Dancing With the Stars – Season 14 – First Results Show

Martina Navratilova and Tony Dovolani are eliminated.

Welcome to the first results show of this 14th season of Dancing With the Stars! After two full weeks of dancing, we are going to see the elimination of the first celebrity of the season. There was no reason to live blog the recap show, as it was basically a look back at every dance with very little new footage. The actual results begin now.

This is a very strong group of dancers, even in week two, and tonight’s elimination isn’t as easy to predict as I thought pre-season. The judges have been quite kind as compared to previous seasons. We had no scores in the teens in the first week (we did in the second) and the overall critiques have been gentle. I would usually complain about that but the dancers are strong overall, so perhaps the judging is a good thing thus far. The relative unknowns (Katherine, William, and Roshon) all came out and performed some memorable routines earning really good scores. I think they all saved themselves for at least another week. At the very least, all three have endeared themselves to viewers in some fashion.

I believe Jaleel, Maria, Sherri, Donald, and Gladys will also be safe- thanks to a combination of being well known, turning out good routines, and receiving decent scores. That leaves Martina, Gavin, Jack, and Melissa. Those are the four celebs I am thinking are in trouble tonight. Two of them are partnered with some very popular professionals (Melissa with Maks and Gavin with Karina). So, will it come down to Martina or Jack as the first boot? That’s my best guess but with this show, you never truly know who might have a huge fan base voting like crazy in order to save them. Surprising eliminations are not out of the question. Let’s see what goes down.

For these result shows, I’ll give you guys a segment by segment recap of what goes down. You can expect a whole lot of filler but we usually get some nice guests and great dancing out of the professionals. Hopefully you all enjoy it. :)

*Remember, the actual live result show begins at 9 Eastern but feel free to comment now on anything, including the recap show if you happen to be watching it.

Segment 1
The professional dancers (all of them it seems from this season) are out to start the show. The troupe joins them and everyone is performing a very lively routine that seems to be mixing quite a few styles. Very entertaining!

The results begin now. Up first, the low scoring women are going to hear their fate. We see a recap of Melissa/Maks, Gladys/Tristan, and Martina/Tony. mixed with some backstage footage.
Melissa/Maks are SAFE.
Gladys/Tristan are SAFE.
Martina/Tony are in jeopardy.

Segment 2
Matt Nathanson and Sugarland are together to perform. Tristan and Peta are out to dance as they sing. This is a beautiful routine, something we would see on So You Think You Can Dance because it mixes some contemporary movements. Very nice. Brooke is backstage with the highest scoring men. Roshon is excited by all the love he is getting. Jaleel watched back the tape and his daughter was more interested in Dora. William is happy to feel the love but is unsure what will happen. They will be dancing salsa next week if they make it through. Expect some sexy! We now see a recap of the routines from those three I just mentioned, mixed with some backstage footage.

Segment 3
Jaleel/Kim are SAFE.
Roshon/Chelsie are in jeopardy.
William/Cheryl are SAFE.
And now, we have a bit of filler. All of the celebrities are talking about how much fun they are having but the realization that someone is going home is taking a toll on all of them. The DWTS troupe are now featured. I always enjoy watching the troupe because we might see some of these become pros in a future season.

Segment 4
Tom talks to some former contestants and celebrities in the audience. Backstage, Brooke talks to the highest scoring ladies. Katherine is surprised to be a frontrunner this early on. Maria will not give up despite her two broken ribs. Sherri says you will need a restraining order to get her to leave. We now see a recap of the routines from those three I just mentioned, mixed with some backstage footage.
Maria/Derek are SAFE.
Sherri/Val are SAFE.
Katherine/Mark are SAFE.

Segment 5
Sugarland is back to perform a second song. Members of the troupe are back once again to dance. We now see a recap of the remaining couples, mixed with some backstage footage.
Donald/Peta are SAFE.
Gavin/Karina are in jeopardy.
Jack/Anna are SAFE.

Segment 6
And now, the final results of the evening. Tonight, the ACTUAL bottom two will be revealed.
Roshon/Chelsie are SAFE.
And now… the first celebrity that is eliminated from season 14 of Dancing With the Stars is…

Martina is extremely gracious in her exit. Everyone is on their feet and applauding. Martina and Tony go out for their final dance. This was definitely an expected elimination. The only real surprise was Roshon being in jeopardy but in actuality, he wasn’t even in danger to begin with. Other than that, a very predictable bottom two and I am glad the show confirmed that those were the bottom two. We shall see if Gavin can come back next week and improve. I’m sure his fans will vote harder now that they know he was in danger. Everyone else needs to step up as well. A very competitive season continues next Monday! :D