Dancing With The Stars – Top 14 – VIDEO

Last week, the men and women danced separately, tonight they complete together! Whee!

DANCE CAPTAIN: Ben's Hardest Ch...
DANCE CAPTAIN: Ben's Hardest Choreography Yet with ANASTASIA

Baz Lurhmann, director of Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet, is sitting in for judge Len Goodman. Baz’s mom was a professional ballroom judge.

Aaron Carter and Mya led the pack tonight with 27 points each.   Aaron danced the best Quickstep of the night, but I think Mya and Dmitry’s Jive was the dance of the night.     Donny Osmond came in third, with a well-executed, albiet hammy Jive.

There’s a   gap between Donny’s 25 points, and the rest of the pack–with   Natalie Coughlin, Debi Mazur and Mark Decascos (over-scored for a routine that was a bit of a trainwreck) at 21 points, Joanna Kupra falling behind this week (she was in first place last week) at 20 and Michael Irvin (over-scored for his slo-mo Quikstep) also scoring 20.

The rest of the dancers languish in the teens, with Kathy Ireland and Tom Delay bringing up the rear at 18.   The clumsy, and personality -free Kathy Ireland is going home next, if you ask me.

Baz Lurhmann fulfilled the promise of most guest judges–appear charming without offending anyone.   He really had little to say in the way of critiques…

Live blog and VIDEOS after the JUMP…

Joanna Kupra and Derek Hough – The Jive – Joanna may give out a bitchy vibe, but I got to hand it to her…she can dance. But not as well, this week. The routine is a little sloppy. Her hair is scaring me. Carrie Ann says, “You got a lot of hair, girlfriend”   She thought she had a lot of energy, but her feet were spastic. Bruno likes that she doesn’t hold back, but her kicks and flicks were not precise. Baz would like to see more connection between the partners.   Carrie Ann – 6 Baz –  7,   Bruno – 7 – 201-800-868-3415VIDEO

Natalie Coughlin and Alec Mazo – Quickstep – She’s holding her breath, as if she’s still swimming.   Natalie is singing along with “I Want You Back” Could she lose points for that?   She looks nervous.   She really needs to loosen up! Bruno tells Natalie to relax more. She’s still not breathing. Baz notes that the quickstep is hard, he says she’s thinking too hard, but when she’s in the moment, she’s good   Carrie Ann says she’s one of her favorite competitors. Carrie Ann – 7, Baz – 7, Bruno – 7 – 21 –   1-800-868-3413VIDEO

Chuck Liddell and Anna Trebunskaya – Tango –   Anna decides to put some of Chuck’s fighting moves into the routine.   Well, Len isn’t around to call it a gimmick, so…     Ha ha they’re dancing to “7 Nation Army”.   And oh my, this dance? It’s pretty icky. Chuck is so stiff and looks like a deer caught in headlights. Yikes. Baz gives him credit for trying. Yep, Len WOULD rip him to shreds.   Carrie Ann says she was a little scared.   Bruno also give him props for trying. Hm. Carrie Ann – 6, Baz – 7, Bruno – 6 – 191-800-868-3402VIDEO

Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas – Jive – Melissa looks like she’s having fun. Better than last week….much better than last week. Carrie Ann says, “I’m so happy…but this week it was working, great energy.”   Bruno says “You have to be careful…with your feet.” Baz says, “Big big improvement.   Bit of a Debbie Reynolds thing going on…work on your stepwork.” Carrie Ann – 7, Baz – 6, Bruno – 6 – 19 – Oh, wow. I thought she was WAY better than Chuck… –1-800-868-3410VIDEO

Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova – Quickstep –   They rehearsed morning, noon and night. I thought they were limited to 5 hours a day? Hm? This is not very…quick. I feel like I’m watching the dance in slow motion. Bruno says, “We wanted content, you gave us content…this is the way to improve.” Baz says, “You confront the challenge, you are a natural performer.” Carrie Ann says, “Compared to last week, like a touchdown.” Eh, I wasn’t that impressed.   Carrie Ann – 7, Baz – 7, Bruno – 6 – 20. 1-800-868-3407VIDEO

