Dancing With the Stars Top 11 Results

I’ll update with results later…

BTW Tom Bergeron tweeted today, “Just found out tonight’s bottom two on DWTS! WTF???” Hm.

5, 6, 7, 8... TURNING THE TABLES Ho...
5, 6, 7, 8... TURNING THE TABLES Holds a Dance Call!

*Shannen and Mark were eliminated tonight….

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  1. WOW – I guess the grandmas who watch this show don’t like the blonde Bombshell. I agree with Tom Bergeron -WTF!

  2. Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel -Safe
    Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska-Safe

  3. If Nicole gets eliminated I am going to be really upset.

    me too. Or if Evan gets ousted, he is my favorite!!

  4. Pamela danced her @ss off last night. She does not deserve to be in the bottom.

  5. Evan & Anna-Safe

    YAY – I am happy now!! didn’t see this until now. I am actually not watching. I am at work on the West Coast, so i live right now through you all :)

  6. so we’re all relying on Pam. Thanks Pam!
    I also am hopping between this and the Idol thread – it’s fun :)

  7. I was afraid of that, since they had the first spot yesterday and it is always tough to go first and then be remembered at voting time. Too bad, she was load s better than Kate or Buzz (but Buzz has the “legened” votes – and he’s kinda cute)

  8. Me To GreenHippo… =) we have the same taste in reality shows LOL… Yay for Pamela… I see Shannon’s bad girl image didn’t help her… She is the first 90210 star to leave this early in the competition.

  9. so we’re all relying on Pam. Thanks Pam!

    hee No problem. I didn’t plan on getting addicted to this show too but it appears that I have. :)

  10. BUT Pamela in the bottom?? As I said earlier the grandmas’ don’t like the sexy bombshell. But then I didn’t vote for her either, I voted for Evan and threw one vote to Nicole.

  11. I love this show for the laughs it gives me every week! It’s great and not cringe worthy. LOL

  12. (((Mark))) take care of your knee!!!

    Alright, I wonder who taught Kate Gosselin’s kids how to power vote!? Good lord how was that woman safe?

  13. that’s what’s interesting you can only vote 11 times per line here. How does one powervote for that?

  14. Shannon’s spitting gap was annoying good riddance and she wasn’t likable by any stretch. Her dad got to see her dance and be proud of her.

  15. Shannon’s spitting gap was annoying good riddance and she wasn’t likable by any stretch

    She was a lot more likeable to me than Kate Gosselin. I am praying that she is the one to go next week.

  16. My favorite is Evan, but I threw a couple of votes Buzz’s way and then I thought of the kids that Kate has to support, so I tried to give her a couple of votes, and surprise!!! her lines were busy, busy busy. I knew then that she wasn’t leaving tonight. So I guess people want to support the kids. Maybe she’ll bring them to see her perform live before she gets voted off. That’d be so cute. My least favorite is Jake. Aiden is hot!! hot!! hot!! Can’t dance, but hot!!
    BTW, any cell phone, not only AT&T ones, do work for voting in case any of you don’t realize. You can also vote online abc.com up to 10 votes per email address. I keep thinking Pam is going to topple forward sometimes. lol


    Shannen? That WAS a surprise. I don’t care all that much, but I wish Buzz goes home soon. All the “you’re a hero” jibber jabber and the astronaut jokes are starting to make me cringe.

    Pam didn’t deserve to be in the bottom 2 at all. But I guess she’s too blonde and bombshelly for some kinds of women to support.

  18. Shannon refused to come on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight as is the tradition for departed members. So she is fair game now for Jimmy.

  19. This show is a bit known for doing some shady voting stunts so I would be surprised if she was second worst and just refused to continue without Mark so they staged it as her losing.

    That is not to say Pam was the worst as I think she would be 3rd worst but someone else safe was really eliminated as they don’t necessarily always have the 2nd worst in the bottom 2.

  20. Interesting that Shannen would be eliminated first this season- because her ex-husband Ashley Hamilton was eliminated first last season…

  21. I’m kind of sad Shannen left last night. She showed a much softer side to herself on this show and the story with her Dad was touching. There were definitely at least two others that should have gone first. This didn’t do anything for my pool points either! LOL! What a way to start! NO POINTS!!

  22. Lots of us are starting off with no points! I saw a sincere effort in Shannen wanting to try. I think she would have done better with a less intense partner. She should have had Tony! IMO, there is no way Mark would have allowed any fake eliminations. I thought Kate was going home. Who is voting for her?

  23. Well I think it is bullsheet on her getting voted off. First of all I get 0 points. When they announced that Mark couldnt dance and she had to dance with ____ father, I thought they meant her father, they show him and I thought WTF, why would they make her dance with her father???? Heh!! Then when they explained about Marks injury I figured it out. I am soo smart. But I just bet thats why they went home. They werent that low, and he couldnt dance sooo!!

  24. I don’t know about that, Miss Chaos. They could have given her a new dancer. I’m sorry Shannon left though. Would much rather it had been Kate or Buzz. I voted for Evan, Erin, & Shannon.

  25. I had Shannon pegged as the first bootee after just watching the first show. She really can’t move. I’m a little surprised about Pam but she also came across as frantic. It’s a popularity contest (just like Idol).

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