Dancing With the Stars – Season 14 – The Season Finale

Okay, this really is it! One final night of dancing, judges scores, and massive amounts of spray tan will lead us to the moment we have been waiting for- the crowning of the new DWTS champion. This has been a very impressive season. From week one, it was obvious that this crop of dancers were on a higher level than ever before. Even the weaker celebrities were decent, making eliminations really tough as we went along.

Tonight, everyone gets to return for one last dance. In addition to seeing this season’s celebrities again, we are in store for some surprises and special guest performers. And let’s not forget about the competition. The three finalists are due to dance again for another set of judges scores. With only 24 hours to prepare and perfect a routine, things just got serious for Donald, Katherine, and William. When all is said and done, we will have our third place finisher, runner up, and new champion.

I am staying away from predicting because if I realized anything this season, it would be that I am horrible at trying to figure this stuff out. I will say that all three finalists did amazing last night. Each had at least one stellar routine and it was the best final performance show I have ever seen. They should all be extremely proud. Congratulations go out to all three. In my book, each one is deserving of the title and they are all winners. This is the first time I could genuinely say that all three are absolute champions when it comes to this show.

Before it all begins, I want to send out my extended gratitude to all the folks who have followed the season with me. Thanks for reading my seemingly never ending recaps and posting all your wonderful opinions and thoughts. This wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without all of you. And MJ, thanks for the opportunity to do this. I have really loved every minute of it.

So, for the last time… segment by segment… and away we go :D

Segment 1
We begin with a dramatic opening video package talking about the finalists. On the floor, the pros and troupe members are entertaining us. Out comes all of this season’s contestants, accompanied by their professional partners. The three finalists, of course, get their own spots on the stage. Tom and Brooke welcome us to the finale and go through the achievements of the finalists. Time for a recap of last night’s performances. As usual, this includes some behind the scenes footage. Surprisingly enough, they kept that relatively short. No worries, I bet tons of filler is still to come. Time for our first commercial.

Segment 2
Donald and Peta get the encore dance for last night’s terrific freestyle. Even someone not familiar with this show would have guessed this for the encore. Just like last night, lots of energy and fun from Donald in this enthusiastic and well choreographed routine. And now, we get the judges talking about the finalists in a video package. I knew filler was coming but didn’t expect it so early. We are hearing what we have heard all season. The pros and cons of all three finalists are being repeated, as they have been for quite a few weeks. Len actually compares this battle to previous battles in history (actual wars and the like). So dramatic. The three finalists take the stage as Tom talks about them. The music and staging are so over the top here. One would think someone is winning a million dollar recording contract on that other reality-competition show. The finalists need to continue to prepare those final dances as Tom and Brooke remind us about the returning celebrities and guest performers still to come. And commercial.

Segment 3
Sherri is back! She is going to do a “Cha-Cha-Cha” to “It’s Raining Men” and her rehearsal footage is hysterical. She is so excited to be dancing with so many men. Oh, how I have missed Sherri. Some of the pros drop from the ceiling. Sherri is having a blast. This is both funny and entertaining. And Sherri does well in the dance department as well. A video package airs detailing the beginning of the competition. We see the elimination of Martina. Week two brings us the end of Jack. Back live, the finalists are practicing and we head to commercial.

Segment 4
Backstage, Brooke interrupts William and Cheryl and their rehearsing. William is sad that this is all over. Cheryl says that they are going to do the best they can. Martina & Tony and Jack & Anna are out now to dance. The less said about Martina’s dancing, the better. But she is a such a sweet person. Jack is actually doing a pretty decent job and still looks like he is having a ball on the floor. Ready for some filler? We now see a montage of some of the season’s best quotes. That’s right. Time for a recap of quotes! Gavin and Karina are out now to perform the boat routine, accompanied by other female dancers. Something tells me Gavin would rather be singing. Commercial time.

Segment 5
Brooke is back to annoy Katherine and Mark. Katherine is excited about doing the jive again. Mark thinks this jive will be much better than her previous one. A look back at rock week and the elimination of Sherri. Latin week was the end of Gavin. Gladys exited the competition during Motown week. Gladys & Tristan return to the ballroom to perform. She will also be singing a bit later in the show. Tristan is heading to Las Vegas to join the DWTS show, along with Kym and Carson (who is there ). Jaleel has always wanted to perform the Paso to the theme from “Shaft.” Following some funny rehearsal footage, Jaleel takes the floor. He had a huge issue trying to lift Kym toward the end of the dance but it doesn’t matter. It was fun for what it was. Commercial.