Debi Mazar and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Tango – They have a love/hate relationship! Perfect for the Tango. What a coincidence! Debi looks gorgeous! Way better than last week. The Tango takes advantage of Debi’s acting skillz. Baz says, “Playing out the story was really an achievement.” Carrie Ann calls her a drama queen, and that she worked it out on the dance floor. Bruno says, “I like when you channel the feisty ball breaker.” Carrie Ann – 7, Baz – 7, Bruno – 7 – 211-800-868-3409VIDEO

Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower – Jive – OMG they’re both so cuuuttee! Please vote for them! Heh. Carrie Ann says, “You have so much joy when you dance…you lost touch with the music a little bit.” Bruno accuses him of “mucking about” and that Louie is better than that.   He’s got a point.   Baz says, “You are a great couple…I thought it was tremendous.”   Carrie Ann – 6, Baz – 7, Bruno – 6 – 191-800-868-3406VIDEO

Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff – Quickstep – They’re dancing to the Muppet theme song. And the muppets are making a cameo. OK, best quickstep of the night, best ROUTINE of the night. I still think Aaron is kind of a douche, though. “Spectacular! Mini Fred Astair…you have to live up to this.” Baz says, “It’s great to see a performer growing…clever inventive.” Carrie Ann says, “That was truly a pleasure…the contact in your hold was ridiculous.” Carrie Ann – 9, Baz – 9, Bruno – 9 – 27 Highest so far! 1-800–868-3401. – VIDEO

Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel – Tango – Kelly needs to look more fierce and less nervous. She made some mistakes and didn’t handle it well. She really lacks confidence. Baz says, “There’s such a self-revelation coming to you…there were mistakes…you never gave up.” Carrie Ann says, “Once you let go of your guard..I like what I see.” Bruno says, “You could be amazing, but too many mistakes.” Carrie Ann – 6, Baz – 7, Bruno – 6 – 191-800-868-3416. – VIDEO

Kathy Ireland and Tony Dovolani – Quickstep – She’s just such a stiff. So boring to watch. She doesn’t give an inch. Carrie Ann says, “This suited you better than the Salsa….you’re so reserved, so carefully placed.” Bruno says, “You’re elegant, but you have to be engaging.” Baz says, “Elegant…but the quickstep is an exciting dance.” Carrie Ann – 6, Baz – 6, Bruno – 6 – 181-800-868-3412VIDEO

Mark Decascos and Lacey Schwimmer – Quickstep – Well, that looked like a lot of fun, but the dancing wasn’t so good. Eep, Mark fell. I kinda miss the Kung Fu. Bruno says, “What a great performer…if only you could get your footwork under control.” Baz says, “I thought that was an incredible comeback.” Carrie Ann, “Your very tight, very clean when you dance…your recovery from your slip was good…you need to breathe.” Carrie Ann – 7, Baz – 7, Bruno – 7 – 211-800-868-3403. – VIDEO

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin – Jive – Wow. Mya is sensational! Love her. Nobody better give her a 5 this week. This song they’re dancing to? Not so family friendly! Baz says, “That is the real deal, that was fantastic. Bravo.” Carrie Ann says, “Leo wouldn’t have liked the beginning…great energy through the legs.” Bruno says, “Original and inventive…like seeing Josephine Baker and Clark Kent…you really are a great performer.” Carrie Ann – 9, Baz – 9, Bruno – 9 – 271-800-868-3411. – VIDEO

Tom Delay and Cheryl Burke – Tango – Tom has a pre-stress fracture on his toes…but nothing is going to stop him from dancing the tango! Drat. He doesn’t look as ridiculous as he did last week. Notice I said “As”. Carrie Ann says, “You are an oddly well matched couple…I liked it until the end.” She told him, in so many words, that he had to squeeze his butt (!!!). Thanks for that image! Not. Bruno says, “You nearly pulled it out of the bag…it went to pieces.” Baz says, “It was a cliff hanger…strong hold…great dignity and grace.” Carrie Ann – 6, Baz – 6, Bruno – 6 – 181-800-868-3408. – VIDEO

