Danny Gokey Completes his Run as Opener for Sugarland’s Incredible Machine Tour

August 5th and 6th in the Atlanta (Alpharetta) GA and Mobile (Orange Beach) AL areas marked Danny Gokey’s concluding shows as an opening act for the spring/summer leg of Sugarland’s cross-country Incredible Machine Tour. Just prior to these two shows, Danny appeared as Sugarland’s sole opener at Frontier Days in Cheyenne WY July 30th. 

Danny’s Incredible Machine Tour tour experience spanned ~21 arena/pavilion-scale venue shows from early May through early August. He was usually followed on stage by one of a rotating cast of more experienced second opening acts including Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, and Little Big Town.

Danny was interviewed prior to his final Sugarland show by Mobile AL country radio station 95 KSJ.

Photos, videos, and audio after the jump!

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Danny Gokey with Sugarland – final three events

Alpharetta GA   

With Little Big Town – photo via @lbtmusic

Orange Beach AL

Complete set of Orange Beach concert and m&g photos from 95 KSJ here.

Frontier Days, Cheyenne WY

Photo credit – Jeff Allred Photography via Danny Gokey official Facebook page

Danny Gokey Interview with 95 KSJ Mobile AL, 8/6

Among other topics, Danny speaks of his plans for a fall headlining tour.

Bonus audio: Country artist Jake Owen on touring with Danny and Sugarland (starts ~0:37) 05-21-10-country-music-news.mp3

via http://kncifm.radio.com/2010/05/21/country-music-news/

A Look Back in Video at Danny on Tour with Sugarland

Be Somebody – Nampa ID (Danny’s first Sugarland date)

Life on Ya – Kansas City MO

My Best Days are Ahead of Me – Colorado Springs CO

I Will Not Say Goodbye – Boston MA
song starts ~1:10 after appeal for Nashville flood relief & dedication

I Still Believe – Camden NJ

Get Away / Life on Ya – Saratoga NY

What Hurts The Most – Camden NJ

Signing at the Merchandise Table Post-Show

video credits – nashvillegab,  sonnysangel,  denwilliams, tonicny, iamvicarious, and wheniwakeup629


  1. Steph-

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I’m a little sad his run with Sugarland is over. I enjoyed it thoroughly when I saw them; both Danny and Sugarland (can’t say the same for Julianne Hough though) in Colorado.

    It is nice that he will be headlining his own tour this fall. Anxious to hear if/who he will have an opener.

    I hope his management gets him as good a gig as Sugarland was this winter. I was allergic to Country until Danny went that way and I’m glad I was introduced to Sugarland- I really like them.

  2. Indigobunting, aww shucks — I plumb forgot to mention Julianne in the article ;) She wasn’t the highlight of my seeing Danny on the Sugarland tour either, though Jake Owen was very enjoyable, and Sugarland of course.

    I love Sugarland generally speaking, though their newest song not so much :?

    It will be interesting to find out who Danny will be touring with, if they are able to arrange for a regular opening act on the fall tour. After the holidays, I do think we will see Danny on another major tour again, opening for someone else either in the winter or spring.

  3. Awww ..the summer went so fast for them. I saw one of the early show in mid May and danny was having a blast then.

    This tweet from his guitarplayer/brother-in-law puts it in a nutshell for all of them I’m sure…

    Last show with @sugarlandmusic ….gonna miss it! Great Band, crew and wonderful people…and AWESOME CATERING!
    16 hours ago reply

    I’m sure only good things lie ahead for Danny for the remainder of the year.

  4. I get such a kick out of all those cowboys giving Danny that belt buckle- so cute! And Danny standing in the center rocking his designer glasses and hip chains. :D

    And, awww, I saw that at the next gig he had; his sold out sunset cruise for a radio station in North Carolina, he had his shirt tucked in (which he never does) to show off his new belt buckle. Sweet.