Segment 6
Brooke continues her annoying run backstage by interrupting Donald and Peta. Peta says they will have fun and have amazing chemistry and Donald is very motivated and wants to get the last dance out of the way. Melissa is back to dance with Maks and Val in what was arguably one of her strongest routines of the season. Roshon really wanted to perform a freestyle and now, he gets his chance. This is where Roshon is at his strongest. He is able to pull out the dancing steps he is used to doing. You can tell he is just loving this and Chelsie continues to be the perfect partner for him. Commercial.

Segment 7
Kelly Clarkson is here to perform a medley of her hits “Stronger” and “Darkside.” Kym, Tristan, Tony, and Anna are out to dance. Once Stronger begins, more pros and troupe members join in. I love these songs. Kelly, as usual, sounds and looks terrific. Kelly talks about the upcoming premiere of her new show, “Duets.” And now, a look at the final weeks of the competition. Back to perform now, Maria & Derek. They are repeating the awesome Argentine Tango. Outstanding. A video package illustrates how next season will bring back past contestants for a special “All-Star” edition. Commercial.

Segment 8
Time for the last dances of the competition created in the last 24 hours. Up first, William & Cheryl. A look at their final rehearsal. Great routine. The Salsa is definitely William’s dance. I can’t compliment the hips and rhythm enough. And this time, they perfected that leg issue that William had earlier in the season. Len says that if Salsa and rhythm were in the Olympics, William would get a Gold medal. Bruno begins to be inappropriate. Of course, he is all compliments. Carrie Ann says William has true star quality. Some well wishes to William from his family and Cheryl’s former partner, Emmitt Smith. Commercial.

Segment 9
Judges scores for William & Cheryl- 30/30. I think all three couples will get perfect scores tonight. Both share compliments with one another. Next up, Katherine & Mark. One last look at their rehearsal. Ugh at Mark. It is amazing how I can compliment and diss him in a matter of 24 hours. He loves to make dances about him. Lucky for Katherine, she gets some great moments during this jive. Katherine loves the jive and it shows. Bruno is all compliments and is almost at a loss for adjectives to describe Katherine. Carrie Ann calls her a brilliant artist and tells Katherine and Mark that they set the bar for everyone else this season. Len says judging is only an opinion but for him, Katherine is the whole package. Judges scores for Katherine & Mark- 30/30. Yeah, everyone is going to get perfect scores tonight. It will ALL come down to the audience votes. More complimentary feelings between the partners. Some well wishes given to Katherine from the likes of Donny Osmond, Jane Seymour, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Commercial.

Segment 10
And last but not least, the final rehearsal for Donald & Peta. Another fabulous routine from the pair of them. It really hits you while watching Donald just how evenly matched up these finalists are. Each one brings something to the table. For Donald, it is charm and a knack for picking up the right feeling for every dance that he does. Great stuff. Carrie Ann calls Donald fierce and says he is the one to beat. Len feels as though no one is a loser tonight and he feels Donald is the best “footballer” the show has had. Bruno once again points out how smart Donald is in his performances and how he peaked at just the right time. Judges scores for Donald & Peta- 30/30. I’m shocked. Not really. Of course, as with their competitors, Donald and Peta are trading lovely sentiments about one another. Finally, well wishes given to Donald from his kids, teammates, and his coach. Commercial.

Segment 11
Gladys is out to sing “The Way We Were.” How sweet. This is a tribute dedicated to the entire season and specifically, to the three finalists. Gorgeous. I do need to laugh a bit though because the show is making this seem as though it is the most important and special thing to ever air on television. But back to Gladys. Great job and very touching. And now, time to reveal the 3rd place finisher.
In 3rd place… William & Cheryl.
A quick look back at the history between William and Cheryl. Everyone is applauding and giving William the ovation he deserves. He should be extremely proud of himself. He did awesome. Final commercial.

Segment 12
And finally, the new champions of DWTS are…
Donald & Peta.
Katherine & Mark are in 2nd place.

Congratulations to Donald and much love to Katherine. Goes without saying, Donald is ecstatic. Peta has her first victory. Everyone comes out to share in the glory and Donald lifts his mirror ball trophy.

That’s all she wrote, folks! :D Whew, this was a long night. Thanks for watching with me, bringing the comments, and being awesome! And again, thank you MJ.