Dancing With The Stars – Top 8 – Results – VIDEO

Toni and Alec are Eliminated Tonight

Susan and Tony were in the Bottom 2. That played out just the way I thought it would! I had a feeling Clorky would be safe, safe safe this week, and that Toni would leave instead of Susan because although they both had so-so scores, Susan Lucci’s been on TV for 30 years, y’all and she’s got her peeps. Poor Toni’s best days are behind her, in the 90’s. Dancing With the Stars is a comeback of sorts for her.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra is an old favorite of mine, they were loads of fun, and it was really fun to see the jitterbug danced really well, by Louie and Karina. Now, there’s some effing infectious energy right there people. The “Dancing Through the Decades” group dance was a little over-hyped if you ask me. I would have been more impressed if it had been presented without the buildup.

I’ve also been calling the Judges Encore correctly–the screen cap I choose for the performance show is usually who I think will dance the next night. However, I thought Warren and Kym’s Hustle Monday night was better, but what do I know?

Live Recap and loads of Video after the JUMP…

The last 3 minutes of the Dancing With The Stars recap show (Filler, filler and more filler) featured a sneak peek of a performance from the next High School Musical movie. Whoopie.

The kids love it!

The Brian Setzer Orchestra will perform tonight. YAY!

After an hour of re-cap during the 8 o’clock hour, the actual 9 pm results show begins with…more recap! Gee, there’s never too much recap, is there? *eyes roll*

Since we heard the contestants’ comment on their routines in the re-cap show, we now get the judges perspectives on this week’s performances. Len justifies why Lance and Lacey and Cloris and Clorky got the same score. One was entertaining, and the other underperformed. Huh? Whatever.

Michael Flatley The Lord of the Dance tm will take Len’s seat next week while he takes a few days off.

The judges encore this week is Cody and Julianne’s jitterbug. I knew it
would be!

Cody and Julianne’s Jitterbug

The Brian Setzer Orchestra takes the stage! They’ve got a new CD for the holidays, “Christmas Rocks”. Awesome! Brian Setzer Rocks this Show! Ha ha. Louie and Karina dance the jitterbug.

Oh. Hell Yeah!!!

After re-capping the scores (more. effing. recap) the results begin

The first couple safe is Warren and Kym. Joining them is Cloris and Corky.

Tom is so excited, he burps!

Time for the Kid’s ballroom competition. Zz. Anthony and Alisa are first. Alysa says she want to be on Dancing with the Stars because she wants to be “really famous” Ugh. Her parents need to have a talk with her. The kiddies dance the Jive. I’m not going to critique kids, and neither will the judges.

Anthony and Alisa

Mitchell and Maria are next. They’ve been dancing together since they were 6. These kids spend nearly all their free time dancing. When they aren’t playing soccer or talking on the phone. They dance the Paso Doble, and actually, they’re pretty impressive. They should win.

Mitchell and Maria

After the break, it’s the giant Dancing Through the Decades performance. It’s going to be BIG!

Winners of the Kid’s Ballroom is….Mitchell and Maria.

Rich and Tone are the choreographers who created the Dancing Through the Decades routine, and it’s BIG BIG BIG! Did I mention it was BIG! And here it is! OK, they just skipped from the 30’s to the 60’s. And now people are break dancing. Guess that’s the 80’s. And now the dancers are wearing robot arms. That was pretty good, but seriously? That took 6 months to plan? Alrighty.

Dancing through the Decades

After the break, a little more filler. I mean, we’ve hardly had any tonight, right? Gah. The contestants indulge in some fake trash talk!

So’s Yo Motha

Two more couples are safe: Cody and Julianne and Maurice and Cheryl

More are Safe

After the break, the results continue. Four couples are left. Who is safe? Who is in the bottom 2? The first couple safe is Brooke and Derek. The first couple in the bottom 2 is Toni and Alec. The next couple who is safe is…Lance and Lacey. Susan and Toni are in the Bottom 2.

Toni and Alec are eliminated….I get points! Although she’s a little disappointed, Toni feels that she’s reached many of her goals. Alec is really proud of her.

Toni and Alec are Eliminated


  • Warren and Kym
  • Cloris and Corky
  • Cody and Julianne
  • Maurice and Cheryl
  • Brooke and Derek
  • Lance and Lacey
  • Susan and Tony – Bottom 2
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