  5. Steph, great post, as usual! Love having the overview of Danny’s time with Sugarland.

    That is such a great photo of him with Ivan. I also really enjoyed hearing that interview with WKSJ. I remember when he was in Mobile during his radio tour. If I am remembering correctly, that was one of the places that the DJ responded very emotionally to hearing Danny sing, although I’m not certain it was this station. But I’m seeing even more now what a great investment of time that radio tour was. This station showed Danny a lot of love with the interview and great photo gallery. Just checked and they’ve added his song and are playing it – I guess that’s the kind of love that really counts!

  6. What a great photo/video series! I saw Danny with Sugarland in Salt Lake City when he was just starting out with them—his voice is just so amazing!

    I love the picture from Cheyenne of Danny. He looks like he’s in great shape! Also the picture where he is surrounded by all those cowboys dressed the same is too cute. I’m still waiting for a picture of Danny on horseback. That day, he tweeted that he went for a ride (its cool that Danny, an urban Milwaukee boy, would love horses and riding so much!)

    What a great opportunity for Danny to learn from Sugarland. I can’t wait to hear what’s up next for him.

  7. Danny is looking mighty fine these days. His time at the gym certainly is paying off. So much has happened for Danny, career wise. His live shows seem to have gotten bigger. Now he is moving on to the next phase – headlining his own tour. That is huge validation from RCA Nashville, considering that Danny is still a newcomer in the industry. Can’t wait to find out the details, including who will be his opening act. Ironically, just last year around this time, fans were anxiously awaiting the details of his record signing. And the outcome of that turned out to be very sweet.

  8. I am glad Danny got to open for Sugarland because that gives him more exposure with more country fans.

  9. Not a big fan of Sugarland but I love them for giving Danny such a great opportunity to tour with them and make more fans. I’m not crazy about Danny’s cd (I did buy it) but he is just awesome live. Thanks for the thread, great pics and videos of Danny. He keeps getting better and better.

  10. Aladdict

    That’s great you were able to enjoy Danny in concert, you went as a guest of a friend, correct?. He really lights up the stage when he’s up there.

  11. but he is just awesome live. Thanks for the thread, great pics and videos of Danny. He keeps getting better and better.

    First, thanks for a great thread!. I agree about the live performances. I have always felt that was the area that Danny excels in. And I suspect that’s one of the reasons he was signed. Touring is very lucrative in Country music. And this is something that Danny obviously enjoys doing. And he has the type of outgoing personality that mixes well with live audiences. He must be doing well, if his label is already planning bigger shows for him.

  12. Steph, What great pictures of Danny. I saw Danny when he opened for Sugarland at Meriweather in Maryland. He was fantastic and I enjoyed Sugarland also. Danny has come so far and has become a great performer in his own right. He said that he is like a sponge and I know that he learned so much touring with Sugarland. Jennifer Nettles is an amazing performer and I’m glad Danny had the opportunity to open for them. Can’t wait for news on his fall tour. I will be seeing Danny in September when he is in Maryland again. When does Danny open for Lady Antebellum? This month, right?

  13. Lucy1234, Danny has one date opening for Lady A in Walton NY on August 21st, and another at the Great Allentown Fair in Pennsylvania, in early September :) Believe the latter is the same event where Kris is with Keith Urban a day or two later.

  14. Step 1 down. Step 2 coming. Stardom awaits this man. Phenomenal entertainer!

  15. Okay, who knows if Danny is touring in the winter? Didn’t he have something lined up that he could discuss at that time?

  16. I can’t believe how good Danny sounds live.

    He’s an amazing singer – he sounds better live than on his studio recordings imo.

  17. Canuck:

    Danny was working on a tour with someone big for the winter but he told us in an iheart (fan site) interview that it didn’t work out. He did confirm in that same interview he would headline his own in the fall, but couldn’t give details about that one. Some dates are already showing up at performing arts type venues (1k approx. capacity) in Oct. and Nov.

    Have you seen him live? These vids don’t do justice. I’m one who loves his studio recordings and what Mark Bright has done with him on MBD, but there is something about his live performances- His charisma and extreme energy shine through, as well as his joy at performing. His voice quality, pitch control and propensity to change songs up live are truly noteworthy. I think this is one reason the judges praised him so much on AI- they could appreciate that more that TV viewers.

