Dancing With The Stars – Top 11 Pairs – Recap

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You’ll see some changes this first week of the new series of Dancing With the Stars. According to People magazine. Brooke Burke replaces departing co-host, Samantha Harris. The backstage room has been brought to the front of the stage–so the contestants will be with the audience rather than hidden away during the show.

The “Red Room” will be inside the ballroom enclosed by glass walls. Brooke will interview the contestants on a balcony with a railing where the contestants can watch the show live, rather than on a monitor. It’s also where the pairs will receive their judges score. The cast has been cut down to a reasonable 11 stars, which is a good thing, in my opinion. By the time the show peaked at 16 contestants, the entire enterprise had become unwieldy, in my opinion.

Plus, Theme nights! Including, Lennon and McCartney (gulp)

Anyway! Here we go…

The first results show is a week from tomorrow.

Brooke Burke: Slightly less wooden than Samantha Harris?

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke – Cha cha cha – Cheryl is going to get Chad’s foundation right so he can begin “trash talking”. Chad’s got some moves, not bad. – Len says, “You came out like a tiger…you’re a rough diamond, great potential.” Bruno says, “You have a huge talent, untapped…you have to look sharper…you can dance.” Carrie Ann says, “There’s a raw something happening…you have to hit it a little harder…I want to see more.” 1-800-868-3401 – Carrie Anne – 6, Bruno – 6, Len – 6 – 18. Hm. Low scores so far. – VIDEO

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Shannen Doherty and Mark Ballas – Viennese Waltz – Her Dad had a massive stroke, and she’s dancing for him because he loves the show. Aw. I’m going to have to throw her a few votes just for that. (#ivebeenthere) Bruno says, “It’s really really hard, it didn’t flow, you were swinging your arms around like a primate. You will get better.” Carrie Ann, “You had a really rough start, I saw you open up, I see something.” Len says, “I thought you portrayed ease and elegance throughout.” – 1-800-868-3402 – Her Dad is in the audience, and there’s tears all around. Carrie Ann – 6, Len – 6, Bruno – 6 – 18 – VIDEO

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Cha Cha Cha – Lucky Erin is paired with Maks! She’s a perfectionist and wants to be the best. Not bad, but she’s kinda gangly/gawkey. Carrie Ann, “You’ve got good moves…you’ve got to work on your arms, I was impressed.” Len says, “Funky monkey! Good rhythm. Good routine.” Bruno says, “You bring zest and vitality to the competition. You place your feet right on the beat. As a debut, wonderful.” – Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 7, Bruno -7 – 211-800-868-3403 – VIDEOVIDEO

Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower – Viennese Waltz – Jake gives Chelsie a rose when he meets her. “This doesn’t mean we’re getting married, ” says Chelsie. Har har har. Aw. Poor Jake feels like a big dumb guy. Finally, Chelsie gets a guy who isn’t a stiff. Jake isn’t bad. They dance to “Kiss from a Rose” Oh boy. Len says, “I thought you moved very well, you’ve got to get your posture up, good footwork, great potential.” Bruno says, “Calm down! This is the waltz, don’t bash her around…good effort” Carrie Ann says, “I was really impressed. Your lines were gorgeous, your bravado is very easy on the eyes. Have to work on your posture. Over all, excellent job. – Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 6, Bruno – 7 – 20 1-800-868-3404 – VIDEO

Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel – Cha cha cha – Niecy loves her “jiggly parts”. Niecy says her dancing sucks, but she’s got some spark out their. Sassy! Aw. Niecy is so happy she’s crying. The crowd is going wild. Bruno says, “It was like watching 2 different personalities, you have to focus on your performance.” Carrie Ann, “How was that not sassy? That was simple that was clean, you added your personality.” Len says, “It was clean, it was clear it was precise, but it was uneventful, a flat cha cha cha.” – Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 5, Bruno – 6 – 18 – Niecy dedicates her performance to thick girls everywhere! 1-800-868-3405 – VIDEO

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya – Viennese Waltz – Evan’s coach says he works harder than anyone he knows. Evan says his skating ability is not helping him. Not bad, a little awkward at times. He’s moving in ways he’s not used to. Carrie Ann, “Whooo! You are good. You have some things you need to work on…point your toes, make a connection with the audience.” Len says, “You have great artistry, musicality, elegant, you’ve got clumsy feet, get chemistry between the two of you.” Bruno says, “You’re moving with the grace of a swan. You’re using the space beautifully.” He tells Brooke he’s having trouble forgetting his skating technique. Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 7, Bruno 8 – 231-800-868-3406 – VIDEOVIDEO