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson – Jive – OMG he’s such a ham! Donny, quit pulling all those goofy faces. Standing O for Donny and Kym. Bruno says, “That was well pitched, well executed…very very good jive.” Baz says, “It’s fantastic that dance knows no age.” Carrie Ann says, “That is an amazing performance…keep up what you’re doing.” Carrie Ann – 8, Baz – 9, Bruno – 8 – 251-800-868-3405VIDEO

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    …and will be in hiding again to not get spoilers. Damn those time zones :(

  2. I TOTALLY forgot that Baz Lurhmann is the guest judge tonight. I LOVE HIM. His movies are some of my favorites EVER. If you have never seen “Strictly Ballroom” – OMG WATCH IT. It’s so hilarious. I love it.

    And “Moulin Rouge” is my favorite movie of all time, so…

    I think they were fair to Joanna. She has potential, but it wasn’t fantastic. It did have energy though, so I give them props for that.

  3. And WTF is Aaron Carter dancing tonight with that monstrosity of a dress that Karina’s wearing? Yikes.

  4. I TOTALLY forgot that Baz Lurhmann is the guest judge tonight. I LOVE HIM. His movies are some of my favorites EVER. If you have never seen ‘Strictly Ballroom’  ‘“ OMG WATCH IT. It’s so hilarious. I love it.

    And ‘Moulin Rouge’  is my favorite movie of all time, so’ ¦

    OMG, I could have written that to the letter. Except for the forgetting about Baz part, because I’ve been spazzing since they announced it last week. And I probably would have added a two page rant about Ewan being snubbed by the Academy and Christian being my favorite movie character, like, ever. SOMEBODY has to dance something from Moulin Rouge. If they do, I will totes throw them votes on principle, hee. You’re free to leeeave me, but just don’t deceive me, and pleeeease believe me when I say I love you….ROXANNE….

    ETA: I’m psychic! Ha. WTG Debbi! Much much much better than last week. Wish they had two vocalists to sing Ewan’s part, though. It sounded weird, Bandzilla. That was difficult choreo and she pulled it off. WTF giving Chuck Lidell better comments for his tango, though, Bruno?

  5. The MUPPET theme???? I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a more giant WTF moment while watching TV, EVER!!

    WHAT the HECK?!?!

  6. LOL, Aaron was good, but 9s? Hmmm.

    I heart Debi. I hope she can have the most improved story arc.

    ETA: Also, if anyone had told me that I’d have a soft spot spot for Kelly O, I wouldn’t have believed that either. LOL.

  7. I guess I missed Mark’s slip at the beginning or whatever. Because I thought that was the best Quickstep of the night.

    I have a soft spot for Kelly Osbourne too. I also love Louis van Amstel, so they’re one of my favorite couples.

    There are just SO many left. I guess right now, my faves would be Kelly/Louis, Mya/Dmitry, Mark/Lacey, Louie/Chelsie, Mark/MJH. ‘

    Aaron is good, but he’s kinda skeevy. Creeps me out a little. And I constantly forget that Natalie Coughlin is even part of the cast. That can’t be good, even though she’s a pretty decent dancer. So, we’ll see.

    ETA: Oh wait. I forgot Aaron and Karina did Quickstep. Okay, then Mark/Lacey were the 2nd best quickstep, but I thought it was highly entertaining and that he’s a pretty good dancer. Sorry. My bad.

  8. Aaron is good, but he’s kinda skeevy.

    Amen. They should have paired him with Derek. Skeevy squared.

  9. Mya & Dmitri Jive? Just WOWOWOWOW.. I’m glad I tuned in on time to watch them.

  10. Yep, too bad they gave Aaron 9s, because it’s too early to give 10s and I think Mya and Dmitri outdanced them.

    Tom DeLay got 6’s? I would have given him a 5.

