Dancing with The Stars – The Semi-Finals – VIDEO

Damn, Mya totally deserves to win it all, but I have a feeling Donny is going to take it, despite his uneven dance skillz.   The squeaky clean, former teen angel has it all wrapped up in the charm department.   Mya can’t compete.   She’ll make the finals.

The question is:   Will Kelly or Joanna advance to the finals?   I think the scrappy and likable Kelly will advance over the competent, but personality free Joanna.   Although, I have to admit, Joanna’s package highlighting her tough immigrant childhood added a layer of depth to her personality.

After the jump, read the recaps, and watch the videos.   Tomorrow, the couples who will compete in next week’s Final will be determined…

Mya – 87
Joanna – 81
Kelly – 78
Donny –   74

Tonight, it’s the Dancing With The Stars semi-finals. Only four couples remain…who will win the shiny shiny mirror ball?

The contestants dance 4 routines each.

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson – Tango – Giles Marini stops by to help Donny. Ooo la la! – Donny looks stiff–almost frightened. He’s no Giles Marini! Costume malfunction! Uh oh. Donny and Kym got tangled up a bit in her dress. What’s Donny doing on the floor? Ha he knows he screwed up. Bruno says, “You completely lost it, it all went to pieces…” Carrie Ann says, “There was no drama happening, you handled the costume problem pretty well.” Carrie Ann – 7 Len – 7 Bruno – 7 – 211-800-868-3405VIDEO

Joanna Krupka and Derek Hough – Viennese Waltz – Brooke Burke visits to help out. Pretty and Elegant…they glide right across the floor. The judges should be pleased. They get a standing O. Bruno says, “This waltz had the grace of angels in heaven.” Carrie Ann says, “You took my breath away, gorgeous.” Len says, “Your hold is as good as any professional…overall, it was the most beautiful dance.” Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 9 – 27 – 1-800-868-3415 – VIDEO

Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel – Rumba – One of Kelly’s cute little dogs died. Aw. Kelly’s doing a great job! That last move? Very nice! Some of the best dancing I’ve seen from her. Sharon is so excited! Carrie Ann says, “You have a magical quality…you reach right into my heart and make me love you.” Len says, “You have turned into a competent dancer, I don’t think this was one of your best.” Bruno says, “You have to push those hips to the extreme…some things were not as perfect as they should be.” – Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 8 – 24 – 1-800-868-3416 – VIDEO

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin – Waltz – Mya’s waltz–beautiful and elegant. She’s the one to beat. Len says, “Romance, elegance…an absolute joy to watch”. Bruno says, “Love set to music…defying gravity…touch of the exotic.” Carrie Ann says, “Tonight I felt you were slightly not connected in your hold.” Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 10 – 28 – 1-800-868-3411 – VIDEO

Latin Round – Each of the Stars performs a solo.

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson – Samba – Ha ha…they’re dancing to “One Bad Apple” . Too much mugging, Donny! But his solo wasn’t bad. Isn’t the Samba supposed to be sexy rather than like a cheesy Vegas routine? Bruno says, “Carefree, fun..that’s what the samba should be.” Carrie Ann says, “It was better than the last one…if felt a little sloppy for you Donny.” Len says, “I agree with Bruno, it’s an absolute metamorphosis.” Well, I stand corrected, then! Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 9, Bruno – 9 – 26 – VIDEO

Joanna Krupka and Derek Hough – Cha cha cha – The choreography was terrific, Joanna danced it well. Carrie Ann says, “You truly are a dancer…” Len says, “Clean crisp, had great rhythm, could have been a little more cheeky.” Bruno says, “You’re just natural sex…it oozes from everywhere…achieving the standards that you have is quite amazing.” Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 9 – 27. – VIDEO

Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel ‘ Quickstep – Considering how tough the quickstep is, Kelly is hanging in there. Len says, “That was totally beyond my expectations…you have blown me away.” Bruno says, “Go Kelly Go…you’re like Speedy Gonzalez…” Carrie Ann says, “Go get em Kelly Osbourne, you nailed it…that was fabulous.” Aw, Kelly thanks the judges for their comments. She’s tearing up. Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno 9 – 27 – VIDEO

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin – Salsa – Sensational! Love Dmitry…love his choreography. Shake yo hips girl! That routine should get a perfect score. – Bruno says, “Sen-sa-tion-al!” Carrie Ann says, “Hot, beyond belief…that solo was slamming.” Len says, “Tutti frutti…what a booty…I was mesmerized by your buttocks…you should be in the final.” Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Bruno – 10 – 30 – VIDEO

Knock-out dance – Dance they practiced for the Wednesday dance-offs

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson – Jitterbug – That shiny green jacket? Donny looks like a Leprechaun. Nevertheless, entertaining. Carrie Ann says, “You got your mojo back” Len says, “This was another winner.” – Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9 -Bruno – 9 – 27. – VIDEO

Joanna Kupra and Derek Hough ‘ Salsa – Good, but Joanna is no Mya! Derek almost dropped her. Whoops! Len says, “That one was hot tasty and full of spice.” Bruno says, “Delicious and flirtatious.” Carrie Ann says, “You truly generate heat…I’d love to see you in the finals.” Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 9 – 27 – VIDEO

Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel ‘ Cha cha cha – Bruno says, “It worked for me…feet precision…timing…very sharp.” Carrie Ann, “You’ve had such a great night…great job.” Len says, “Well done.” – Carrie Ann – 9 Len – 9 Bruno – 9 – 27 – VIDEO

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin ‘ Salsa – WOW! Mya for the win, y’all! Carrie Ann, “Something about the beginning wasn’t speaking to me.” Len says, “I was disappointed…I wanted it to go on a bit longer.” Bruno says, “It was like a blockbuster, and I want to be the first in line to see the whole feature.” Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 10, Bruno – 10 – 29 – VIDEO

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