A message for Buzz from the international space station…

Buzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa – Cha cha cha – Buzz’s wife says Buzz is a risk taker. He’s 80 years old. Buzz calls Ashly a “cute babe”. He’s stepped on the moon, and tonight’s he’s going to dance with the stars! Oh gosh, it’s so painful watching these older folks dance. I guess Buzz will last a few weeks, and the novelty will have been worth it. He seems like a cool guy, having walked the moon and all. Len says, “Len remembers him walking the moon, unfortunately the dancing wasn’t very good.” Bruno says, “I have to do my job, it looked like you still had your moon boots on.” Carrie Ann says, “You inspired a ton of people tonight.” Brooke is honored to stand next to him. Carrie Ann – 5, Len – 4, Bruno 5 – 141-800-868-3407 – VIDEO

Host Tom Berenger gives props to the “fantastic” band.

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough – Viennese Waltz – She’s already a dancer, so she’s kind of a ringer, right? Yeah, she is really good. Plus, she’s paired up with Derek. She’s going to go really far. Bruno says, “A performance of startling finesse…I am astounded” Carrie Ann, “The bar has just been set…you have all the light and shade..I’ve never seen a rountine out of the gate ever.” Len says, “If you look past the facade of the choreography, there’s no footwork, you lack musicality, work on your technique.” There’s Len, playing bad cop again! Redemption will come…oh yes it will. – Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 7, Bruno – 9 – 25 – Nicole swears it’s a far cry from the dancing she’s used to. O rly – 1-800-868-3408 – VIDEOVIDEO

Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska – Cha Cha Cha – OMG, he’s just..standing there, while Edyta dances around him. I have no idea who this guy is–I don’t watch soaps. Carrie Ann says, “I like your gusto, but it was really disjointed, no musicality.” Len says, “There’s a dancer in there, but it was full of things I didn’t like.” Bruno says, “The cha cha cha with nothing going on in the groin…it wasn’t hot.” Carrie Ann – 5 Len – 5, Bruno – 5 – 15 – Aiden says he gave it his all. – Edyta begs for votes – 1-800-868-3409 – VIDEOVIDEO

Saving the two trainwrecks for last…

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani – She’s feeling insecure! But she’s going to stick it out! Wow she sucked! Yay! Len says, “The first dance, you don’t know what to expect, you looked nervous” Bruno says, “It’s a whole new world for you, your technique was terrible…assume a persona. It looked like tony was pushing around a shopping cart.” Carrie Ann says, “Every single aspect of this is new to you…there was a sweet vulnerability that resonates.” Carrie Ann – 6, Len – 5, Bruno – 5 – 16. Kate says she’s honored to be here. And for some reason, she’s glad her kids can “rest easy tonight” – 1-800-868-3410 – VIDEOVIDEO

Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood – Cha cha cha – Pamela is dancing with some crazy old woman with crazy hair. She’s also the “most downloaded woman on the internet.” Ahem.  Bringing her stripper moves to the Cha cha cha. Not sure if that was good dancing, but the guys should like it. Bruno says, “Stripperella is back home! Do it to me girl!” Carrie Ann says, “You do not disappoint, you were having fun and fully engage, that was a little much.” Len says, “This cast of celebrities have been brilliant, Overall it was a mess.” Tom looks like he’s going to have a heart attack. – Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 6, Bruno – 8 – 211-800-868-3411 – VIDEO

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  1. I liked Ocho and think he lucked out getting Cheryl. Edyta would’ve been a better body match – wouldn’t they have looked pretty dancing together???!!

  2. Chad’s better off with Cheryl IMO. She’s the better teacher and choreographer–as compared to Edyta I mean.

    Chad should have gotten a higher score than Shannen, but that’s what always happens to the first couple.

  3. I agree with you about the scoring, brie (and not because I’m an Ocho fan). Are they doing 2 dances before the first contestant gets voted off?

  4. LOL @ Tom’s comment about Erin & Maks – “the girl who’s spent as much time on the field as her partner has playing it.” Love it!

    Yay for yummy eyecandy this season in Maks and Evan. haha. :)

  5. Oh my – Erin’s unfortunate big bird costume.

    I think Cheryl is definitely the better teacher – Chad’s gonna be the one to watch I think.

    Poor Shannen was so stiff – I could see her counting in her head.

  6. LOL, did Bruno really just tell Jake to keep his legs together?

    Also, is it just me, or was Jake actually pretty good? Or was Chelsie’s dress just distracting me from any imperfections? lol.