  11. Mya: He IS an Emmy winning choreographer. I just don’t want to make Len mad.

    Awwww snap girl! They rocked it. Def my fave of the night. Kinda unfair to give Aaron actual muppets as props, but it’s nice to see Karina with a contendah for a change. I love Kelly and Louis, too. And Louis and Chelsie.

  12. The judges are giving only 6 and 7 and then jump off the 8 to give three 9 for Aarron, Mya and Donny? Strange system.
    They are probably the best right now, but they are pop stars and performers who knew how to dance before (not that it’s unexpected on this show). Well at least Mya and Dmitry are likeable and have chemistry.

    Of the rest, only Louie&Chelsie and Kelly&Louis keep me interested. It’s kind of anoying that tricks are counted negative points in this show, the flip over Chelsie head was sick, the fact that they scored only one more point than Tom and Kathy is complete BS. Kelly had a bad week but I still want to see her dance, I am not worried about her because she has probably a good fanbase already.

  13. Yeah, other than Mya, Aaron, and Donny with the 3 highest scores, the rest of the contestants ALL got somewhere between 18-21 points. It’s going to come down to fanbases at this point, and because of that, I’m not really sure who’ll go home since we don’t really know what kind of fanbases the contestants have yet – except if we base it on previous seasons, and even then there are exceptions. And that’s not even taking fanbases of the pros into consideration.

    So yeah. Totally have no clue. I forgot to join the pool last week, so it doesn’t matter anyway. lol.

  14. I loved Baz Lurhmann, he was such an impressive person tonight.

    I’ve seen Strictly Ballroom several times, what a great movie.

  15. Joanna gave off a bitchy vibe, because she is a bitch. I’d never heard of her until this summer when she was on Superstars. She is a MAJOR BEYATCH!!! I hope she goes home tomorrow. I will not miss her or Derek.

    Loved Mya & Aaron.

    ETA I also liked Mark and Natalie

  16. My faves from tonight were Mya and Dmitry, Natalie and Alec, and Debi and Maks. Aaron and Karina were fine and the dance was cute, but kinda sloppy around the edges. I think all 9s was too high. Mark did fall, and his feet are not good. Joanna was seriously off, and badbadbad on the feet. Kathy Ireland and Melissa Joan Hart were a snooooze, Chuck Liddell is fun, but not very good, and Michael Irvin also seemed in slo mo. I have no idea who I’ve forgotten, but it really seemed like the judges were clumping everybody on purpose, to let the fanbases rule. I divided my votes among my top three, mostly because I thought Mya really was the best, and Natalie and Debi were good enough to stay, and I’m afraid they’ll get overlooked while people run to vote for Kelly Osbourne or Donny Osmond. (Okay, that’s two of the people I forgot. Tom DeLay would be another — hideously overscored. And Louie the snowboarder is the last one. He was cute, but he seemed to be kind of unsure and not doing much jive.)

    If I was in charge of points, Mya would get a 26, Donny, Natalie and Debi can all get 24s, Aaron can have a 22, Mark 20 (sorry, but the fall counts more with me), Louie also 20, Michael 19, MJH 16, Joanna 14, Kelly 12 (she was REALLY off), Chuck Liddell 11, Kathy Ireland 10 and Tom DeLay… 6? I feel like we should separate the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff, and send some of these sucky dancers home no matter what kind of fanbase they have.

    I pretty much expect Kathy Ireland to go home. The only question is who will join her in the B3. I kind of wonder if Joanna will be down there, because I seriously doubt she has any kind of fans at all. But we’ll see. I’d love to get rid of her PRONTO, before she has a chance to get high points from the judges again and stick around way longer than I appreciate.

