Dancing With the Stars – Season 14 – Eighth Results Show

First, how exciting is it that the upcoming 15th (fall 2012) edition of DWTS will be all-stars? I can’t wait to see some of my favorites return to try and capture that mirror ball trophy. It should be really fun to see who they bring back and it goes without saying that the dancing should be of the highest quality we will ever see. That is going to be one fun season!

Back to this season. The semi-finals aired last night and things went pretty much as I expected. The only real surprise of the night was Katherine’s mishap and injury at the conclusion of her second routine. From what I hear though, she is fine. She is a bit sore but totally able to continue on. I’m sure we will get all the details (including footage at the doctor’s office) on tonight’s show.

It was a good semi-final and I would say all four celebrities did a really solid job. Thanks to some outstanding choreography and good dancing to back it up, Maria had a stellar night. Donald continued to shine. Katherine, despite the error, was decent in both her routines. William had a good night, though his second dance was much better than his first. I don’t expect anything surprising tonight in terms of results. I think it will go down just as I have suspected for a few weeks now. The finale will be Donald, Katherine, and Maria.

Donald and Katherine have been locks since the first week of the competition. I think they have the fans and the judges solidly behind them. Look for them to make it into that finale easily. Maria has peaked at just the right time although she was never really “out” throughout the season. Derek is a popular pro and I expect her dances last night earned her some casual votes in addition to her usual fans. She makes the finale. William should be very proud of how well he has done on this show. From an unknown in America, he has become a household name and like a man named Gilles Marini, I expect William to go on to appear in some films and television. Heck, he has already booked a recurring role on the scripted VH1 show, “Single Ladies.” In another season, he might be a shoe-in for the finale. But I believe the strength of his competition mixed in with the public vote will see him fall just one week short of the finale. The scores were close, so we basically had a dead heat and audience voting will be the determining factor. I shall stick with my prediction and say no guts, no glory.

Segment 1
The show starts off with the encore. And this week, William & Cheryl get the encore with last night’s perfect scoring samba. This was one of William’s best routines of the competition and it is just as enjoyable tonight. Hips, booty, smiles, and rhythm. That’s about all I can say. And now, time for some results. We get a look back at the routines of Katherine & Mark. Included of course, is new footage. Katherine is fine and will be able to continue in the competition. Her results…
Katherine & Mark ARE IN THE FINALS.
Katherine is screaming and jumping around. I think it is safe to say, she is absolutely healed up from last night. And excited beyond belief. Congrats to them for making the finals.

Segment 2
Time for some filler. The pros are now discussing the good and bad about each of the celebrities. Everyone gets some positive feedback and some constructive criticism. Brooke is talking with Katherine and Maria. Katherine thinks she hurt her back again by jumping around so much. And we get a replay (which we have seen so many times already) of Katherine’s issue last night. Mark is going into detail about what went wrong. Can we move on? She is fine and they made it through to next week. Let’s go. Maria is surprised at how amazing she did last night. She feels as though it was a triumphant victory of a night. And now, Macy’s Design A Dance (will also work as the Macy’s Stars Of Dance performance of the week). Tristan and Chelsea are the winning pros. We see footage from their rehearsals. They are dancing to Beyonce. The audience completely voted on this (pros, costumes, song). And Tristan and Chelsea give the audience what they want. A fun and fast routine with lots of lifts and samba rolls. Good stuff!

Segment 3
Alanis Morissette is out now to perform her new song “Guardian.” Nice song. Out to dance are Blake McGrath and Tyne Stecklein. I’m not quite sure who those two are but they did a nice contemporary routine while Alanis performed. And now, a look back at Maria & Derek from last night with some extra scenes added in. Her results…
Maria & Derek ARE IN JEOPARDY.
Up next, Julianne Hough returns to the ballroom with co-stars from her new movie, “Rock Of Ages” to perform. But that’s after the break.

Segment 4
Tom officially announces the news we all know- next season will be a special “All-Stars” Edition of DWTS. Tom says the cast will include champions, finalists, fan favorites, and controversial contestants. I am a bit surprised they are going to let champions compete. I thought they would leave it for those who haven’t won a trophy. We shall see which stars they get to return. Backstage, Brooke is ready for some more chatting. Donald was pleased with last night and is happy. William says the atmosphere is tense but at the end of the day, he feels he did his best. Now, time for another performance. Diego Boneta, Mary J. Blige, and Julianne Hough are out for a number from their new movie, “Rock Of Ages.” No, Tom Cruise is not in attendance. Neither is Alec Baldwin or Russell Brand. I don’t know who else is in the movie so I can’t mention them. This is a great promotional segment for people to go see the film. Mary is rocking out! Julianne looks terrific. The ballroom is on fire. I haven’t a clue if this movie is going to be super cheesy or not but that was a fun number for sure.

Segment 5
Carrie Underwood is out to perform hew new single “Good Girl.” I love this song but I have now heard it on nearly every talk and entertainment show in the last two weeks. Tristan is back for his second appearance of the night, accompanied by three members of the troupe. Another great rendition of this song by Carrie and fun dancing all around. I do feel as though this results show is about three hours long. Tonight is just dragging waiting for these results. And now, a look back at William & Cheryl and Donald & Peta from last night with some extra scenes added in. Time for the results of both men…
William & Cheryl ARE IN THE FINALS.
Donald & Peta ARE IN JEOPARDY.
Congrats to William & Cheryl for making the finals.

Does ANYONE have some crow I can eat? I was seriously off with that prediction and officially suck at trying to predict this show. From now on (next week and maybe next season if I am invited back to do the blog), NO more predicting. I am bad! I have been way off more than I have been on with this show. And many of you in the comments have been on point. So, props to you guys and crow for me.

Segment 6
Time for the final results.
The couple leaving the competition just one week short of the finals are…
Maria & Derek.
Donald & Peta ARE IN THE FINALS. Congrats to them for making the finals.

Maria and Derek head down to Tom and Brooke. Brooke is pleased with how things worked out for her. She thanks everyone. Derek is proud. He thanks everyone. A video package airs of the history between Maria & Derek. Once again, the show is short on time and the credits are rolling even before Maria & Derek do their final dance. And that’s it for the semi-finals.

Next week… the finals. The three finalists are…
Katherine & Mark, William & Cheryl, and Donald & Peta.

Good luck to all three and a personal round of applause to Maria. She did a really great job throughout the season. At this point, it really does suck to see anyone exit. It has sucked for a few weeks now because I really dig this group of celebrities. Don’t forget- they will ALL be back next Tuesday for the jam packed results (and season finale) show.