  7. Well, Jake and Chad did two different dances, but I thought Jake was actually pretty graceful. He did a LOT better than I was expecting.

    I LOVE NIECY AND LOUIS. He’s such a great pro, and one of the best choreographers on the show. That was cute. :) And Len is being way too harsh. lol.

  8. Jake was better than I expected. Though I suspect he’ll have more issues with the latin dances. I do think Chad should have at least been given 7’s though because IMO he was better than both Shannen and Niecy, who got the same score. Though I did like Niecy as well.

    Shannen has been the worst so far IMO.

  9. I LOVE NIECY AND LOUIS. He’s such a great pro, and one of the best choreographers on the show. That was cute. :) And Len is being way too harsh. lol.

    I agree. Niecy and Louis had one of my favorite dances tonight. I don’t know what was up with Len. Anyway show seem rushed. Evan!!!!!!! gotta go……..

  10. I love Niecy. A lot.

    And Evan is so handsome and so beautiful to watch. The waltz was made for him.

    But the music just sucks ya’ll.

  11. Evan and Anna danced a beautiful waltz. He’s a really striking figure on the ice, and I think he’s gonna be fun to watch on the dance floor too. I can see him potentially having issues with latin dances, but we’ll see.

    Anna has definitely gotten the shaft as far as partners go over the years, so I’m glad she got someone who’s actually a contender this season.

  12. Love Evan! Well, I loved him on the Olympics. heh I agree about the music rayni.

  13. Agreed – music is horrific. I just thought Jake looked awkward and halting… must be the only one.

  14. Good Lord! This Aiden person is gorgeous! And he just kissed Edyta’s boobies!

  15. I think everyone here knows I don’t like Derek, so I won’t make a comment about them, lol.

    The dance was good, but I just don’t like him, although I think she’s got some talent for sure.

    “Hungry Like The Wolf” for a cha cha? Seriously?

  16. Aww poor Kate is the one that’s stiff as a plank. Does she have enough fans left to keep her on?

  17. Do they seriously think Pamela was better than Chad? That’s the bad thing about going first…

  18. Pam Anderson wasn’t bad at all (surprisingly). Total stripper moves which may work somewhat with the cha cha…not so much with a waltz or quickstep…

  19. I actually watched this with my husband for the first time. I guess he is craving some time with me since I’m always on my favorite Blog. :)

    Our favorites tonight were Pam Anderson, Skater Dude,and the Pussy Cat doll! So fun!

    Go away creepy octomom Kate.

  20. Tom looks like he’s going to have a heart attack.

    okay, that was FUNNY!

  21. Is it too late for them to find a new co-host? Drew Lachey where are you? My gosh Brooke was horrible!

    Kate Gosselin, Pam Anderson just.go.away!!!

    I hope Jake stays around awhile. He’s a doll. Best of the night, Derek and Nicole. I was pleasantly surprised by Shannen.

  22. Thanks for recapping MJ! I got a late start watching the show and was able to read your recap while catching up.

    As a whole, I really enjoyed the show. The only two folks who I didn’t care for were Kate and the soap-opera guy. I actually wanted to like Kate, but she was such a downer…

    LOL I loved Pam Anderson! Yeah, she sexed it up a bit too much, but she was having fun and I think she has potential. Most of these folks have potential, so that should make for a good season.

  23. clearone:
    03/22/2010 at 10:44 pm

    Is it too late for them to find a new co-host? Drew Lachey where are you? My gosh Brooke was horrible!

    Kate Gosselin, Pam Anderson just.go.away!!!

    I hope Jake stays around awhile. He’s a doll. Best of the night, Derek and Nicole. I was pleasantly surprised by Shannen.

    Clearone-I agree with your entire post! Great minds and all. :-)

  24. Brooke was icky. Where did the other adorable host go????

    Jake go away and take your ugly fiancee with you. What a faker.

  25. Why does Brooke Burke keep saying, “Tonight, every vote counts”. Do they normally not count all the votes?

  26. Ohoho, I see the backlash to Brooke is already beginning… funny how these things go, this is probably the first time I’ve heard Samantha referred to as “adorable” in a LONG time, haha. She was hated in fandom! Brooke is a bit awkward, but she’s just starting out. Hopefully she’ll improve.

    Evan and Kate have the exact same creepy monotone, it’s actually rather frightening. Although I’m predisposed to like them both so it’s a-okay.

    I was cringing at some of the man on the moon overload for Buzz–I wonder how it feels to be defined by something you did decades ago? But he’s cute.

    And I found Pamela’s dancing hot, and I’m not a guy! She was awesome.