  17. Hey MJ, you’ve been spelling it “Louis Vito” for a while now and I just wanted to point out that it’s “LouiE”.

  18. The first half was pretty drecky. I was getting kind of sad until the good dances kicked in. My favs of the night were Mya and Dmitry and Donny and Kym. Mya and Dmitry’s dance–WOW! That was smokin’. Mya’s a great dancer, great technique, a lot of energy, and the perfect amount of sass. I really loved it. (And I was surprised by the “will you go to bed with me” line–instant flashback to Lady Marmalade). As for Donny and Kym– I’m surprised. I rarely go for the crowd favorite, but this season I might really have to. Donny was GOOD. Personally, I think he was better than Aaron. But really, he was just a joy to watch, he had me smiling, his technique was very good and he had a lot of bounce. Perfect for the jive, and something the older folks usually struggle with on the show.

    I see a lot of potential in Kelly Osbourne. I don’t usually zone in on the little mistakes, so while I saw that she messed up, it didn’t stick out to me. What stuck out to me was the passion and drama she’s got. I also thought Mark and Lacey did very well– were underscored, in my opinion. Aaron and Karina were very good, but imo overscored.

    I’m hoping Joanna makes it through, because I think she could be giving us good dances for many weeks. And I’m developing a soft spot for Tom DeLay. Cheryl still hates him, but I’m beginning to find his spirit endearing. Besides, his dance was very good, surprisingly so, minus the stumble at the end.
    From a purely technical standpoint, I think Tom DeLay did very well this week. Nothing close to deserving 2’s or 5’s as people have suggested. Perhaps there is a little bit of bias here? Idk. Will force my ballroom dancing friends to watch his vid and judge.

  19. mj–Question on the betting pool: what does it mean when they say “makeup of the final three”–do they mean like…final three standing in the season…or like final three left waiting tomorrow night? cuz we’re supposed to predict who will be eliminated…but “final” doesn’t sound right as a synonym for “bottom”…

  20. Aww Kelly. She was overscored but I don’t care. I’ve got a soft spot for all the Osbournes.

  21. I agree with the top 3 Mya, Aaron and Donny. (In that order)

    The lowest scores should have been Kathy Ireland, Kelly Osborn, and Chuck, with Kelly being the lowest. She got sympathy votes.

    Tom Delay actually did well, except the bobble at the end.
    Too many liberals on the judging panel to give him credit I guess.

  22. Mya and Dmitry Chaplin remain my favorite couple. He’s got a good partner and should be around for awhile. The beginning of the show was a bit of a drag. I suppose it was planned to leave the best for last?

    No, Tom Delay was not in this category but they may have saved him for near the end because of ratings. Probably Kathy Ireland will go home. Tom may have another week in spite of his injury.

    I liked Aaron and he came across as OK to me. I will admit I saw some of the “young” Donny Osmund come out in his dancing. He’s very good.

  23. I just wish they wouldn’t allow celebrities who are dancers on this show. Mya is not only a professional singer but she also dances. I know this because she was a guest dance teacher/choreographer at a school near me in the Wash DC area. This was of course before her claim to fame as a singer.

  24. Too many liberals on the judging panel to give him credit I guess.

    Well I’m a “liberal”. And probably a lot of people here are. I think he should have gone home the first week, but probably conservatives kept him on. We could get all political with this but it will just raise blood pressure. He actually turned my stomach last week with his attempts to be sexy, he was just pervy and creepy, but he was 100% improved this week by keeping a straight face and showing some dignity in his demeanor. That doesn’t mean his dancing was great, and he has to lose points for the mistake at the end, so his points would have been higher if not for that. Also, there probably are liberals on the judging panel because most artists are liberals, imagine that. But I don’t think these judges let politics cloud their judging.

    Besides, CarrieAnn’s the only American on the panel, I doubt the others follow American politics very closely, and as dancers I really don’t think they are basing their decisions on politics. Though sometimes I disagree with them but we all do.

  25. I can see where you’re coming from, monte, but tbh the “ringer” outrage that pops up every season has always seemed like much ado about nada to me. Sometimes the people with dance backgrounds choke, and this is a popularity contest more than anything anyway.