    I assume you live in Canada? He has a show lined up this fall in BC at the Red Robin (Adam played there earlier also)-not sure how far that is from where you live. And Meet & Greet passes are available at Sophiasheart.org

  18. Thanks Steph6449 for all the Danny updates, and videos etc.

    It’s heart warming to hear Jake Owen said in the interview that Danny’s a great singer and he could sing the phone book. Danny got so much praise from so many people in the music industry (including all the 4 AI judges) that people should realize this guy does have great talents, and he will go far.

    Danny is one of the 2 idols from S8 that I will pay to see live, and he is the only one I will travel (if I have to) to attend his concert.

  19. Indigobunting

    Unfortunately the timing doesn’t work out for me to see Danny in Vancouver, although I will be in VCR in a week or so.

    I would love to see Danny in concert though – but I only can manage to make it to Vancouver once or twice a year.I’m pretty internet dependent – I live in northern British Columbia on the coast.

    I’m really enjoying watching Danny’s journey. Just to think that at this time last year, people were doubting he would even be signed.

  20. He needs to get by his inspirational phase and pick songs that are bit happier. I still feel sorry for him because he talks and sings like he is still in mourning….and maybe he is. But that gets old in music unless he is going to do Christian music which I think his voice is perfect for. Too whiny for my taste. (Just my opinion)

  21. He needs to get by his inspirational phase and pick songs that are bit happier. I still feel sorry for him because he talks and sings like he is still in mourning

    Well gosh, when I watch videos of him dancing all over the stage with songs like “Hard to Handle” and “TROUBLE”, I don’t feel a bit sorry for him. I feel sorry for myself, because I’m not there. He is doing lots of happy songs Mr. Duffin, no need to feel sorry for him. If you watch his videos, you’ll see a lot of joy. He’s doing great.

    I wasn’t aware that there was a particular type of voice that was a prerequisite for or best suited for Christian music. I don’t actually believe that to be honest but if there is further clarification I’d be interested to see it.

  22. Mr. Duffin-

    I can see why you would think Danny is in mourning from one of the songs on his CD (I Will Not Say Goodbye). But Country loves it’s sad songs, most country albums have at least one, and Danny is perfect for country, IMO.

    His first single “MY Best Days Are Ahead of Me” is anything but sad, and his whole album is entitled “My Best Days”. The material reflects that- very positive, including songs that celebrate life (“I don’t know about you but I was put here to live and love” from “Like that’s a Bad Thing” fits him perfectly), love song (“look at you, look at you- I’d Be Crazy Not To! Fall in love again, that is!).

    Give the album a listen to hear all the life-affirming, fun songs on it (Yes “Life On Ya” qualifies completely- “Gotta Get some Life On Ya!”) or go to one of his joyous live shows. He has the crowd jumping around and yelling by the end of it.

    I agree Danny’s voice is perfect for Christian music because his voice is perfect for so MANY genres, lol :) He truly has a remarkably versatile voice.

    ETA: I agree with you that Danny is still mourning. Because he is a person of faith perhaps, to his fans, he does seem to have a very joyous outlook on life in general. I thought it was kind of funny in the interview above when he told the DJ that when he gets married again he’ll have to get another tattoo, since his one and only tattoo is of Sophia/his charitable foundation.

  23. MrDuffin:
    08/08/2010 at 4:33 pm

    I happen to agree with you, Mr.Duffin. I check in often and Danny still talks about his loss in his concerts. When he does that evokes the same sadness I have felt for him a over a year. No matter how much dancing around and happy songs he sings, the constant feeling still prevails for me. I guess there are some people that feel like us and that is okay…we all aren’t going to agree on this.

