Dancing With the Stars – Season 14 – Seventh Results Show

A quick look back the final leader-board following the performance show:

Final Judges Leader-board:
William & Cheryl- 30 + 27 = 57/60
Roshon & Chelsie- 29 + 27 = 56/60
Donald & Peta- 27 + 28 = 55/60
Katherine & Mark- 26 + 29 = 55/60
Maria & Derek- 28 + 25 = 53/60
Melissa & Maks- 24 + 27 = 51/60

Last night was definitely fun. I thought the trio experiment was interesting, though I am not sure I would keep it for every season. While it is nice to see more of the pros and troupe members dancing and it makes for some inspiring routines, I feel like it takes something away from the celebrity. I found myself watching the pros more than I did the celebrity for quite a few dances last night. It almost felt as though we were watching a competition that was based on the professionals, trying to see who can choreograph and dance best. I much prefer when the show sticks to a theme night and the routines are based off of that. But it was a definite step up from the marathons, relays, and other gimmicks the show does in order to get the judges to boost the scores of those they want to stick around. So, a mixed bag on the show’s latest challenge for me. But let’s discuss the dancing and possible results tonight.

I was totally prepared to call all of last night’s dancing a moot point and continue predicting that Donald, Katherine, and Maria were finale locks. But color me surprised, things could end up being a bit different. Roshon proved his worth last night and had his strongest overall night of the competition. He hasn’t received those kind of scores and praise in a long time. The question remains, have the votes finally come his way? Melissa also had a strong night (for Melissa) and it seems that her performance doesn’t really matter in the eyes of voters. It is also her birthday and so the question is, have the fans given her a present in the way of a ticket to next week’s semi-finals? William turned out a great first routine (and a perfect score) and an above average trio dance. Did his fans remember that score of 30 enough to vote for him?

On a night where previous stars like Katherine and especially Maria left room for improvement, could an underdog like Roshon sneak up and make it through? It is definitely possible. I hear the web was set on fire last night with people praising Roshon and others still determined to vote like hell for Melissa in order to set those judges straight. At the end of the day, tonight could be an expected result or a shocker. I’ll just play it safe and say two of Melissa, Roshon, and William will get the boot. If Maria is eliminated, I would be somewhat surprised. Donald and/or Katherine? Now, that would be the shocker of the season. We have a packed results show tonight with some special performances and tributes, so let’s get the segment by segment recap started.

Segment 1
The show kicks off with a repeat of last night’s jive trio routine from Donald, Peta, and Karina. I love this dance. So much fun and so much energy. Great job to the three and a well deserved encore. We begin the results by looking back at Donald & Peta and Katherine & Mark with some new footage. I’m not at all surprised the show is starting off with these two. Obvious finale members? I think so.
Donald & Peta are SAFE.
Katherine & Mark are in jeopardy.
Come on now! We all know Katherine is going to be beyond safe. This is only going to help her even more next week with the audience votes.
A preview of tonight’s upcoming “Dance Center” airs. Very funny. I always look forward to Dance Center because it brings the laughs and reveals what we are all thinking about the dancers via Kenny, Len, and Jerry.

Segment 2
Now, time for “Dance Center.Katherine is up first and Len goes over what she is amazing at- singing and dancing. And now, a look at all the times Katherine has said “naughty bits” as well as Mark boxing shirtless. Roshon is up and they make fun of his age. Len loves that he goes for everything one hundred percent. They now make fun of him being a Disney kid. William is up and Len gives his critique, noting that he needs to focus on his dancing and not mess up. A look at how Cheryl used to be dominant but is now submissive with William as her partner. A black and video of Len in his undies is shown and I’m dying of laughter over here. This segment will return later tonight with the other three celebrities. I hope you all try and catch this because it was hysterical as always. And now, Chris Brown is out to perform his single “Turn Up The Music“. I’m not the biggest fan of Chris Brown the person but his performances are always entertaining and he is a really talented artist. Of course, for obvious reasons, he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Watching this, it looks as though the DWTS set turned into a portion of the Billboard Music Awards, which is of course, airs soon on ABC.