  26. Definitely a popularity contest, even more so than idol. And I hate Aaron’s personality so I think he should leave ASAP.

    Lurve Mya and Dmitri. Louie and Chelsea are just too freakin cute for words. Plus I’ve liked both Dmitri and Chelsea from SYTYCD days, so I’m kind of partial to them. I like Lacey too, but her partner is kinda dullsville for me.

    Since Aaron’s scores are probably too high for him to get the boot, I hope Kathy Ireland or Tom DeLay leave tonight.

  27. I just wish they wouldn’t allow celebrities who are dancers on this show. Mya is not only a professional singer but she also dances. I know this because she was a guest dance teacher/choreographer at a school near me in the Wash DC area.

    But she didn’t do ballroom dancing, it is different. Of course she has an advantage, but it would be impossible to keep out everyone who has an advantage. Kristi had an advantage as a figure skater, and all the athletes have advantages, they are in good physical shape, they know how to train, and they are very competitive.

    Every season there are some who have some dance background, sometimes in hiphop, or ballet training when they were young. Singers have an advantage because they are musical. Aaron was in a boy band, like Drew and Joey before him. Others have an advantage because they have large fanbases voting for them. The football players always last a long time even if they don’t dance well. Jerry Rice was a terrible dancer but he made it to the top 3 I think. It wasn’t fair but so it was. Even comedians have an advantage because they can entertain and make people laugh. Look at Cloris last year.

    It’s never exactly fair, but it would be boring if nobody had any dance ability, if they were all klutzes. It’s not a science, the way they pick celebrities, and it’s probably not easy finding celebrities who will do it. I’ve come to the conclusion to just enjoy it as much as I can, and it gets better each week as the poor dancers are eliminated and the good dancers get better. The best dancers almost always end up in the finale so it works out in the end. Sometimes I want to throw things at the judges or the voting public but mostly I just enjoy the dancing and entertainment :)

    p.s. for Aaron to leave right now would be unfair, as he is one of the best dancers. That would be favoritism for sure (in reverse). If he’s really unlikable, people won’t vote for him. But I do want to see the best dancers stick around, because that’s the whole point of the show.

  28. p.s. for Aaron to leave right now would be unfair, as he is one of the best dancers. That would be favoritism for sure (in reverse). If he’s really unlikable, people won’t vote for him. But I do want to see the best dancers stick around, because that’s the whole point of the show.

    Oh, I agree with this completely. It’s pure selfishness on my part, since he is one of the best dancers. I just can’t stand him.

  29. justshootme, I know what you mean. Some seasons I don’t like anyone and don’t care who wins. Some people we like more than others. I don’t actually have feelings about Aaron yet one way or the other, didn’t know who he was before.

  30. At least there seem to be quite a few “contenders” this year. It’s more interesting when it’s not a blow-out. Hopefully, there won’t be a Donnie juggernaut. And my dislike of Aaron is quite tame compared to some of my other reality TV hate, like I don’t want to actually kick the TV when he’s on. Yet.

  31. Elizabeth Taylor tweeted that she thought Kathy Ireland was underscored. Ha. Must disagree.


    Selena Gomez will perform on tonight’s show. Joey, David Cook’s former bassist, sometimes plays with her, wonder if he’ll be there.

  33. What the heck, as they say in Utah! I really loved Donny to my surprise again!! He is soooo good and entertaining, i love his expressive face and smile you can just see how much fun he has out there! Lovin Kelly, Chelsea, Max and Lacey – lotta fun watching this show

  34. Lurve Mya and Dmitri. Louie and Chelsea are just too freakin cute for words. Plus I’ve liked both Dmitri and Chelsea from SYTYCD days, so I’m kind of partial to them. I like Lacey too, but her partner is kinda dullsville for me.

    I have mentioned this too. Not only does the celebrity have a fan base, but their partners do as well. I know of only one song Mya recorded, but my love for Dmitry makes me want to vote for them.

    Maks better be nicer to Debi.

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