  27. I feel so sad that I had to FF Chelsie H’s dance because she is paired with that bachelor guy. I hate it !! and hate him.

    Everybody kind of bad, with the exception of the one ringer – Nicole. And why does she have to be paired w/ Derek H ? I like him OK, but the producer should give another guy dancer a chance.
    They kept pairing the great women’s celebrity either with Mark B / Derek. Not fair.

    And I had high hopes for Edyta & Aiden. What a dissapointment. Hopefully he’ll improve. I need eyecandy since Dmitry is not there.

  28. Love Evan! Well, I loved him on the Olympics. heh I agree about the music rayni.

    Same here. Especially when it comes to Latin dances. I am part Hispanic, and hate hearing anything other than the traditional being played.

  29. Pam Anderson was funny and had a few good moves, but this Damian Whitewood leaves me yearning for Dmitry. Something just isn’t right. Also, you would think if DWTS is bringing in a new guy, why not an African American? Or an A.A. female?

    I never complained about Samantha even with the goofs. Brooke is OK, and may get better.

    I loved seeing Evan, but this is not the best line-up ever.

  30. They kept pairing the great women’s celebrity either with Mark B / Derek. Not fair.

    Ugh – I can’t stand either of those two. They’re both the very definition of Velveeta. I think Niecy will do well though, as she’s paired with Louis, and Louis totally kicks Derek’s ass in the choreography department.

    I think everyone here knows I don’t like Derek, so I won’t make a comment about them, lol.

    I’m right there with ya’. She was good, but as long as she’s paired with him, I’ll never care. Just looking at his face creeps me out.

    On what planet was Jake better than Ocho?

    None. There is no such planet. Chad was one of the best of the night (to me at least). He got hosed by going first. I’m Team Ocho all the way. That guy just cracks me up.

    As much as I think Buzz is an awesome guy, I really can’t stand to watch an octegenarian out there trying to do this. I never enjoy the really, really old contestants. I’ll probably just do the opposite with him than what I do with everyone else – FF through the dancing and just watch the talking parts.

    Samantha never really bugged me. And, Brooke didn’t bug me last night either (although I was distracted by the fact that her boobs kept trying to escape from that cut-out in her dress). But, it was her first night, so I’ll give her a chance to improve.

  31. I thought the bachelor was terrible – I couldn’t see good marks coming. I didn’t think Kate was as bad as they said. Poor Ashly – why’d they saddle her with Buzz after taking 7 seasons to come back!
    I was surprised that Brooke was so stiff – it’s not like she didn’t host 2 seasons of Rock Star (great show I desperately wish would return). I also never trashed Samantha Harris – I liked her and her gowns.

  32. Ocho was definitely my favorite guy contestant last night. I do feel sorry for Edyta though. She was begging for votes on twitter last night before the show even started so she knew it wasn’t going to be great. Cannot stand Jake. Buzz was fine for his age and I do think he inspired a lot of older folks last night which is great. Evan didn’t impress.

    My favorite females were Erin and Niecy. I would venture to guess that Erin’s costumes will tend to be more modest than they usually are. I’m sure it was a big deal for her to even decide to go on the show and expose herself in this way. Shannen’s Dad’s story got to me although I cannot STAND Mark! Love Tony and I give Kate credit for trying. Who didn’t think Nicole was going to be a great dancer? Don’t like ringers! Pam was repulsive.

  33. I only watched as far as Evan but liked him a lot. He’s certainly not a ringer but think he’ll do well. Niecy made me laugh with her liking her “jiggly parts”. Jake the Bachelor was stiff & awkward and thought he was overscored. I didn’t mind Chad, Shannon, and Erin. Overall I thought Brooke did just fine for her first time. At least she stands a chance at improving unlike Samantha. I thought she handled it well when Shannon was emotional.

  34. I never have followed this show, but caught some of it last night. Good grief, the largest collection of boobs in one room, evah. And I mean breasts, not Jake and Kate. These women will never play tennis and at my age will be wearing knee pads.

    I think they can find “older” people that can dance. Or at least demonstrate some natural grace and flexibility…even some ninety plus folks still have it. I was afraid Buzz was gonna bust a part. Watching that ain’t fun, just sad.

  35. Brooke was wayyy better than Samantha, imo. Samantha always seemed stiff and awkward. Brooke has a nice smile and was friendly and charming, especially for the first show. I thought they were going to use Melissa or whatever her name is from the Bachelor, she would be good too.