Segment 3
Segment 3 kicks off with Brooke talking backstage with Katherine, William, and Roshon. Katherine is very humble and understands if this is her time to go. Mark thinks the critiques were a bit harsh last night but like Katherine, is being humble. Roshon is happy to get the scores he did last night and for him, it is what it is. William says that the perfect score last night doesn’t mean anything and it is all up to the fans. We now get a look back at how William & Cheryl and Roshon & Chelsie did last night. After seeing some new footage, it is time for results and time to say adios to the first couple exiting the show in tonight’s double elimination.
Roshon & Chelsie are eliminated.
William & Cheryl are SAFE.
Everyone shares a tight hug. Roshon is very proud to add dancer to the things he has done. Chelsie is very happy and pleased that the two went out on such a high note. Roshon & Chelsie head to the center of the ballroom to take in the cheers from the audience. On a personal note, I will very much miss Roshon. With the two couples who were standing there, I honestly didn’t want either to go. It would have been justified having both in the semi-finals.

Segment 4
We head back to “Dance Center“. First up, Maria. They make fun of how much Maria kisses Derek. Len compliments her hold and how she was the first star to get a perfect score. They now show a montage of her laughing and continue to poke fun at it. Melissa is up now and Len talks about her being the comeback kid. They talk about her previous injury. Not much joking around with her. Donald is last and after Len’s critique, we see just how little Peta has worn this season in terms of clothing and how Donald falls down over everything. The show is now paying tribute to Dick Clark and “American Bandstand.” This is a great tribute. Many of the pros are out as well some of the original dancers from Dick’s show. For those that enjoyed Bandstand, I’m sure this is bringing back tons of memories. Dick Clark did so much for the world of entertainment and especially when it came to television. From singing to game shows, Dick Clark was there for it all. He will be greatly missed. A true revolutionary! And that’s your Macy’s Stars Of Dance performance for this week.

Segment 5
It is now time to plug “DWTS: Live In Las Vegas.” Out to perform are Dmitry Chaplin and Anya Garnis. These two are alums fromSo You Think You Can Danceand Dmitry has of course, been a pro on this show. This is a wonderfully elegant and beautiful routine and I wish both were pros next season. They are that good and this dance was sublime. We have a lot of good troupe members and pros who weren’t on this season but it would be awesome to see Dmitry and Anya in the fall. A quick look back at Maria & Derek and Melissa & Maks. More new footage. More laughs. More results…
Maria & Derek are SAFE.
Melissa & Maks are in jeopardy.
Wow. Well, you all know what I am going to say. Should this be obvious? Yes. Will it be? At this point, who knows. But a Katherine elimination would be THE shocker of the season for sure. I can’t even fathom that actually happening. No one from the show has said “shocking” results today and Tom and/or Brooke usually tweet or mention it in the media, so I am not really expecting one. But of course, crazier stuff has happened on reality television. One more commercial…

Segment 6
And now… the final results.
Melissa & Maks are eliminated.
Today is Melissa’s birthday. She talks about how much of a blessing this show has been and it was a growing experience. She praises Maks. Melissa is amazed she made it this far and it is a wonderful birthday. Maks gives his final thoughts, which include special comments about Melissa. The show is running very short on time and so, Melissa & Maks and Roshon & Chelsie head to the center of the floor for their final dances and that’s all she wrote. The show ran a bit long so it ends rather abruptly.

So, at the end of the day…the eliminations were pretty much as expected. I will miss Roshon a whole lot. Melissa was due to exit a few weeks back. Not much more to be said other than next week’s semi-finals boasts what could be the strongest final four in many seasons of this show. I know that opinions varies from person to person but looking back at what this season started out as, the final four should be proud. It has been a really competitive season and they are really strong dancers.

The four semi-finalists for next week are:
Donald & Peta, William & Cheryl, Katherine & Mark, and Maria & Derek.