably work. Not quite sure what the marketing strategy is for Allison.

  25. “The beginning was a little weak for me so I wasn’t sure at first but by the time he hit the chorus I knew this was another very good song. :)”

    Yes, his illness certainly caused problems with the rapid delivery of the verses- anxious to hear that when he is well.

    But, oh, the chorus! Not everyone likes Danny belting, but boy oh boy do his fans love big voice, belting Danny and I think we are in for a treat on this one!

    He will be in the midwest at the end of the month with the Detroit and Grafton appearances, wonder if he will head out east for the Radio tour once December hits. And will he head down South? Of course we have no idea, since his label is so close-mouthed.

  26. From Danny’s official myspace:

    Danny Looks Ahead to Great Days with Debut Single, ‘My Best Days Are Ahead of Me’ 

    American Idol Season Eight finalist and 19 Recordings/RCA Nashville recording artist Danny Gokey has been busy working on his debut album, and as country radio programmers who were in Nashville for last week’s CMA Awards began hearing some of his songs, the feedback was overwhelming: they loved the uplifting, up-tempo ‘My Best Days Are Ahead of Me.’  The song, which will be Danny’s debut single, will arrive at country radio within the next few days.

    ‘I love this song for what it stands for,’  Danny says. ‘I don’t live in the past. I live in the ‘now” ¦in the future’ ¦and in the dreams that I have. I know that my best days really are ahead of me.’ 

    Fans can hear the song online immediately at http://www.dannygokey.com, and viewers in Los Angeles who caught his appearance earlier this week on the KTLA Morning News got to see an acoustic sneak preview performance of ‘My Best Days Are Ahead of Me,’  which is also online now at http://www.ktla.com/entertainment/.

    A digital single will be available on December 22, with a full album arriving early next year.

  27. I was glad to see that posted on Danny’s myspace page. I hope that means his label will be more forthcoming with news on appearances and plans for the album, now that the first leg of the radio tour has gotten underway so smoothly.
    I haven’t read or heard of any problems or negative reactions except Danny getting sick, poor thing. With Danny performing live at these various stops, it’s got to be obvious that he is a very strong singer and sincere about his love for these songs. Seems to me that can only help him with country radio, especially as some of the radio personalities are sponsoring events where they are watching first-hand how their audience is responding to these songs, and to Danny as a person and performer.

    Just read that blog mj had linked to her post, where someone had commented about having heard Jeffrey Steele play this song somewhere in 2005.

    He did, however, sing this amazing song called “Tiny Life.” I’d be shocked if no one cuts that one.

    If no one else picked it up before, it seems a great fit for Danny. And it wasn’t mentioned in mj’s post, but Jeffrey was a songwriter for both What Hurts the Most and My Wish, songs Danny chose to perform on the AI show and Idol Tour. Not at all surprised that one of the early tracks becoming public for Danny’s tour would be written by Jeffrey.

  28. USA TODAY Staff
    Brian Mansfield (19 friends, send message) wrote: 3h ago
    I’m told by RCA that, as a result of the switch in singles, “It’s Only” now will not be available in Dec. as originally planned.

  29. i like this song the best of danny’s 3 so far.
    not too hot, not too cold, just right.

  30. Wow is Danny ever working hard.

    I think this could be a killer song in the right venue and with the right instrumentation.

    I wonder how Danny likes singing his songs in a tiny room when he’s used to performing in front of large crowds and large venues.

  31. Killer voice. I’ll say it again. His voice blows Kris Allen straight out of the water. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he goes on to be a bigger commercial success then Kris.

  32. No way is Gokey going to out shine Kris Allen JB1, in the talent or looks department. Interviewers like interviewing Kris because he knows how to talk – without blathering on and on like Gokey. Within a year we will hopefully not be hearing about Gokey anymore. He is a total bore. Really can’t stand him.

  33. If “It’s Only”, “My Best Days” and now “Tiny Life”, are any indications, I think the album will be huge. It works because Danny stayed trued to who is as a performer. I am looking forward to the studio version of “Tiny Life”.

  34. Tiny Life shows great potential; you know a song is good when you can sense it even when someone is singing it live, with minimal back up music and sick to boot.

    I thought Danny did a great job this first week of radio tours; he had great rapport with the DJ’s; the interviews were a lot of fun with much laughter on both sides.

    He’s got great people, producers and songwriters behind him and so far the 3 songs are 3 for 3 in my book.

    Just wish his album was coming out sooner.

  35. Interview last week of Danny by a country music radio station, with a very nice live performance of his upcoming single, My Best Days are Ahead of Me.


    Those interviewers sure seem to be hatin’ on poor Danny. (Not.) Danny can be a pretty outgoing and funny guy, it serves him well in the radio interviews he’s doing now. Very nice rapport with most of the interviewers, both in the radio tour and in the numerous interviews he did during CMA Week in Nashville. I’m sure it must wear on him and on some of the other AI finalists though, when they get the same questions over and over.

    Killer voice. I’ll say it again. His voice blows Kris Allen straight out of the water.

    ITA, although will say Kris (not my favorite) has his own strengths in different ways. Have always believed Danny and Adam to have the two best and most interesting voices from AI8. (With a little soft spot for Megan in the ‘most interesting’ category, lol — though definitely not the best vocally otherwise.)

  36. steph, I hadn’t heard that interview before, that was great! I would say that female DJ in particular took a shine to Danny, she was a hoot! I could hear them cheering in the studio as he finished singing, yep, that’s what we want to hear!

  37. josie, that was pretty funny when she was talking about ‘dating’ Danny. lol.

    I watched another interview on video this morning, that started out with two male country music broadcasters asking questions. There was a woman from the station in some role or other. She started out in another room, then sneaked in to stand in the doorway as they were talking about Danny’s music, background, non-profit work, etc. Before long she’d come right into the room very near Danny, and you could see her kind of nodding along to different points they were talking about. In that case, it didn’t seem to be a flirty thing, but more she was relating to Danny speaking about the subjects he cares about. Was kind of nice. Reminded me of what I saw on the AI Tour with a lot of people drawn to Danny and nodding/visibly reacting to the emotional content of what he was singing on songs like My Wish.

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