  24. I think Danny handles talking about his wife as well as it would be possible to do. It happened, it was devastating, he found a way to go on, and he will never forget, but he is obviously (in his interviews and concerts) a person who is finding great joy in life. He sings songs that have meaning for him. One aspect of his life is the loss of his wife, he talks about that briefly in his concert but makes the song I Will Not Say Goodbye about everyone who as suffered a loss. A moment in a concert of an hour and a half pegs him as “sad”, when he makes a point of talking about the joy he is finding in life, and certainly demonstrates exuberant joy in his performances? Not to me it doesn’t, I think that is nonsensical. I would find it strange if he never mentioned Sophia. He mentions her in a matter-of-fact way, as part of his life, which as his first love she always will be. It’s not about pathos and sentimentality at all. I have tremendous admiration for the way he has honored her memory.

  25. JosieX:
    08/08/2010 at 8:06 pm

    And as a fan, Josie, I can see that it affects you that way. As someone who is following Danny with a lesser interest (but still liking him and wishing him well) it is something that makes me uncomfortable. I think it is a little offensive to say my feeling I get is *nonsensical*( Lacking intelligible meaning or foolish), I would never say your opinion is foolish…..Sometimes I get a little frustrated on Danny’s threads because if I disagrees, I am not listening the right way or I need to relisten. I enjoy reading all the fans enthusiasm here..I really do..I just don’t always agree and I thought that was okay.

  26. Pixie, I’m glad you like Danny and wish him well.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion that he is sad (and I think you are right that he is at times- heck who wouldn’t be in his circumstances?).

    I think as fans who have been to his concerts, talked to him personally, listen to his album a lot, we just are pretty confident that we “know” him and think he is one of the most optimistic, life-loving people we know. I honestly don’t know how he does it; like Josie said, there is a lot of deep admiration for him from his fans and also in the country world.

    Of course its ok to disagree- we all can disagree here; I think it is actually very interesting some find him depressing. I wasn’t aware he came off that way, but again, we do follow him pretty closely as most fans follow their favorite.

  27. Pixie, another way to say it is that it doesn’t make sense to me that Danny making reference to the passing of his wife categorizes him as a sad person, when there is overwhelming evidence that he is a joyful person despite that terrible loss. As to the “thought it was ok to disagree”, yes, of course it is. We have had an exchange now on this particular point a number of times, and the answer always remains the same. You express your opinion about Danny, that’s fine, others will agree or disagree, that’s fine. Disagreeing with you is not telling you that you are not “ok”. I’ve told you that the point of view you expressed does not make sense to me, and you can tell me that the point of view I express doesn’t make sense to you. I don’t mind, I’m still “ok”. ;)

  28. ETA: this is a fun new video of Danny from his show last night in Kentucky.



    Overall I think Danny’s album is very balanced, with just the one song that reflects the situation losing his wife. (And for those who read the backstory on MBDAOM, perhaps there also given the history of how it came to be written, and why in part Danny relates to it.)

    IWNSG is a sad song. For me, it’s sad in an empowering way though which is ultimately positive. Though I like them both, the video has a different feeling for me than hearing the CD or seeing Danny sing it live; the video is very intense, and more sad in a cathartic way than empowering. Still good though.

    Danny’s live shows are full of strong upbeat songs and romantic songs (Back at One, Crazy Not To, Raining on Sunday — gaah). The most he speaks about his wife in concert really is when he introduces Back at One with the story of how he came to propose to her, which is sweet. It’s also a bit funny as he shares how she gave him a good talking-to over how many years they’d been dating without getting engaged, and also relates his youthful days when he had trouble holding a job, lol.

  29. I agree with Josie, I think that Danny is just trying to live his life the best ways he knows how. He’s sad at times, and I can understand that because he lost his wife. But I think for the most part he’s a happy, optimistic guy. Also he only has like 2 sad songs on his album, “I will not say good-bye” is sad and I could see how some people might say “It’s Only” is kind of sad. But other than that he has 6 upbeat songs, 1 romantic (that’s not sad) song, and another ballad that’s not really sad either. The Bonus Track is not sad either.

  30. I don’t find It’s Only to be sad, though it is a more serious-minded song.

    It’s beautiful vocally for him, but not always the most upbeat moment of Danny’s concerts. He rarely does it except at charity events and in context of his full shows where it blends into the overall flow.