    Jake was more uncoordinated and awkward than I expected him to be, but with his competitive spirit he’ll probably improve. It was surprising to see Gia sitting with Vienna, I guess Vienna trusts that she’s over Jake :). Gia’s so beautiful, I’d love to see her on DWTS next season.

    Nicole was the best dancer, she was trying to downplay her abilities, as was Len I think, to ward off the criticisms that she’s too experienced. Really I say THANK GOD there is someone who can actually dance, there aren’t many this season. Evan (skater) looked elegant. I think the best dancers last night were Nicole and Evan. Very few people with musicality on this season. Pamela has it, but she’s a train wreck. I loved the way Bruno and CarrieAnn parodied her, I think it embarrassed her, and it should, she’s such a charictature, I can’t spell that word but she is. It’s one thing to be sexy, but to overdo it like she does turns her into a clown, imo. She is naturally very sexy, if only she didn’t exaggerate it.

    The football player has potential but his personality put me off, he came off as cocky but maybe that’ll change. Maks’ partner, the ESPN lady, has dancing potential too and was a good “sport” ha.

    Buzz is so charming, but to watch him dance made me cringe. 80 is too old. It’s just painful to watch. But what a sweetie he is.

    I love Bruno so much.

  36. Why does Edyta always get the dud? They could of given her Lysachek this year so she’ll be around for more than 2 or three weeks.

    Octor-Kate and Pam Andersone need to go quickly. Not impressed that the producers were pimping them.

  37. I like Edyta as a person, but I don’t feel too sorry for her assignments because I think a lot of the times the problems stem from her. I just don’t think she’s that great of a teacher and her choreography is usually lackluster and doesn’t make the most of her celebs.

  38. I like Edyta as a person, but I don’t feel too sorry for her assignments because I think a lot of the times the problems stem from her. I just don’t think she’s that great of a teacher and her choreography is usually lackluster and doesn’t make the most of her celebs.

    I like her too. (She’s so pretty without makeup.) But it’s true she’s not a good choreographer.

  39. Oh, I have no hate for Brooke. I hated Samantha Harris & thought Brooke did a pretty good job last night, even though I would have preferred Mel B or Melissa Rycroft as Samantha’s replacement. But I think Brooke was fine & I’m sure she’ll get more comfortable over the course of the season. Plus, I like the idea of the “co-host” being a former contestant. Sometimes Samantha asked the most inane questions. At least Brooke’s been on the other side too & will probably ask better questions.

    Spense, glad you’re here backing me up. ;) I knew you’d appreciate that post, lol.

    My faves so far are Evan/Anna, Maks/Erin, & Louis/Niecy, I think. I also like Ochocinco & Cheryl. They’ll definitely be a pair to watch. For some reason, I don’t mind Mark even though Derek skeeves me out, and Shannen has potential, so I might enjoy watching them too. Should be an interesting season!

  40. i dontlike samantha harris but i found myself missing her already. i adore tom and he never disappoints.

    i despise the bachelor and his fiance but i love chelsea so i have to watch them. and i have loved edyta from the first season and i am hoping that aiden has a lot of fans who will keep them on longer. i have always felt that the judges have been very hard on her.

    all in all i thought the show was really entertaining last night.

  41. Two of the best tonight are: Nicole and Evan.

    If Nicole can keep her personality and keep dancing this good she will win the mirror ball cause she also got Derek , who is a very good choreographer (including the free style in final 3)

    Evan also look good but he had to had more personality other than to say thank you all the time. And he had Anna T who never show off her ability in choreo (most of the time cause she got lousy partners) And Anna personality is not as good and as funny as Derek.

    Personality always is very important in this competition. Last season , Kelly O reach the final 3 solely based on her personality and not her ability of dancing. (Joanna K trump her in dancing big time)

  42. I only watched a few including Buzz Aldrin. To me it wasn’t painful to watch, it was adorable. :D He’s too cute, bravo to this space sailor and moon walker for his inspiration! If he want’s to be there more than a couple of weeks, he does need to step it up.

  43. I thought Ochocinco was underscored. To me, he didn’t come off as cocky, but as very competitive and driven. Nothing wrong with that.

    OK, if you’re going to put an 80-year-old on the show, why not find one who maybe danced at least a little in his/her prime? At 80, one is going to be saddled with so many disadvantages that I don’t think the fans would cry foul if that contestant had the advantage of past dance training. That said, Buzz does seem to be in really good shape for an oldster.

    Jake was OK, but he looked like he was going to rip poor Chelsie’s arm off.

    Both Erin and Kate moved as if they were paralyzed from shoulder to shoulder across their chests.

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