    It was really sweet though and surprising to me when I went to one of Danny’s shows at a country music club/bar, and there were people who actually got out on the dance floor and were slow-dancing to It’s Only. Aww, guess you never know how people will take to a song.

  31. Interesting views on how Danny talking about Sophia affects them.

    I think Danny is very open about A LOT of things in his life. This is what makes him so engaging, and I think endearing. During his concerts, his telling of his engagement story and re-singing their song “Back at One”, is honoring Sophia and shows how important she was in his life. He jokes about having to please her with a spectacular engagement plan that he worked out with her sister. He gets some great audience participation during this segment of the concert. It is by no means sad.

    As far a “I Will Not Say Goodbye”, Danny said that the song represents how he felt when Sophia passed away. Now he tells the audience its ok to not say goodbye to our loved ones. Its telling us that we can hold onto their memory and “not get over it”. While a cloud of sadness may flicker through me when I thing about the dear ones I’ve lost, a happy memory always comes with it.

    I find that after leaving a Danny Gokey concert, I have absorbed some of that great energy Danny puts out. I, and the people I’ve attended the concert with, are on a “Gokey” high for hours after his shows. He is definitely an artist that must be seen live. His singing live exceeds anything that can by captured on a CD.

  32. Danny seems very upbeat to me. Sure he has suffered a terrible loss but he seems to be a stronger person because of his loss. He is always smiling and joking and seems to be full of life His album is full of positive upbeat songs. I Will Not Say Goodbye is the only sad song and in my opinion the best song because it is powerful, beautiful and sung from his heart. I saw Danny in concert and was smiling, singing and dancing during his set – nothing sad about that.

  33. I honestly get what you all are saying but your opinions are different than the feeling I get. When I saw his last video, it was soooo powerful and incredibly sad…. So sad that for me I only wanted to watch it once. It reaffirmed the sadness I feel surrounding Danny…..that is all I am trying to say.
    I am done beating this horse tonight…..let the Danny party continue as I head to bed……………..

  34. Pixie, we all have different reactions to things. Not meaning to minimize yours if that’s the case.

    Perhaps he will come near your area and you can consider checking out his live show. It might give you a different sense to see Danny on stage and how the audiences react to him in person. As someone above said, it really is a great energy.

    ETA: here’s a pic from Danny’s Country Fest event tonight in Indiana


  35. I don’t have much to add, but I will say that Danny Gokey, to me, seems to exude happiness. He is a very positive, upbeat individual who loves to joke around and make people laugh. He is definately a “glass half full” type of person (wish I was). One of the things that I have always admired Danny for was his ability to stay positive, open, friendly and inviting to everyone in the face of the extreme adversity he faced while on and after AI.

    Everyone is sad sometimes, but I think overall Danny seems to have a more positive outlook on life than most, imo anyway. I also think his album is overall upbeat with a lot of energy, but I don’t mind sad songs myself.

    Thanks for the post, Steph!

  36. Looks to me as if he is having the time of his life.

    I cracked up at his recent tweet about ‘getting his sexy back’. Doesn’t sound like someone overwrought with sadness to me. Sounds sassy.

    Just look at those guns. Smokin’! Adorable photo of Danny without his glasses too.

    That’s right. Danny distractions are good.

  37. What is Danny doing after this? I know he’s not finished because he has a 9/2 show in PA that I wanted to attend, but can’t because it is the night before my children’s first day of school. :-(

  38. J9BT, Danny has a series of dates lined up, both his own shows and where he’s appearing with other artists. You can check out his official website to see the specifics, but this week he’s in Reno, Las Vegas, Napa, and Phoenix. He seems to be in the midwest fairly often so I hope there will be something else that works out for you! Even if there’s nothing scheduled in your area now, keep checking back because I’m sure there will be new things popping up regularly as he fleshes out his fall tour.

  39. The “iheart” fansite I have linked above usually has a very complete calendar on Danny’s known concerts and appearances. DannyGokey.com also has been getting a lot better at posting his major events in a reasonably timely fashion.

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